My Clients

* Erica | NM | 12/02/2022 | Reunited With My Husband And Family

There were so many people in the way of our happiness. They worked against my husband and me until we broke up, and once we were apart, they controlled his every thought and move. They encouraged him to keep my kids from me, and he did. Phelan came into my life when I needed him the most. I had hired four other spell casters to help me, and they never did. I learned of Phelan through a friend; he helped reunite her and her husband. I decided to try him, and I placed my faith in him. He told me I needed to put some of that faith in myself, so I did. I am so thrilled that I met Phelan and am grateful for his help. 

* Ruth | WY | 12/01/2022 | Reunited With Husband

After seven years, I have reunited with my husband. I started working with Phelan last year in December. I followed Phelan's advice and guidance, and it worked like a charm. I am so happy that Phelan helped me. I would be lost today without his help. Phelan, you are a star in my heart! 

* Meredith | LA | 11/27/2022 | Removed Family Curse

My family was cursed by a Witch from New Orleans, she cursed generations of my family. Phelan helped protect me, he removed the curse from my soul and worked his magic to stop the psychic attacks against me. Thank you Phelan for all of your help. 

* Patrick | OR | 11/26/2022 | Fixed My Money Concerns

Phelan helped me reverse my money troubles. He helped me with my prosperity and finances in ways others tried and failed. I am now so prosperous that I am able to help others, and that is one of my greatest accomplishments. 

* Brandon | MI | 11/24/2022 | Reunited With Wife!

When I contacted Phelan, I was separated from my wife. Phelan almost dropped me as a client several times because I was too impatient and demanding. I disrespected him, and he put me in my place. He taught me that it wasn't wise to disrespect a Witch, especially one that is trying to help you. Once I pulled myself together and apologized, he agreed to take me back on as a client. With his help, I am clean and sober and have reunited with my wife. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. 

* Mitchell | FLA | 11/22/2022 | Together Again!

I met Phelan at his Psychic fair in Dunwoody, Georgia, in 1993. It stood to reason that when I needed help bringing my family home, I would seek his help. I started working with him in January 2020. My wife and kids came home to me in June of this year. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. I am forever indebted to you. 

* Tony | WI | 11/19/2022 | Reunited

You helped me reunite with my wife, and I will always be grateful for your help. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all who need your help. 

* Samantha | TX | 11/16/2022

Phelan, you reunited my husband and me. We had been apart for six years; there was no communication between us, and his family was blocking our communication and keeping us apart. I am glad I found you, and now I am ready for your help with a different aspect of my life. 

* Andy | Cartersville | 11/12/2022

Phelan, you started working with me around this time last year. Unfortunately, my wife and I were separated and had been for four years. Before coming upon your website, I had tried many other spellcasters; needless to say; none helped me. You helped me more in a week than they did in four years. Thank you, Phelan, for all of your help. My wife and I are back together. 

* Andrew | OK | 10/28/2022

I was strung out on drugs and alcohol. I was in a self-destructive mode, and as a result, I lost my wife, my kids, my house, my car, and what little self-respect I had left in me. Phelan told me from the start that it wouldn't be easy for him to help me, but he said he felt my sincerity. So Phelan took a chance on me when everyone else walked away. Within the first six months of working with Phelan, I was clean and free from my addictions. Soon thereafter, I landed a great paying job, and my wife and kids returned to me. We had no house, so we started from scratch. I didn't think I could get approved for a loan to buy a house, but Phelan assured me I would be approved. I was approved and bou ... more...

* Shirley | TX | 10/26/2022

My life was a mess, and my family turned their backs on me. My husband left me and took our kids. Alone I sat in a four-bedroom house, wondering what I should do and feeling hopeless about doing anything. It seemed whatever move I made was a setback. I finally was in touch with Phelan; he told me what I needed to do to get my husband and kids back. At first, I didn't listen to me, and I kept calling and asking for updates every other day. At first, I was an emotional wreck and ignored Phelan; when he finally said enough is enough, and I am dropping you as a client, I heard him loud and clear! I begged him not to drop me, and I started listening and doing what he told me to do. I am happy to ... more...

* Brad | AZ | 10/25/2022

My life was a disaster; I lost my job, both of our cars were repossessed, and our house was about to be foreclosed on. My wife left me after fifteen years of marriage; she gave me no explanation, not that I needed one; after everything that happened, I would have gone too if I was her. Thank you, Phelan. 

