My Clients

* Donald - NY (02/10/2011)

My boyfriend and I were together for seven years, all of a sudden out of the blue people from his past started to resurface, he became withdrawn and verbally abusive. I went to work on a Monday morning, upon returning home in the evening, I discovered that he had left and took everything that we shared together in our condo. I knew in my heart that these actions were not his own. I started my quest in 2006 trying to reunite with him, I used every psychic and witch on the internet it seems and nothing at all changed, except my bank account became grossly overdrawn. I found Phelan in 2009, I explained my situation to him in an email, he responded to me and eventually agreed to take me as a cl ... more...

* Angela - N. Carolina (02/08/2011)

Phelan helped to bring my husband back to me and he stopped the outside interference that was keeping is apart. I am very happy that I used your services Phelan and I will be coming back to you in the near future, I have need for some help with my finances.

* Serina - Washington (02/09/2011)

Thank you for all of your help. I know that my husband and I still have a ways to go, but with your help we will get there.

* Jan - Canada - (02/08/2011)

My son died in 2009 and I knew that he was still here, he refused to cross over to the other side. You helped me to show him the way Phelan, he has now crossed over and my home is finally at peace. You see my son was very violent went he was alive and his rage continued after he died, the hold that he had on me and other members of the household was scary, his fits of anger and rage was harder to deal with after he died, at least when he was alive you could see fits coming on so you knew to get out of the way, when something attacks you that you don't have the vision to see it blindsides you. Phelan it was an honor to meet you and I am sure that we will have need for your services again soon ... more...

* Pamona - Utah (02/06/2011)

My heart was broken and I was under severe psychic attack from a few members that belonged to a coven that I visited. Witch's are suppose to be about perfect love and trust and respect the law of karma, but these people play by their own set of rules and they seem to make them up as they go along. Phelan if you had not helped me I am unsure what would have become of me, with your help I am back with my husband and the attacks against me have stopped. The breakup of my marriage happened before I went to the coven, so I know as you said the attacks had nothing to do with me and him splitting up, still you managed to do what I could not and that was to put an end to my nightmare and bring the o ... more...

* Gigi - TN (02/03/2011)

Dear Phelan, When I came to you I was on my last leg and at the end of my rope. The burden of dealing with life without the one that I love by my side was unbearable. To make things worse people in my own family was working to keep us apart, namely my sister and a cousin. They succeeded in keeping us apart for almost 4 years, before coming to you I went to one practicing witch to another and never saw any results from what they did. You helped me and my man to come back together, you put an end to the trouble that my family was causing and you gave me a second chance at happiness. I just want to say thank you and that I feel pretty lucky that I found you. I know that I was difficult for y ... more...

* Nina - New Mexico (01/30/2011)

For years I enlisted the aid of various practitioners and witches to help me battle psychic attacks. None of them ever really helped me. I was bitter and gun shy by the time I found Phelan, I almost didn't ask for his help, but somehow I found the faith to ask and to believe once more. Phelan has stopped the attacks against, he has repaired my broken aura and shielded me. Bless you Phelan. I am so very much forever in your debt. He also helped me to get back with my man, everyone else that I asked for help failed me, but Phelan you stuck with me and saw it through to the end.

* Bonnie - Wisconsin (12/28/2011)

My man was swept away by a cheap little tramp that practices black magic, she told me that she sent demons to sleep at the foot of my bed at night and that I was being watched constantly, this woman had me to the point that I could barely breathe. I found Phelan in 2008 and started working with him in January 09, I was so nervous cause I had never done anything like this before, and truthfully I thought this type of thing only existed in the movies, but Phelan showed me that was not the case and now I am a believer, not just in magic, but in Phelan too. If you have asked this mans help, he will help you, but be forewarned that he has little tolerance and patience for bull, you might say th ... more...

* Lawrence - NC (01/27/2010)

Phelan my boyfriend and I are now back together, his parents tore us apart because they are religious nuts that can't stand that their son is gay. He is and will always be gay and there is little they can do about that, so they turned their attention on driving a wedge between us and they were successful, that is until you took my case and started helping me out, they backed off and we are now together again, we were split up for over a year. Thank you so very much Phelan.

