My Clients

* Chris | Real Help | Phelan's The Real Deal (10/07/2019)

I was lost and heartbroken. I met a girl through a friend. I lived in California, and she lived in New York. We hit it off right from the start. We were together over a year, but soon the trips back and forth started wearing on our relationship. My girlfriend called it off one evening during a tear-filled conversation over the phone. With Phelans help, we are back together. Phelan reunited us, and we are very happy. My girl moved to California, and we married on Valentine's day 2019.

* Valerie | Valdosta | (10/03/2019)

My boyfriend broke my heart, and I vowed never to love anyone again. He tore my heart out and stomped all over it! I turned to Phelan, I used him before to help my career, and his work was incredible. I got a job that I was not even qualified for, my company trained and promoted me.  With Mr. Phelan on my side, I knew that my loved one and I would reconnect, and we did eight months after Phelan started his work. Without Phelan, none of this would have happened for me. 

* Kevin| Abandoned | Terrible Depression | Embarrassed (10/01/2019)

My wife let me in 2016. She didn't give me any warning; she and my kids were gone when I came home from work one night. I was devastated. I went from one psychic and [ractitioner to another. One night I was sitting at home and typed in lover's reunited. Phelan's website was the first to appear on the page. I went to his website and read all of the Articles. I read his statement that he offered no guarantees. It was that statement that made me want to reach out to him. I am glad that I did. I started with him in January 2017. There was no communication between my wife and me.  I hadn't seen my kids at the point in over a year. Phelan helped me reunite with my family. Me and my wife are c ... more...

* Sam | Real Help | Phelan's The Real Deal (09/16/2019)

I was thrown out of my own house by my wife and her family. My wife's family got into her ear and caused the breakup. I tried so many psychics, and none of them helped me. I found Phelan through an Internet search and decided to give him a try. We were apart five years when I hired Phelan; eight months later, we reunited. Thank you, Phelan. I am forever indebted to you.

* Connie | Mother In Law | (09/12/2019)

My mother in law was very controlling and abusive. She had a stranglehold on my husband. She made no secret of the fact she practiced black magic. I fought long and hard to hold my marriage together, and then one night, my husband did not come home from work. He called to say he was moving in with his mom. I tried talking him out of it, and he wouldn't budge.  She started having him withhold money, and that is when I started looking for help, I was lucky I found Phelan within a day or two of searching.  Phelan, you brought my husband back and stopped my mother in law. You helped me with honesty and compassion. Thank you. 

* Ray | Gamblers Ritual | Witch Money Jar | Root Bag (09/7/2019)

I am a gambler and never had much luck at winning, which sucks as gambling was part of my retirement plan. I was told about Phelan from a friend who used his services. He was delighted with his results. I decided to give it a try and asked for a gambler's ritual, a prosperity ritual, and anything else that would help me. He did the ceremonies, and he sent me a money root-bag, and a charm to wear when I was playing at the casino. I started winning at first small amounts; soon I was bringing home three to four-thousand with each trip. I will use Phelan's services in the future. 

* Gina | Macon GA | (09/03/2019)

Last summer, we visited New Orleans; we were there for a week. I went to several card readers and a voodoo doctor. Upon my return home, these large boils started popping out on me; they were not like regular pimples; these things were large liquid-filled and looked angry. They hurt and would just burst on their own, which was embarrassing. I received the employee of the year award, and three days later fired with no explanation. My husband left me. He walked out saying that he couldn't take the drama from me anymore. I got in touch with Phelan. I knew him from his days of promoting the Love and Light Psychic Fairs. He created several rituals for me; he also gave me instructions on what to bu ... more...

* Chad | Under Psychic Attack | Employees Back Stabbing | (09/01/2019)

My life was falling apart; it started with my business. I ran a small landscaping company and a Janitorial Service. I had several envious employees that plotted against and was bad mouthing me to my customers. I thought that my home life was doing okay, until one day I came home to find it empty. My wife left me for one of my employees. I started getting sick to my stomach for no reason. I went to several doctors and test after test proved nothing. One morning when I was cleaning out one of my trucks, I found a doll that was hand made, I recognized the hair that was sewn into the doll, it was mine. I contacted so many people who took my money but offered no help. I was hopeless, helpless, an ... more...

* Yessi | Pregnant and Alone | Scared | Embarrassed (08/31/2019)

My husband was taken away by a younger woman. His Mom and Sister played a big part in our break up, the girl he is with practices black magic. My husband is back home, Phelan protected me from the black magic. I will always be in his debt. 