* Rachel | AL | 10/21|2022

Phelan brought me and my man back together. All of his people were involved in our breakup. His twin sisters were the two who were involved the most. I never thought this day would come; Phelan must have reminded me to stay focused on my desires a thousand times. Thanks, Phelan. 

* Melissa | TN| 10/20/2022

I was married for four years when things started falling apart. Right before my eyes, I watched as layer after layer of my family was taken from me. Finally, in our third year of marriage, we had a set of twin girls. My mother-in-law took them from me, and my husband did nothing to help; he left soon after that. Had I never met Phelan, I would never have reconnected with my family, he brought us back together, and he stopped my mother-in-law from sabotaging my marriage. It would take a lifetime to repay this man for helping me. May God bless and keep you safe, Phelan. 

* Greg | GA | 10/17/2022

Before I met Phelan, I had all kinds of money issues. I was on the verge of losing my house, and my car was repossessed. I had banks calling me at work, and the stress never stopped. I felt like ending it at times. I conveyed that to Phelan, who almost didn't accept me as a client. I assured him that I wouldn't do anything to harm myself, and he agreed to take my case. He magically blessed a ring and sent it to me to wear for prosperity. He empowered a crystal for me to wear when I gambled. I followed his advice, and he was right. Within weeks things changed for me, and they are still getting better. I bought a new car, the banks are leaving me alone, and I win 90% of the time when I gamble. ... more...

* Joyce | CO | 10/13/2022

I was estranged from my family for four years. I tried many spell casters, psychics, and voodoo priests, and they all only wanted more money. A friend introduced me to Phelan's website, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Thank you, Phelan, for being true! 

* Randy | TX | 10/11/2022

Phelan, you helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. My wife is back at home, and we are in marriage counseling. My business is picking up and getting back on track. Thank you, Phelan

* Stephanie | CA | 10/04/2022

My husband and I got into the bad habit of playing around with other men and women. Unfortunately, I became very unhappy and wanted to stop. My husband wanted to continue, and he ended up falling for one of the single women we played with. He left me for her, she dumped him, and then he started hanging out at single clubs. We were apart for three years and would see each other, but it wasn't the same. I came to be a client of Phelan's in 2019, and he helped me with my anxiety issues through covid19; he was a rock for me. The good news is that I reconnected with my husband and our relationship is better than before, and I still have some trust issues that Phelan is helping me with; without hi ... more...

* Linda | MS | 10/02/2022

I hit it big at the Casino. I never had any luck in my life that wasn't bad. I asked Phelan for help after many others couldn't help me. He did a deep cleansing on me and performed a prosperity ritual for long-term good fortune and a money spell to bring money in and open up new doors of opportunity. I landed a great gig working from home, and I decided on the hours I worked. The money is excellent. I was just offered a new job and turned it down. But, the doors keep opening, and the fact that I made so much money playing blackjack is fantastic! 

* Judy | GA | 10/03|2022

I cannot thank Phelan enough. He brought my husband and me together after we had been separated for seven years. Then, there was no communication between us; my husband told me we would never get back together. Phelan is nothing short of a miracle. Listen to this man when he speaks to you. He will tell you how he sees and feels things; he is very straightforward. Love you always, Phelan. 

* Charles | TN | 10|03|2022

I was desperate when I was put in touch with Phelan. So many psychics and practitioners told me they could reunite me with my family in days. Of course, nothing happened, and they just took my money. When I was finally put in touch with Phelan, I was still in my instant gratification mode. Phelan set me straight very quickly and told me to stop obsessing it he would drop me as a client. I finally listened to him and started seeing signs of positive movement soon thereafter. Thank you, Phelan. 

* Red | NV | 10/02|2022

My life was about over. I was at the end of my rope. Some practitioners in California almost bankrupted me. I was referred to Phelan by a friend; reluctantly, I contacted him through the website. We sent messages back and forth I had many questions. Phelan patiently responded, and he never pressured me; that is the reason I decided to use his services. I am glad I did because he helped with every aspect of my life. 

* Blanch | CA | 09/30/2022

I was a mess when I found your website. I needed help in all areas of my life. You helped me with my love life and my professional life. Thanks to you, we survived the Pandemic, and my business is thriving! 

* Avery | AZ | 09/15/2022

Thank you, Phelan, for all your hard work in my case. My wife and I had been apart for four years before I found you. I went to psychics, witches, and warlocks, but none of them helped. You helped me; you read my emails through your website and responded. I asked questions, and you guided me. I remember one time when you scolded me for overly obsessing; I will never forget that email because that was a turning point for me! Thank you, Phelan. 

