My Clients

* Carole M | Nashville | 04/16/2024 | Phelan's rituals are not merely ceremonies; they are powerful catalysts for change, capable of reshaping destinies and manifesting dreams into reality.

In life, we often encounter storms that threaten to upend our most cherished relationships and dreams. For me, it was a turbulent time when my marriage faced the looming shadow of separation, and my once-thriving cleaning business teetered on the brink of collapse. Amidst the chaos, Phelan emerged as a guiding light, orchestrating a series of transformative rituals that not only salvaged my marriage but also revitalized my business, infusing it with newfound prosperity.It all began with the intrusion of a young woman into my marriage, sowing seeds of doubt and discord. Despite our love, her presence threatened to unravel the very fabric of our union. Desperate for a solution, I turned to Phe ... more...

* Paula D | Carolina | 04/14/2024 | Ever since I can remember, my heart ached for the love I once shared with my significant other.

Ever since I can remember, my heart ached for the love I once shared with my significant other. We were once inseparable, but life's challenges drove us apart, leaving me with a void that seemed impossible to fill. Desperate for a second chance at love, I stumbled upon Phelan's White Love Spell.Skeptical at first, I decided to give it a try, holding onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, this spell could reignite the flame that once burned so brightly between us. And to my utter amazement, it did just that.From the moment Phelan cast the spell, I could feel a shift in the energy around me. Suddenly, the barriers that kept us apart began to crumble, and communication between us became effortle ... more...

* Ryan P | Florida | 04/12/2024 | I cannot express enough gratitude!

I cannot express enough gratitude for Phelan's Kundalini Binding Reuniting Ritual. It's been a journey fraught with obstacles, particularly interference from my wife's best friend and sister, coupled with the sinister effects of black magic. But in the midst of this turmoil, Phelan's expertise and unwavering support shone like a beacon of hope. When negativity seemed to surround me, Phelan's rituals provided a protective shield, safeguarding me from the malevolent forces at play. His profound understanding of the spiritual realm and his meticulous rituals not only defended me but also facilitated the reunion I longed for. Despite the challenges posed by those who sought to keep us ap ... more...

* John D | Florida | 04/10/2024 | My Wife And Her Family Turned On Me!

My wife and her family turned against me. We had been together for twenty-two years. We had four grown kids; they took their mother's side as well. The thing is, I was still in love with my wife, so I decided to look at all my options. Marriage counseling was not an option, so I looked into alternative methods and found Phelan. It took three years for Phelan to undo all the negativity and shield me and my wife from her family's negative energy. Here we are three years later and we have reunited and are happier than ever before. I have a marriage amulet that Phelan made for me, and I wear it daily; it is a nice piece, and my wife doesn't suspect anything. John D

* Kim H | TN | 04/10/2024 | Phelan Reunited My Boyfriend And Me

My boyfriend of seven years left me and our child in the middle of the night. I had no clue why he left or if he would ever come home. I waited four months, and after no contact, I looked online and found Phelan. I had a communication ritual and kundalini binding done. It wasn't long after he emailed me, and we started texting. I found out about a girl that he was living with and had Phelan perform a breakup ritual for me, which included a breakup candle and kundalini binding ritual kit, and I still use those items even now; I plan to order another breakup candle soon, this girl is still trying to work her way back. With Phelan's help, I know that will never happen! Thank you, Phelan, for al ... more...

* Sara K | Wisconsin | 04/07/2024 | Won Big At The Casino!

I've been using my gambler's money bag and a custom amulet for the past year. In the last three months, I've experienced a significant change in my luck at the casino. I'm talking about big wins! I attribute this newfound success to my money bag and amulet, which I faithfully wear when playing blackjack. Last weekend, I started with $400 at the blackjack table; four hours later, I walked away with $17000.00. The relief and gratitude I felt at that moment, knowing that Phelan's services had played a significant role, made my feeling of euphoria indescribable. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help.

* Angie T | Texas | 04/03/2024 | I lost my man due to black magic

My husband left me for another woman. She used black magic to get him to turn to her. I contacted Phelan. He did several rituals for me, including the Kundalini binding. He sent me many Ritual tools, including a love-binding root bag, oil, several candles, and an amulet. I use and wear the items religiously. Everything that Phelan did for me was needed, and now we are back together and happy. The other woman walked away!  Thank you, Mr. Phelan

* Brandi C | Washington | 04/02/2024 | A male performer refused to accept the fact that I am gay, he made my life a living hell!ll!