* Meredith - United Kingdom (01/23/2011)

In 2009 I became emotionally involved with a woman who was six years younger than me. I am a lesbian and have been out since my early teens. At the time I came to Phelan this young lady and I had not been sexually active with each other, and while we were very much connected emotionally she assured me that we would never be intimate in a sexual way, that she found the idea of being sexually involved with a woman disgusting. I came to Phelan looking for a way to resolve the situation, I knew in my heart that she was attracted to me and was scared. Phelan was upfront with me and told me that turning someone gay would not happen, but he agreed to work with me, he told me that he also felt the a ... more...

* Earl - Bethesda (01/20/2011)

Thank you Phelan for all your help with my finances and love life. Everything is great and I am now back with my wife where I belong.

* Thomas - Nashville (01/18/2011)

For the sake of anonymity I have changed my name. I am a very well known country and western singer and have used Phelan's services since 06. Phelan has helped me career wise and in 08 when I came under severe psychic attack, he intervened and stopped the attacks. My wife and I split in 09 due to both of us having addictions to alcohol and drugs, Phelan helped me get my wife back and as a result we have both kicked our habits. Thank you Mr. Phelan, I will be in touch soon.

* Eileen - Florida (01/16/2011)

My husband left me for another woman and it seemed like every time we would get to the point of reconciling, this bimbo would come back into the picture. One day I was talking to a friend of mine who runs a little botanica in south Florida, she spoke of Phelan and how he had helped her. I gave Phelan a call and then visited his website to read more about him. After spending a few hours reading his articles I decided that I would use his service, and that decision was by far the best one that I have ever made. My man is at home and the little harlot that he left me for has stopped messing around with him, this woman practices black magic and one night she had her brothers tie my man to the be ... more...

* Sandy - Mississippi (01/15/2011)

I have used my witch money jar and root bag to win playing the lottery, blackjack and the slots. My lottery winnings have been small, but I never won anything at all before, my blackjack winnings have been amazing and I have just learn how to play the game. I feel that I have become a magnet to attract money since your rituals, the other day I found five hundred dollars in an empty cigarette pack that I picked up off the sidewalk to throw in the garbage, I don't smoke, I don't even like handling a pack of cigarettes that is how much I despise smoking and smokers, but for some reason I picked up the pack and the top popped open and there was those beautiful bills waving at me! My gosh Phelan ... more...

* Rodger - Winder (01/13/2011)

Phelan you helped me to get my wife and kids back. I will be forever a client, you made a believer out of me and you helped me when all others failed. Thank you Mr. Phelan.

* Trent - California (01/12/2011)

My lover left me for another man. We had been together for 10 years at the time and owned property and vehicles together, we also shared a business that we both built. He walked away from everything, he turned away from his family. We found out that black magic was at play and I consulted and worked with every witch, psychic and spell caster on the web. I found Phelan in 09, out of everyone this man not only helped me get my man back, but he stopped those who were practicing black witchcraft on us. Phelan from the bottom of my heart thank you. If you are working with this man, listen to him, read his site and be prepared to go that extra mile, for Phelan will not lead you wrong and he will h ... more...

* Curtis - Ok (01/12/2011)

When I came to you my wife and me had been apart six years. At the time you started working with me there had been no communication for four of those years. You told me straight away not to expect miracles, but miracles happened in your magic, and my wife and I are now back together, in all it took 18 months for your magic to grant my wish and I sure am glad that I came to you and that you helped me.

* Oliver - Ireland (01/11/2011)

In July 2009 I had you perform a money ritual and a spell to bring back my wife. Things looked bleak more than ever in 2010, I would contact you and you would say stay focused. You must have said that at least a hundred or more times, I know you must have grown tired of saying it, cause I sure grew tired of hearing it. Phelan I am glad that at some point I decided to heed your advice, in December of last year my wife made contact with me through her brother. This was the first contact that I have had in four years with her, I tried so many other spell casters and nothing worked. I am here today to pay my gratitude to you, my wife and I are back together, and while we have a ways to go I know ... more...

* Carole - California (01/07/2011)

My husband left me due to the interference from his mother and sister. There was a woman that they wanted him to be with, who was a longtime friend of their family. This woman practices black magic and voodoo, she used her sorcery to steal my man away from me. He told me that he knew he didn't love her and didn't wish to be with her, but he could not free himself of her. Phelan with your help me and my man are together again and he has broken all ties with his mother and sister, his decision, although that was part of what I asked for when I had my work done. I am so happy and I owe you so much thanks!