* Carl | TN | 05/7/2022

I went to so many spell casters to get help. None of them helped me, I was put into contact with Phelan and he helped me reunite with my wife. Thanks, Phelan.

* Brenda | Cartersville | 05/05/2022

Thank you for all of your help. This was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for.

* Adam | Ohio | 04/29/2022

Thank you, Phelan, for all the help you gave me. Without you, I could never have achieved reuniting with my wife.

* Randal | Oakland | 07/22/2021

In 2019 my wife and I separated due to interference from her friends and family. So I started my search on the internet; like so many in my shoes, I wanted my wife back. But, unfortunately, the more I searched, the more I spent money on promises of seventy-two-hour, same-day results. Finally, I came across Phelan's Website, and at first, I was a little taken back by how blatantly forthright he was.He made no guarantees, no promises; he offered no predictions on how long it would take for us to reunite. I paid him his initial fee, and as time went on, decided to have other work done. I listened to his words and read what he wrote; I kept in touch every couple of weeks. Then, my wife contacted ... more...

* Tasha | Indiana | 08 / 22/ 2021

My husband left our three kids and me during one of the scariest times in my life. I was angry and bitter, but after that passed, I realized that I loved him and wanted him back.However, I also realized that it would not be easy because I more than lashed out at him; I wrecked every aspect of his life that I could access.I came across an ad in the thrifty nickel, and after great deliberation, I decided to call Phelan. He laid it all out for me and told me that my chances of reuniting were slim because of my actions. I accepted what he had to say, and he made the terms of our arrangement very clear.He was unequivocal that if I ruined his castings, there would be repercussions coming dire ... more...

* Tanika | 09/18/21 | Baltimore

Hi Phelan, I hope you and your family and coven are doing well. The past two years have been a wrecking ball for all of us. Last year at this time, I had some work done at the Snow Moon, Thanksgiving Homage To The Gods, and again at Hallowmas.In addition, I had a son waiting for trial charged with murder and six other mouths at home, dependent on me. I am a Nurse Practitioner. My ship was sinking fast, and I had no family or friends to turn to help me.One night I was sitting at home in my bedroom watching television and reading a rag that I had picked up off the shelf at the local grocery store. On the back page, there was an ad for you. Unfortunately, it was late, so I decided to call the n ... more...

* Beth P | GA | 05| 29 | 2021

Last year I started having weird dreams, I would try to wake up, but I could feel myself struggling to get free as if someone was holding me down. I would have welts and bruises on my arms, and my eye turned black as if someone struck me. Then I started having the sensation of being penetrated. I contacted so many people for help, and none did; if anything, they made the situation worse. I found Phelan at the point of giving up. He told me that I was dealing with an Incubus. I had him remove the evil being from me and had some protection and prosperity work done. Since working with Phelan, my life has improved 100%. I wouldn't ask anyone else for help. 

* Carl H | CO | 05|18|2021

In 2019 I was facing financial ruin; my business was failing me. It seemed that it didn't matter how I tried to revive it; nothing worked. I run a service-based business that depends heavily on clients, and new clients each quarter is a must. I went to a friend who told me that I was cursed, and she took me for more than $10,000. We are no longer friends. I found Phelan through a Psychic fair that I went to, one of the Psychics referred me to Phelan. She said he is the one who could help me, and she wasn't lying. As it turned out, an employee was working dark magic against me; she started her own business and tried to take my clients. My ex-friend was working against me, revenge for me sto ... more...

* Joey G | FLA | 05|12|2021

I was hopeless when I stumbled upon Phelan's website. I had been to every practitioner and Witch that I could find, and all they did was made promises and took my money. I was impressed with the presentation of Phelan's website, and when I spoke with him, I was astounded. He was very straightforward and to the point; he made no promises, he made no guarantees. When I found him, my wife had a restraining order against me, and I could only see my kids supervised by a county caseworker. I started working with him in February of 2019, and I reunited with my wife in December 2020. Without Phelan, my wife would have divorced me, and I would never have seen my kids again. Thank you kindly, Phelan ... more...

* Connie | AZ | 04/16/2021

My husband left our kids last year and me. I never knew that kind of pain and heartache in my life. I turned to several psychics and witches on the internet, and none of them helped me at all. I was told about Phelan and the services he offered by a friend who had successfully used him. She said that he was good but that he was tough. She was right on the money; Phelan gave me a verbal tongue lashing more than once. He told me that my wallowing in self-pity was hindering my desires, and he was right. I eventually got my thought process in alignment with my emotional needs. My husband returned home to the kids and me in February, and I know that it would never happen without the help of mis ... more...