* Beth H| Life In Shambles | Strung Out On Drugs |(08/20/2019)

 I am a Professional Blue's Singer. I was having trouble with my career, in fact, it looked like it was over there for a while. I started hanging with the wrong crowd and lost my way and my husband in the process. I have known of Phelan since the late 80s. He has been my counsel on many different things. He has helped me get clean, get my career on track, and most of all this past July my man and I reunited and we are stronger and better than before.

* Bryan | Desperate | Life Torn Apart (08/15/2019)

I must be one of Phelan's biggest pains! In the beginning, I did everything I could do to mess up my work.  Phelan never lost his patience with me, he told me he already has seen a vision of me and my wife coming back together, and he was right. 

* Larry | Wife Left | Humiliation | Embarrassed (07/24/2019)

My wife left me for a younger guy. Psychics are nothing but scam artists, at least the ones that I was dealing with were. Phelan helped me when everyone else took from me. Don't get me wrong, he charged me a fair fee, but he never asked for more. I opted to have more work done, and I gladly paid for it. I think anyone who has worked with Phelan knows that they will be treated, with kindness and respect. Thank you, Phelan, for your honesty, and respect and for bringing my family home.

* Bonnie Sue| Received a blessing from the Universe | (07/19/2019)

I was born with little means, and my family was impoverished. I was always looking for a way to get my hands on large sums of money. I contacted this witch in Louisiana, she took $3000.00 from me. I got zip in return. I kept looking for help, and one day, he was just there. He took a look into my eyes, and then he felt my Aura. He said that I would get thirty times what the witch took from me. I then asked him how? He said the Gods of Karma were angry. Phelan was right; I got 90,000.00 dollars delivered to my front door one afternoon, with a letter asking for forgiveness. I sat down and stared at the bag in disbelief. I had never met Phelan in my life, and the guy who took my money was a ... more...

* Black Magic | Phelan Stopped Attacks | Feet Doesn't Burn | (07/15/2019)

My feet would burn; it happened at all hours of the day. I could be at my office, and my feet would start to burn. I had contacted several Psychics, and it seemed that they all agreed it was just in my head. I got in touch with Phelan through a friend. Immediately he knew what was going on. He said someone wanted me to leave home and cast a hot foot spell on me. Phelan agreed to take my case, three days after he started the work, I became violently sick. I vomited up something that looked like a baby eel. Phelan said that was the negativity leaving my body. I asked him for a protection ritual, and I also wanted to know if he could custom make an amulet of protection for me. With everythin ... more...

* Dale | Reunited with wife | (05/24/2019)

I tried so many spell casters and psychics. I maxed out my credit cards trying to get help. I accidentally stumbled upon Phelan" s website. I was I drawn to it instantly. I decided to contact him, I called and got no answer, but the message instructed me to contact him through his website. I went to the site, and the process was pretty painless. I told him my story of how my wife had left me and took the kids. It was totally out of left field; I swear I didn't see it coming. She and I talked often and yes as a couple of things were a little off between us, but I was working long late hours, and we both agreed as soon as things settled down at work, we would get back to normal. I got home aft ... more...

* Trisha | Won Big At Casino | Carolina (05/12/2019

I tried card readers, numerologist, and nothing ever worked for me. I ran across Phelan's website last year and explained to him my situation. He said to me a big part of the problem is that most people give up after playing games of chance only a few times. He said if you can stick it out I see you winning and I won. I am not bragging, but I am set for life and so are my kids and their kids when they start having them. Thank you so very much Phelan. 

* Leslie| Texas | Won Big | No Money Worries ( 05/02/2019)

I just wanted to thank you and the staff at I was beaten down and broken, literally broke, I took a chance and had you do several custom spells for me, and this past January it paid off, I hit the on the nimbers you gave me, and the ones that I sent to you that I play. You and your coven blessed them for me and I have hit several sizable amounts on them. You are my Angel. 

* Brad_Reunited_with_Wife (05/01/2019)

Phelan is the only one who really helped me. Rightfully he should have dropped me as his client many times. I am glad you didn't give up on me. 

* Stella_15_year_marriage_fell_apart (04/30/2019)

My husband and I reached a boiling point two years ago. For fifteen years we had been husband and wife, sure we had our issues, at the time I thought it was nothing, and that all marriages go through what we were experiencing. I was wrong, and I was passive, I stood by and watched as my relationship disintegrated. When I spoke to Phelan, he was very blunt in his opinion. He told me to stop laying all of the blame on my husband, and he told me to grow up and accept responsibility for the role that I played in the demise of my marriage. At first, I felt as though he slapped me, and I wanted to hang the phone up. I expressed how I felt, and he said if you cannot handle a simple phone call, a ... more...