* Alisa - MO (01/03/2011)

I have been a client of yours since the last part of 2007. You have worked with me on so many different areas of my life. The one biggie that you helped me with is reuniting me with my man, he and I are together now and things are so much better than before. I thought my situation was hopeless and I felt helpless. I felt that I had no control and my man and the other people involved had all of the power, Phelan you showed me that I was capable of overcoming this gravely bad situation and with your help I did. You kicked me in the butt verbally on more than one occasion and you even made me cry once or twice, your dealings with me with were always honest and respectful, even when you verbally ... more...

* Max - Canada (01/01/2011)

Phelan I want to thank you for all of your help. Your advice and guidance has meant the world to me and I just want you to know that I will be forever in your debt for bringing me and the one that I love back together. You are great at what you do and I hope that you continue to do it for years to come, for there is a world of people out here who needs your help. Forever your fan!

* Addison - Cherokee (12/30/2010)

I was so excited to see that you offered the New Year rituals again this year, I started working with you in Oct 2009 and had you do these rituals for me and my wife, we reunited six months later and our finances have never been stronger, so I decided to have the same rituals done again this year. Thank you Phelan for all of your help.

* Irvette - Miss (12/29/2010)

After being spilt apart from my husband for five years thanks to Phelan we are now back together. I started working with Phelan in 2008 to correct some money problems, in 09 I decided to ask his help to get me and my man back together and Phelan's magic has worked like a charm for us, we remarried xmas day of this year. It is hard to believe that I will enter into 2011 as a married woman again, my man is the love of my life. Phelan you are my angel, teacher and guardian. Thank you for all you do for me and so many others like me.

* Benita - Florida (12/27/2010)

I was under severe psychic attack, it is hard to say and believe, but my mother and her boyfriend was behind the attacks on me and my husband. They attacked us to the point my husband left me because he couldn't stand no more. We lost everything and they almost drove me to the point of suicide, my mother told me out of her own mouth that she was cursing me, I tried to get help from so many others, but Phelan you were the only one that actually did something for me and I cannot thank you enough. Now that I am stable and my husband is back at home, I am going to have you help me in other areas of my life, his too. I hope your goddess blesses you always Phelan, you are very deserving.

* Edgar - California (12/26/2010)

My wife let me for a younger man, he manipulated her and black magic was most definitely used against us. Phelan helped me get my wife back and he put an end to the black magic that was being used on us. I am now a believer, before I believed in nothing, not even god, now I believe in magic and in your goddess, for I have seen the miracles of both.

* Maurice - Florida (12/01/2010)

I am a 27 year old gay man. I spent 8 years with my partner and in 2008 he got messed up in a cult here in Florida. They literally took him away from me and his family, these people practice voodoo and I have been attacked, his sister and brother were also attacked violently by demonic forces, these attacks were real and not in our minds. Phelan you provided protection for all of us, you worked with me to bring him back, you never doubted or made fun of my story like some others I contacted for help did. I am glad to tell you that we are together and under your advice we have left Florida. Derrick has told me some hair raising stories about what he went through and there are still some issue ... more...

* Terrence - Arizona (11/27/2010)

My wife left me and took my kids, this was in 2005. I spent 2006 and seven working with other practitioners, in the process I sold cars, a truck and a boat to pay them for their services. I found out about you in 2008 and I can only say I wish that I had found you sooner, if I had I would still have my belongings and the thousands and thousands of dollars that I spent on top of that with those frauds. Phelan you quoted me a cost and you never told me I needed anything else done and you never asked me for more money, although I will admit that I have ordered from your specials a few times, but that was my doing and not yours, you have always been straight as an arrow with me about my situatio ... more...

* Selena - California (11/20/2010)

In 2007 my husband left me, I came seeking your help in late 08, at that point there was no communication between me and my man, none! I wasn't hopeful at all, but you put my mind at ease and I learned so much from just by reading your website. Phelan the impossible happened two weeks ago, my man and I are back together, he gave up his place to move back home, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but today he deposited a very large sum of money into our joint checking account, which is something he would never have done before. I am grateful to you and to your goddess.

