order a prosperity spellAllow me to clear up an old myth or wives tale, and that would be to cast a money or prosperity spell will result in someone close to you dying.

I have cast many prosperity and money spells in my years as a witch, and no one close to me has died in order for me to prosper, and I have conducted prosperity rituals for many of my clients, and none of them have ever reported someone close to them dying in order for them to prosper from their prosperity or money ritual.

Prosperity rituals require a little planning, one should go into the magical process knowing what they wish to accomplish from it, and with that said I do not believe in placing caps on our prosperity or money energy, if you have specific needs you can request a certain amount of prosperity energy to flow through to you, but you should keep your mind, and heart open for whatever the Universe may choose to send to you beyond your original request.

One of my clients who shall remain nameless for his privacy lives in Atlantic city and frequents the casinos, he came to me three years ago and asked me to do a prosperity/money ritual on his behalf, I explained to him that prosperity work was done to increase long-term prosperity, while money rituals were done to take aim at a more immediate need, anyway over the course of six months I did a series of money spells, and prosperity rituals for him, at the time he was living paycheck to paycheck, and in one instance he became homeless, during that time we were not in touch all that often, and then finally he called me one day to tell me to make sure to watch for a letter that he sent to me in the mail, I asked what was in the letter and he told me it was a surprise, I could detect a difference in his energy, lighter and more upbeat, he hurried me off the phone, and said that he would call in a few days, upon receiving his letter I was surprised to find a hefty bonus in the form of a cashiers check, it seems as though his prosperity and money rituals had paid off in a very big way, it will suffice it to say that my client will never need another prosperity ritual done for him, at least not in this life, and I have cautioned him about frivolous spending for when the Universe bestows such a wonderful gift as the one bestowed upon him it is an investment, and one should always remember where they came from and help those who are less fortunate, which is exactly what I did with the gift that he sent me.

If you are suffering hardships financially do not allow the burden to wear you down or break your spirit, open yourself up to the golden opportunities of the universe. If you need help, I am here to help, click the link below to order your prosperity ritual today, once you do that you will be prompted to set up a user account on my site, or if you have a user account once you submit your order simply log in there and send me written details outlining your request. I look forward to working with you, and please remember that you are always invited to call me at the number listed at the top of the website.

Light and Love! Phelan


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