My career as a performer was all but over. I couldn’t get gigs, no one would hire me, and I was blacklisted. I am a lesbian who caught the attention of another male performer; he wouldn’t take no as the answer. Phelan got involved and backed the guy down. I am so glad he helped me; I was drowning, and saved me and my career.

* Ralph K | Baltimore | 04/01/2024 | I lost everything because of the pandemic!

My life turned upside down during the pandemic. I lost my business and started to have to rebuild. I am in my 60s, and my family depends on me. I was lost without my business. Phelan showed me how to rebrand myself and gave me the help I needed. In essence, he saved me and my family.

* Tom B | KS | 03/27/2024 | My wife left me for a much younger man.

I will forever be grateful to Phelan for all of his help. When my wife left me for another man, I thought my world was over. I fell apart and begged her to come back to me. Phelan told me that was wrong; I needed to strengthen myself. I listened to him, stopped begging, and started working on myself. She came back to me, and we were in counseling. Thank you Phelan

* Troy H | MS | 03/17/2024 | My wife took my kids and left me with nothing, she has a history of leaving when things get too real!

My wife took my kids and left me with nothing! Phelan was a godsend; he helped me regain my family, and we are happy once again! Thank you, Phelan

* Zora G | France | 03/12/2024 | Modeling Career and Relationship!

My career was going nowhere, and my relationship ran away like the rain. I chose to do something. I took action by calling Phelan, and he took my case and gave me advice, guidance, and the rituals needed to turn it all around! Thank you, Phelan

* Tina D | Atlanta | 03/02/2024 | My husband divorced me and took it all!

My husband left me for a much younger man; I found out that Brad, the youngster's name, went to a voodoo priest and had a black magic spell cast upon my old man. He always loved young ass, male or female, I should have known better! We are back together just temporarily until I get what I am after!

* Susan P | New York | 01/02/2024 | My man left me for a younger woman

My man left me for a younger woman. I found out that she was pregnant, and that was his motivation; after fifteen years of marriage, he left without as much as a goodbye. I approached Phelan and was surprised by the questions he asked me. He didn't try to discourage me; he just asked me the questions my friends and family were afraid to ask. He also told me to make sure that my motives were pure and that I had the ability to stay focused and positive; he explained that I had the ability to make or break the work that he was doing. I found that between his advice and the articles on his website, the guidance and help I so badly needed was now within reach. Phelan, I am forever indebted to you ... more...

* Robert A | N. Carolina | 01/01/2024 | I reconnected with my wife

Happy New Year to Phelan and the Staff! Phelan, I am writing to thank you and your crew today. You guys have become a valuable part of my life, and I am grateful every day for all the good you do for everyone whose life you touch. You have influenced positive and powerful change in my life, and I couldn't allow another day to pass without telling you. My wife and I have reconnected, and our foundation is more vital than ever; we plan to renew our vows on Valentine's Day 2024, the day we get married. My business has started to grow, and we are getting busy. My business had dried up to the point that I was considering applying for jobs; however, following Phelan's advice, I was able to turn th ... more...

* Billy T | Michigan | 01/01/2024 | I was looking for a miracle, and I found one.

My life was in ruins. I was looking for a miracle, and I found one. Phelan is nothing if not a miracle worker; he saved my life on several accounts. I am happy to be considered a part of his extended family. I lost my job when the pandemic hit, and through Phelan's magic, he opened doors for me that I thought had closed long ago. I have a good job, my girlfriend and I are in a better space, and I am now speaking to several family members I had difficulty forgiving. Phelan counseled me, and through his counsel, I found peace of mind and the ability to rise above and move beyond past indiscretions of others.

* Diane D | Albany GA | 12/31/2023 | Practitioners Took Advantage!

I found Phelan in 2020. Previously, I worked with several other practitioners in an effort to reunite with my husband. The other practitioners never helped me; they only took from me and kept taking! I found Phelan through a Google search; I read his website and found that he made no promises or guarantees refreshing. Phelan was very direct with me, and he never offered false hope. I can see why this man has the rapport with his clients; he showed me genuine respect and caring. I was never shown this while working with the other practitioners. I might add that I worked with the other practitioners for five years before coming to find Phelan. I will make a long story short: my husband and I r ... more...