* Ron K | North D. | 04/13/2021

I lost my job last year due to the pandemic. We are a family of four, and I had no idea what I would do to keep my family afloat. Things started getting bad, and I turned to Phelan for help. Phelan worked on my money and prosperity needs, and within about six weeks, things dramatically took a turn for the better. I started my own business, and though I was nervous, Phelan assured me it would be okay, and it has been more than that. Thank you, Phelan, for your help, and I wish you and your family all the health and wealth you deserve.

* Minnie | Colorado | 01/19/2021

My husband left me for his younger secretary. I know, so cliche but true. I tried to let it go. The more I thought about it, the madder I got. I spent 25 years with him, put him through Medical school, and once he no longer needed me, adios! I spent thousands of dollars on so-called rootworkers, spell casters, evil-doers. I met Phelan at a Psychic fair; he was there giving a presentation on modern witchcraft. I went up to him after his presentation and asked if we could talk? He took about an hour of his time and spoke with me. I went home and couldn't get our talk out of my head. That night I went to his website, signed up, and ordered the Kundalini Binding ritual. I have reunited with my ... more...

* Jason | Seattle | 01/11/2021

My luck has been rotten most of my life. It never clicked with me that I was in control and could do something about it. One day I was on the internet looking around, and I came across Phelan's website. I decided to ask for his help after reading his articles. He cast several spells and rituals for me for luck, success, and money. He taught me what I needed to do at the casinos, and I decided to have him make me a money root bag. I carried the money in the same pocket as the bag. Today, I realize why he is a Witch; this man's power scares me as nothing has before!  Thank you, Phelan. 

* Chris K | Rocky Mtns | 01/08/2021

I have worked with Phelan since 2015.  I have had many love spells, reuniting rituals, and similar practices done. Last year I lost all hope that I would ever reunite with my wife. I stopped communicating with Phelan and decided that I would stop trying to reunite with her, and all hope was gone! To my surprise, she contacted me on New Year's Eve and asked if we could get together. I cautiously said yes and after six years, five of those years spent working with Phelan, we reunited. In anger, I had lashed out at Phelan, and he warned me once. The second time came with no warning; let me say I will never make that mistake again! Phelan, I am sorry. I know without you, my wife and I wou ... more...

* Tim | WA | (11/17/2020)

My lover of six years left me for another guy. I went to several psychics, witches, and spiritualists. I was told that God was mad at me because I am gay, and he had sent several angry angels to attack me. I was referred to Phelan by a friend who had used his services. I couldn't understand why he left me for an older man, as it turns out the guy had a lot of money and was enticing him with it. Phelan was able to remove the guy and bring  Brad back home to me. We are happier than we have ever been, and the guy tried twice to get him to leave me, and Phelan took care of the situation.

* Sharon | CA | (11/15/2020)

Two years ago, my boss promoted me to a new position within the company. I had worked there for seven years. The promotion came as a shock; I had been passed over so many times. Soon after the promotion, I started getting sick. I stayed with headaches, and soon my hair started falling out, bruises and whelps began showing up all across my body, and my wrists looked like someone was holding me down. At night I could feel the weight of a man trying to have sex with me. I searched online for help and finally found Phelan. I told him my story, and he conveyed to me what he felt was happening. A woman in my office was attacking me magically, and she unleashed a demon that attached itself to my au ... more...

* Charles D | NY | (11/01/2020)

I came to know of Phelan six years ago this month. Before finding him, I went to many psychics and witches. They all charged me a lot of money and no results; many had websites with no means to contact them except for a contact me page. My wife and I were apart four years before I found Phelan. There was so much damage done to our relationship that it was hard for me to see a way back. In addition to Phelan's work, I decided to ask him to give me life coach sessions; I had six sessions with him, best money ever spent. My wife and I are now back together and have been for three years, I have been waiting for a long time to write this as I am superstitious, and I didn't want to jinx myself. Th ... more...

* Susan L | GA | (10/28/2020)

This woman who practices black magic stole my man. She works with him and is a few years older than he is. We had been together for seven years. Phelan did several spells and rituals for me, and whenever I would start losing focus, he would get me back on track. Thank you, Phelan, for all that you have done for me.  