* Constance - Alabama (11/15/2010)

I wanted to say that I appreciate all of the hard work that you did on my behalf. In the past I used other practitioners and saw no real results, you not only help me get my money back on track, but you brought my husband back to me. I will always be in your debt Phelan, I could never pay you enough for all that you have done for me. May god always bless you.

* Brittany - Arizona (11/01/2010)

I married when I was 18 and after twenty years of faithful marriage one day out of the blue my husband asked me for a divorce over the phone while I was at work. I live and commute an hour to work and by the time I could get home he had changed all of the locks on the house and my clothes were piled on the driveway, we were about to pay the house off when this took place. I begged and pleaded for him to listen to me, but he shut me out of his life and turned away from me with no communication. It wasn't long after this happened that I learned that my best friend had moved in with him, now she always claimed to be a witch and to have power and while I am unsure about her magical power, she su ... more...

* Keith - TN (10/25/2010)

For the past eleven years I have been under severe psychic attack from people I use to hang with. I went to witch after witch, I tried voodoo priest, I even tried the church. I was taken advantage of by one psychic after another. I was about to give up hope, a young man of 33 and I was ready to say enough is enough and then one day purely by accident I stumbled upon Phelan's site and I have to say I was immediately impressed with his articles and the way he puts things out there. I was so scared that this was going to be another bad experience, you have to understand that my entire life was in shambles and as a result of the attacks I lost my wife and all of my family turned their backs on m ... more...

* Starla - Alabama (10/20/2010)

I have been a client of Phelans for the past two years, at the time of coming to Phelan for help I was separated from my husband four years. I never thought much about why Phelan would tell me to stay focused and proactive, until late one night when I was going through my crazy routine of obsessing over why my man left me. I had my candles and incense burning and it was at that moment that I realized just how much time I was wasting on worrying about whether he was sleeping with someone else or not. Not only was I obsessing about this when I was alone, I would talk to my friends and family and of course they would always tell me to move on and to let go and worse I would talk to my spouse an ... more...

* Renee - N Carolina (10/18/2010)

I became your client in September 2008 and in October you performed the hallowmas rituals for me, my desire was to reunite with my husband, he and I had been apart at that time for three years and there was little to no communication between us. I pretty much drove myself and everyone else around me crazy throughout 2009 and in July all communication ceased between me and my husband. I contacted you and you told me that this was part of my process and to maintain my focus on moving forward with reconnecting with my man, honestly Phelan I thought you were crazy and I even stopped writing to you for a while and then January 2010 rolled around and several things that you told me to look for sta ... more...

* Sherry - N Jersey (08/21/2010)

I have worked with Phelan over the past four years on various issues that were important to me in my life. Phelan has help me to reunite with my lover and he has helped to turn my prosperity and financial situation around 360. I am looking forward to continuing the work that he and I have done together and I really loved the New year candles that you sent to me last year. You are a gem Phelan and a blessing to those of us in need of spiritual and magical assistance.

* Ruby - United Kingdom (08/13/2010)

My man left me for a younger woman and I was distraught. It was as if she had him under an evil spell, he turned against me and away from me overnight without any warning. This was in 2007, I used every single spell casting website that I could find for over a year with no results. A friend sent me the link to Phelan's site and I contacted him in late 2008 and started working with him in January 09. As a result from all of the wonderful work that he has done for me, my man and I are back together, he told me himself that he felt as though he was under her spell and that around her he had no desire to contact any of his family including me. Phelan my life was in shambles when I met you and yo ... more...

* Johnny - Auburn (08/10/2010)

I have been a client of Phelan's just over a year and in that time by listening to his words of advice and through the spells and rituals that he has done for me I have realized my goal of reuniting with my wife. My wife and I had been apart three years before I asked Phelan to help me with my issues and I am glad that I did. You are great Phelan please keep helping me people like me.

* Jerry - Massachusetts (07/27/2010)

I was stubborn and hardheaded in the beginning of the work that you did for me. I thought as I had been told by other practitioners that my results would be just a matter of hours or days and I know that I really pushed the envelope with you Phelan and for that I apologize. I am very happy that you had the heart not to drop me as a client, had you I would have totally understood. I am back with my lover and the two of us could not be happier and I owe you a lot of gratitude Phelan.