* Mary | TX | 09/07/2023 | Happiness and Success

I met Phelan through one of many of his Psychic Fairs. The Fair was being held at the hotel where I was staying in Atlanta. He was holding the fair on behalf of the Friend's Of Animals. Since it was for charity I decided to have a reading. He had thirteen psychics using card tables to give readings. There were also six or seven vendors selling candles, oils, incense, and books. This was back in 1995. I have followed Phelan all of these years. Two years ago he offered an online class in candle magic. I decided that I wanted to learn candle ritual, and I am so happy that I did. Phelan explained that candle ritual is simply one way of conducting magic and that he uses many different techniques ... more...

* Nolan | WA | 09/03/2023 | Happiness and Success

I have worked with this man over the last ten years. Not once has he ever taken advantage of me. He has put me in my place a few times, he doesn't play, he is old school. I am forever in his debt, he helped revive a dying business, and he brought my wife and kids home. He helped me work out a five-year plan, I stuck to it even when I doubted it at times, he could see something that I could not. This man is nothing short of a miracle worker. He came to me when I was at my worst when I was lost. I will always have a kind heart for you Phelan, I am going to release a Chinese lantern on your birthday. Thank you, brother.

* Charlotte | GA | 09/03/2023 | Happiness and Success

Thank the Goddess I found you. You saved my life and through working with you restored my self-esteem and fractured ego. You helped my family forgive me, when they plainly stated they were through with me!

* Ray | VA | 09/01/2023 | Love Gone Wrong

Without the help of Phelan my life was headed for the sewer. I was on the verge of losing everything. My wife left me, my business was going belly up, and thoughts were crossing my mind that I could not even find a way to put into words. Phelan, you are a man of your word and I love you like a brother. Thank you for your help.

* Thomas | AZ | 08/19/2023 | Love Reunited

My wife and I split five years ago. She took out a restraining order against me, she took the house, car, and bank accounts. I never had any recourse, nothing I tried worked. I decided to seek help and with Phelan's help I was able to overcome the odds against me my wife took me back and we are working things out.

* Connie | FLA | 08/11/2023 | Bad Luck

For most of my adult life, my luck was the worst! I would take three steps forward and five backward. I met Phelan and he performed several gambling and money rituals for me. It wasn't long until my luck changed and I had three jackpots, one for more than $200,000.

* David | CA | 08/01/2023 | Love Separation

I came to you about three years ago. My wife and I had no communication and had been estranged for six years. I had lost all hope that we would reunite and be a family once again. With the help of Phelan and his crew, we reunited and are happy once again.

* Jolene | GA | 05/11/2023 | Love Triangles

I was sad and brokenhearted for so long, longing and needing to feel that I belonged somewhere. It seems that every time I would find someone that I liked they would end up with one of my friends, and so goes this vicious cycle of the love triangle. I finally found Phelan and he helped me regain control of my life, Phelan understood what was happening on the psychic level, and once I relinquished control and gave it over to Phelan was the first time in seven years that I actually felt that I had a little bit of control and I am regaining more and more control with each passing day.

* Deidra | CA | 05/09/2023 | Bad Luck

I tried really hard to change my luck on my own. The harder I tried the deeper the hook would go and I could tell there were no plans of this hideous monster of bad luck that was going to set me free. I reached out to Phelan and he assembled a psychic team that started a round of protection that I had needed for a very long time.

* Nancy | UK | 05/09/2023 | Reunited_with_my_lover

Life was slowly passing me by. I tried to put myself out there, but the only love that would manifest in my life was a one-night stand here and there and that was not love. Phelan discovered a block in one of my chakras that were keeping me from realizing my full potential. He worked with me, he unblocked what he needed to and he turned on my love magnet. I got married last year, just passed Halloween. Thank you, Phelan 

* Carl | TX | 04/19/2023 | Phelan_stopped_psychic_attacks_against_my_family

I had worked with Phelan in the past, and last year in contacted me and told me that he could see the attacks as they were taking place. I was very busy at the time and I just blew Phelan off, that was a mistake. My wife had a heart attack, our dog was hit by a car and he didn't pull through. My son was accused of sexual assault by a girl he didn't even know, last but not least I was fired by the company I had devoted myself to for over twenty years, oh yes, my daughter got pregnant! I regretted not listening to Phelan, listen to this man, he can help you and he will if you allow him to.