* Randy O | NY | (10/28/2020)

I lost everything, my wife, my job, my savings, though I managed to salvage most of it. I begged my wife for forgiveness, and she refused to listen; she kept my kids away from me, my mother took her side instead of mine. Phelan took my case, and he did several rituals to bring my wife and me back together. Words cannot express how this man helped me; I will owe him a debt of gratitude for the rest of my life!

* Charles D | Texas | (10/26/2020)

Phelan, you are the real deal! I am so happy that you helped me. You brought my wife back to me when others couldn't. Before I found you, I went to one fortune teller after another, and each of them promised me the moon. I would get my wife back in 3 days; she would leave her new boyfriend instantly, and the list goes on. Phelan is a straight shooter, and he tells it like it is whether you like it or not. He was always straight with me; he was also kind; he didn't talk down to me like others did.

* Ruth | Colorado | (10/18/2020)

My husband is a good man. In the 14 years we have been together, he has always held my trust. Two years ago, he hired a young lady to work in his office not long after he started working later and later, until one day, I came home and found all of his belongings gone! He did not leave a note; cell number changed, email address blocked me, and he left me no choice but to go to his office, where we had a massive confrontation. He never asked for a divorce, and I was not about to just willingly give him one. A girl in my office told me that she was a practicing witch; she got me to believe her, and then she took thousands and thousands of dollars from me. She trapped me because she knew that ... more...

* Sheila | Canada | (10/07/2020)

I came upon your site one evening while searching for ways to increase my luck and prosperity. I read over your website, and I loved how you tell it like it is. I never involved myself in the occult or any magic before. Honestly, I was not skeptical more scared of it than anything. You made me a witches money bag, money jar, and an amulet for me to wear. I have had a lot of success at the casinos, playing scratch-offs and the lottery. I have hit on the numbers you provided me 14 times in the last three years. Not always big wins but enough to make me smile. Thank you, Phelan. 

* Tim | Dallas Texas | (10/02/2020)

Phelan, I want to thank you for working with me over the past six years. The first case you worked on for me was to reunite my wife and me. That happened about a year after you did the Kundalini Binding and Heart Chakra Rituals for me. I had you do several reinforcements to both Rituals. Before I found you, I had numerous spells and rituals done by other psychics and witches. Nothing they did for me ever worked in the slightest of ways. You stayed fighting for me; you let me know what I was doing wrong. You helped me in ways no one else could. My wife and I reunited a year to the day I found you; before that, she wouldn't take my calls or even see me, no communication! Over the past six ye ... more...

* Margie | Peanut | David | 09/05/2020

My mother and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting across from Phelan at one of his Psychic Fairs. This was at the Radisson Inn in Dunwoody in 1993. My mother wanted to go, and a specific anniversary was coming up, and I said that I would take her. When it was our turn, we were taken by a young lady from the waiting area to the room where Phelan and three other Psychics were giving readings. We sat down, and Phelan greeted us in a very pleasant and warm manner. He asked us who he was reading for, and my mother spoke up and for me. He looked at her and laid both of his hands on the table. He asked her to lay her hands into his palm down. He closed his eyes, and he started to speak, and he ... more...

* The Occult | Reunited With Wife | Root-Bag | Witch's Jar | 09/02/2020

My life was a mess. My wife left me because she couldn't take any more of my self-destructive behavior. I always thought of myself as having it together. After she left, I started taking a long hard look at myself in the mirror; suddenly, I was not too fond of how I looked. I never messed around with the Occult; I have always been afraid of it. I contacted Phelan through the advice of a Co-Worker; she had used him before with phenomenal results. Phelan reunited my wife and me, he cast several spells and made me a root-bag, and we also worked on my lagering prosperity. Once the prosperity spell was completed, he sent me a Witch's Money Jar. I am pleased to have found an individual with integr ... more...

* Norma | Reunited With My Husband | San Diego | 08/31/2020

Phelan started working with me in 2017. Before coming to him for help, I went to so many Psychic's, Spell Castors, and Witchs. My husband of 11 years left me for another woman. She was much younger than him, and I am guessing that was the attraction. I had read some of Phelan's articles and his client's testimonials. The day that I decided that I would try and reunite with my husband one last time. I visited Phelan's website and took a deep breath, set up my account, and gave him a brief overview of my situation. Phelan called me and listened as I told my story, and he immediately pointed out several things that I had been doing wrong. At first, I got offended, and I hung u ... more...

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.