* Carter - Florida (07/25/2010)

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email from my girt telling me that she wanted us back together and she made the trip to Florida from Virginia to prove her love to me. I am in your debt my friend and will in no doubt be using your services again for other issues in my life that I must address.

* Stan - NC (07/25/2010)

My wife and I are back together, it was a long and exhausting ordeal, but with your help Phelan I finally got my wish. Thank you so very much for all of the help that you gave me, I couldn't have done this without you.

* Toni - Texas (07/23/2010)

I have always been a student of instant gratification and boy was I misled by so many websites that claimed to give fast and even overnight results. When I first found your site Phelan, I was a little put-off by your blatant honesty about how all of this works, your willingness to call out the fraud that exist in your field was refreshing. I decided to give your services a try and I am so glad that I did, I have never experienced the abundance of change and overall good fortune that I have come into since becoming a member of your site and a client of yours for life. You are a wonderful teacher, just by reading your articles I have learned so very much and I want to tell you how much I appre ... more...

* Madge - Colorado (07/07/2010)

I come from a long lineage of psychics and witches and although I have been successful helping my clients when it came to myself I was lacking. Phelan your help has meant more to me than you could ever imagine, thank you for helping me with my prosperity and thank you again for bringing my lover and me closer together.

* Luis - Arizona (07/02/2010)

I was under severe psychic attack that sent me to the mental hospital on three different occasions, I thought they were going to lock me away forever. Phelan not only believed me, he did not turn me away like so many others. Today I am living a complete life fully shielded from the evil attacks that I was under. I will always wear the pentacle that you fashioned for me Phelan. Thanks for beings here to help me and so many like me.

* Alton - Cedartown (07/02/2010)

I want to apologize to you for not listening to your advice and taking it to heart sooner than I did. You were right in so many things that you told me, had I listened sooner I would have been better off. The results from the reuniting work that you did for me have been amazing, my heart is whole once again.

* Trey - California (06/30/2010)

My lover and I were together 7 years when he just up and left me. His family never accepted him as a gay man and I found out that they were pressuring him to leave me. He left me and move three states away, I was so torn up that I felt as though my life was ripping apart at the seams. A good friend of mine referred me to Phelan, I signed up on his site and started corresponding with him, his directness and demeanor had a calming effect on me and it took a little over two years for me to reap the benefit of the work that he and I did together, partly because I was so stubborn and wanted instant gratification that I couldn't see that I was doing more harm than good, soon after that light went ... more...

* Christy - MS (06/11/2010)

My cousin took my man from me, she slept with him, that stinking skank stole my man like the thieving bit** she is. Phelan you brought him back and stopped her meddling in my life. Thanks for your help.

* Edward - Florida (05/06/2010)

My wife and I had apart six years when I sought your help. Phelan I am so happy that I came across your website. I tried so many others before finding you and none of them helped even a little bit, my girl and I are back together and we are looking forward to our future together. From the bottom of my heart thank you!

* Sandra - Alabama (05/26/2010)

My man and me are together again thanks to Phelan. I wish I had settled down and listened to you a lot sooner than I did, but I am happy with the outcome Phelan. I will be a loyal client from here on in.

* Toya - N. Carolina (05/26/2010)

I am a lesbian that has suffered great loss and distress in my relationships due to a curse that an aunt laid on me when I was 16. Three years ago my relationship of 10 years fell apart and my lady left me, Phelan helped me when others refused, he took off the curse and brought my baby back to me. I love you Phelan.

* Dorothy-Seattle (04/02/2010)

My name is Dorothy, I became a client of Phelan's in 2008, at the time that I came to him my husband, and I had been apart for 8 years, and there was no communication at all between the two of us, in fact at one point I was arrested, and charged with stalking, several restraining orders placed against by my husband, and his family. Before finding Phelan my situation was hopeless, and I spent tens of thousands of dollars with other practitioners, I sold two cars, all of my jewelry, and even took out a second mortgage on my house, these people were very ruthless, and I was vulnerable and in need. In the process of dealing with these scoundrels I lost my house, lost my job, and my family turned ... more...

* Tino - Atlanta (03/10/2010)


* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.