* Dan | AZ | 04/11/2023 | Reunited With My Son And Daughter.

Our kids never came around and participated in any family gatherings. My wife had stage four metastatic cancer, and she and I tried to involve our kids in the decision-making process. She wanted a DNR and I was not going to deny her what little control she felt she had. I knew that dreadful day would come and it came about six weeks after she signed the DNR. I had Phelan do some healing work for me and my family, he also suggested a communication and understanding ritual. As a family we are blessed to have Phelan in our lives, we love you Phelan and think the world of you. Extended family = hope!

* Craig | GA | 03/11/2023 | Reunited With My Wife And Family

I had lost all hope. My best friend moved in with my wife and kids, he was supposed to be helping them out. I later found out they were sleeping together. Phelan warned me against him long before he moved in. I was staying angry, and I was in a full-blown state of depression, my sister warned me that they were attracted to one another. Before finding Phelan I went to so many psychics and witches, and I decided to trust once again. I placed my trust in Phelan, I read and re-read his articles and once I involved myself in the process things started to happen. I cannot picture a world where people like Phelan don't exist, he sure helped me. Thank you Phelan, and thank you for my family. Sending ... more...

* Erica | NM | 12/02/2022 | Reunited With My Husband And Family

There were so many people in the way of our happiness. They worked against my husband and me until we broke up, and once we were apart, they controlled his every thought and move. They encouraged him to keep my kids from me, and he did. Phelan came into my life when I needed him the most. I had hired four other spell casters to help me, and they never did. I learned of Phelan through a friend; he helped reunite her and her husband. I decided to try him, and I placed my faith in him. He told me I needed to put some of that faith in myself, so I did. I am so thrilled that I met Phelan and am grateful for his help. 

* Ruth | WY | 12/01/2022 | Reunited With Husband

After seven years, I have reunited with my husband. I started working with Phelan last year in December. I followed Phelan's advice and guidance, and it worked like a charm. I am so happy that Phelan helped me. I would be lost today without his help. Phelan, you are a star in my heart! 

* Meredith | LA | 11/27/2022 | Removed Family Curse

My family was cursed by a Witch from New Orleans, she cursed generations of my family. Phelan helped protect me, he removed the curse from my soul and worked his magic to stop the psychic attacks against me. Thank you Phelan for all of your help. 

* Patrick | OR | 11/26/2022 | Fixed My Money Concerns

Phelan helped me reverse my money troubles. He helped me with my prosperity and finances in ways others tried and failed. I am now so prosperous that I am able to help others, and that is one of my greatest accomplishments. 

* Brandon | MI | 11/24/2022 | Reunited With Wife!

When I contacted Phelan, I was separated from my wife. Phelan almost dropped me as a client several times because I was too impatient and demanding. I disrespected him, and he put me in my place. He taught me that it wasn't wise to disrespect a Witch, especially one that is trying to help you. Once I pulled myself together and apologized, he agreed to take me back on as a client. With his help, I am clean and sober and have reunited with my wife. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. 

* Mitchell | FLA | 11/22/2022 | Together Again!

I met Phelan at his Psychic fair in Dunwoody, Georgia, in 1993. It stood to reason that when I needed help bringing my family home, I would seek his help. I started working with him in January 2020. My wife and kids came home to me in June of this year. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. I am forever indebted to you. 

* Tony | WI | 11/19/2022 | Reunited

You helped me reunite with my wife, and I will always be grateful for your help. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all who need your help. 

* Samantha | TX | 11/16/2022

Phelan, you reunited my husband and me. We had been apart for six years; there was no communication between us, and his family was blocking our communication and keeping us apart. I am glad I found you, and now I am ready for your help with a different aspect of my life. 

* Andy | Cartersville | 11/12/2022

Phelan, you started working with me around this time last year. Unfortunately, my wife and I were separated and had been for four years. Before coming upon your website, I had tried many other spellcasters; needless to say; none helped me. You helped me more in a week than they did in four years. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. My wife and I are back together. 

* Andrew | OK | 10/28/2022

I was strung out on drugs and alcohol. I was in a self-destructive mode, and as a result, I lost my wife, my kids, my house, my car, and what little self-respect I had left in me. Phelan told me from the start that it wouldn't be easy for him to help me, but he said he felt my sincerity. So Phelan took a chance on me when everyone else walked away. Within the first six months of working with Phelan, I was clean and free from my addictions. Soon thereafter, I landed a great paying job, and my wife and kids returned to me. We had no house, so we started from scratch. I didn't think I could get approved for a loan to buy a house, but Phelan assured me I would be approved. I was approved and bou ... more...

