Merry Meet!

Welcome to www.malewitch.com we are pleased that you have stopped by and we greet you with light and love. If you have come here seeking help, advice, or spiritual growth, I hope that you find the answers that you seek.

Life is mysterious, and each person possesses their own set of mysteries that are unique to their incarnation.

There are male and female, and Universal mysteries as well as individual ones.

Each person who resides on Mother Earth has a responsibility to himself or herself to learn their mysteries, and in doing so, your true-life path will be revealed unto you thus allowing for greater awareness of self, spiritual growth, and connectedness with the GODHEAD.

Over the last thirty years, I have offered assistance to my clients in Atlanta, GA, and in 1999, my practice expanded to the Worldwide Web. I have been at the same Web address, and my phone number 770-728-8466 hasn't changed in over 15 years.

I have provided help to my clients in the area of love, romance, prosperity, money, protection, and spiritual growth.

I do not claim to have all of the answers, and I cannot solve your life's greatest mysteries for you, that is something that you must do on your own.

The keyword in this statement is HELP. I can assist you by providing you with information during a Psychic reading or Counseling session, I can work with you by weaving a spell on your behalf, but even if I HELP you by utilizing the gifts that I have developed over the years, you must still put forth the effort into manifesting the desired change within your own life.

In your travels around the internet you will come across websites that will promise instant results, results in three days, they will promise money back guarantees on intangible items such as love spells.

There is absolutely no way anyone can offer a guarantee on love spells and those who do, are not trying to HELP you; they are merely helping themselves to your hard earned money.

It is sad that people prey on the fact that you are emotionally vulnerable and that you are reaching out for HELP and they take advantage of the situation by telling you that the reason your lover left is that someone is using Black Magic, Black Candles or Voodoo to control him or her.

They may even go as far as to tell you, that "you" yourself have been cursed, in most cases that is not true and if they were trying to help you they would not fill your head with such nonsense.

You may also find that the same individuals who operate those websites where they prey heavily on the emotional manipulation of their clients will offer forums and ratings for metaphysical sites under the guise of a separate domain or entity.

They do this to bash legitimate websites which are genuinely trying to assist their clients, and in doing so, they can drive even more traffic to the multitude of sites that they own by giving false ratings to those sites and bashing their competition.

Here at www.malewitch.com, you will not find any guarantees on love spells or spells of any kind.

You will not find promises that my products will work for you; in fact, the only promise and or guarantee that you will find is that you will receive RESPECT, KINDNESS, and COMPASSION.

I will work with you in any way that I can to HELP you solve your problems and bring closure or new beginnings into your life.

Magic can help, heal, and ease your pain. The same energy that can help you can be used against you to cause harm.

Where magic can heal it can also destroy, magic used negatively can produce devastating results.

The use of magic should come from a place of love and with care, and you should never enter into a magical rite with doubt in your heart, to do so will significantly undermine the effects of your spell.

May your journey be safe and pleasant, and may your lessons; however hard they may be, be learned well.

Carry with you in mind and in heart love and compassion of self, self-respect, and a desire to learn and to grow spiritually.

May the Mother bless you with light, love, abundance, and prosperity!

Light and Love! Phelan


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