* Shirley | TX | 10/26/2022

My life was a mess, and my family turned their backs on me. My husband left me and took our kids. Alone I sat in a four-bedroom house, wondering what I should do and feeling hopeless about doing anything. It seemed whatever move I made was a setback. I finally was in touch with Phelan; he told me what I needed to do to get my husband and kids back. At first, I didn't listen to me, and I kept calling and asking for updates every other day. At first, I was an emotional wreck and ignored Phelan; when he finally said enough is enough, and I am dropping you as a client, I heard him loud and clear! I begged him not to drop me, and I started listening and doing what he told me to do. I am happy to ... more...

* Brad | AZ | 10/25/2022

My life was a disaster; I lost my job, both of our cars were repossessed, and our house was about to be foreclosed on. My wife left me after fifteen years of marriage; she gave me no explanation, not that I needed one; after everything that happened, I would have gone too if I was her. Thank you, Phelan. 

* Rachel | AL | 10/21|2022

Phelan brought me and my man back together. All of his people were involved in our breakup. His twin sisters were the two who were involved the most. I never thought this day would come; Phelan must have reminded me to stay focused on my desires a thousand times. Thanks, Phelan. 

* Melissa | TN| 10/20/2022

I was married for four years when things started falling apart. Right before my eyes, I watched as layer after layer of my family was taken from me. Finally, in our third year of marriage, we had a set of twin girls. My mother-in-law took them from me, and my husband did nothing to help; he left soon after that. Had I never met Phelan, I would never have reconnected with my family, he brought us back together, and he stopped my mother-in-law from sabotaging my marriage. It would take a lifetime to repay this man for helping me. May God bless and keep you safe, Phelan. 

* Greg | GA | 10/17/2022

Before I met Phelan, I had all kinds of money issues. I was on the verge of losing my house, and my car was repossessed. I had banks calling me at work, and the stress never stopped. I felt like ending it at times. I conveyed that to Phelan, who almost didn't accept me as a client. I assured him that I wouldn't do anything to harm myself, and he agreed to take my case. He magically blessed a ring and sent it to me to wear for prosperity. He empowered a crystal for me to wear when I gambled. I followed his advice, and he was right. Within weeks things changed for me, and they are still getting better. I bought a new car, the banks are leaving me alone, and I win 90% of the time when I gamble. ... more...

* Joyce | CO | 10/13/2022

I was estranged from my family for four years. I tried many spell casters, psychics, and voodoo priests, and they all only wanted more money. A friend introduced me to Phelan's website, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Thank you, Phelan, for being true! 

* Randy | TX | 10/11/2022

Phelan, you helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. My wife is back at home, and we are in marriage counseling. My business is picking up and getting back on track. Thank you, Phelan

* Stephanie | CA | 10/04/2022

My husband and I got into the bad habit of playing around with other men and women. Unfortunately, I became very unhappy and wanted to stop. My husband wanted to continue, and he ended up falling for one of the single women we played with. He left me for her, she dumped him, and then he started hanging out at single clubs. We were apart for three years and would see each other, but it wasn't the same. I came to be a client of Phelan's in 2019, and he helped me with my anxiety issues through covid19; he was a rock for me. The good news is that I reconnected with my husband and our relationship is better than before, and I still have some trust issues that Phelan is helping me with; without hi ... more...

* Linda | MS | 10/02/2022

I hit it big at the Casino. I never had any luck in my life that wasn't bad. I asked Phelan for help after many others couldn't help me. He did a deep cleansing on me and performed a prosperity ritual for long-term good fortune and a money spell to bring money in and open up new doors of opportunity. I landed a great gig working from home, and I decided on the hours I worked. The money is excellent. I was just offered a new job and turned it down. But, the doors keep opening, and the fact that I made so much money playing blackjack is fantastic! 

* Judy | GA | 10/03|2022

I cannot thank Phelan enough. He brought my husband and me together after we had been separated for seven years. Then, there was no communication between us; my husband told me we would never get back together. Phelan is nothing short of a miracle. Listen to this man when he speaks to you. He will tell you how he sees and feels things; he is very straightforward. Love you always, Phelan. 

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.