* Carly_Doctors_blisters_Psychic_Fair (04/16/2019)

I was staying sick all of the time. I went to the Doctor, and then another Doctor. No one could tell me what was wrong with me. I started breaking out in huge blisters; my hair started falling out, it got fragile. Several psychics said to me that someone put a spell or curse on me. I went to a Psychic fair, and a lady at a booth told me she had a friend who dealt with matters like mine. She gave me a card that displayed a name, number, and website. It turned out to be Phelan. I called him and scheduled a time to speak with him, he listened and offered his advice, and he never pressured me to pay him or work with him. Phelan earned my respect in so many ways; most of all he helped rid me o ... more...

* Bonnie_Phelan_makes_no_promises_no_guarantees (04/15/2019)

Every man I have ever been with has been abusive, controlling and manipulative. I finally found the love of my life in 2007, and we were doing great until 2014 rolled around. Suddenly he started staying out late, working a lot of overtime without extra pay. I knew then that there was something or someone else; it turned out to be someone he worked with. It was not just a coworker but my best friend. He left me in early 2015 to be with her. I watched him pack. I even helped him load his stuff in his truck. I was trying to stay strong. Once he was gone, I broke down and cried like a baby. From 2015 to March 2018 I went from practitioner to practitioner and psychic to psychic. The only thing ... more...

* Connie_married_man_sex_divorced (03/26/2019)

I accidentally got involved with a married man. Once I found out of course he promised that he would leave his wife. I was humiliated and embarrassed that my family would find out. I asked for help from many people, none of them helped me but they were more than happy to take my money. I kept up my search and I found Phelan. He listened to my story and once I finished he told me what he would do to help me, I decided to take him up on his offer and I am glad that I did. They broke up and he and I are now together. I am now a believer in the power of magic and I know that there are those such as Phelan who can wield the sword of power. 

* Sheila_Hands_Feet_Burning_Foul Odor (03/25/2019)

My feet were burning, and my hands were on fire. There was a smell in my house that I could not get rid of it. I contacted a local Psychic, and she said that I was cursed. I spoke with Phelan through his site, he knew right away what was wrong and better he knew how to rid me of the odor. I am happy I found you, and you were able to assist me. I will always be in your debt. 

* Annie | Family Attacks | People Working Against Us (03/24/2019)

Phelan took my case, and he helped me through a difficult time with my money issues, and he brought my husband home to me. We had so many people working against us that I never thought we would have another chance at making it work. With Phelans help, a second chance was made possible. Love you, Phelan.

* Brittany | Physical Pain | Emotional Pain (03/24/2019)

I had a high paying job, a nice car and a beautiful house. I was happily married for ten years. I came home one day to a note from my husband telling me that he was tired of me and he was leaving. I went to a couple of psychics, and I was told what I wanted to hear and not what I needed to hear. It wasn't long before my hair started falling out, my teeth breaking off; I started having pain all over my body. I went to the Doctor, and he couldn't find any valid reason for my pain, he said it was all in my mind. I went to a local practitioner that charged me several thousands of dollar upfront, and nothing ever changed. As it turned out I was a victim of a psychic attack. Phelan did a cleansi ... more...

* Scot | Phelan's Help | No Guarantee (03/17/2019)

After working with other practitioners for over two years, a friend of mine told me about Phelan's website. I decided to browse his site, and a few days later I signed up and asked him to help bring my wife home. My wife and I had no communication for the two years we were apart. Phelan was straight forward and upfront with me, he did not promise me results and never offered any guarantees. I already knew this because I read his website, but he reiterated it. To make a long story short, we have reunited in January of this year. It took a year working with Phelan; he had to undo a lot of negativity, and my mindset was a train wreck, and I was determined to destroy everything good in my life ... more...

* Beth | Helping Hand | Greatness (03/10/2019)

Phelan has taught me so much and he has helped me see the error of my ways. I would always feel envy towards people who seemed to be happy in love and financially secure. He told me, look there is enough love and money to go around, no need for envy or greed. I started putting into motion the things he taught me and soon my situation improved. I am an actress and live in Los Angeles, he did some prosperity work for me and now I am running like crazy, I am working on a new show for Netflix and I am being offered new roles almost daily. Thank you for helping me turn my life around. I want to make a donation to you Phelan, I see that you are always trying to help someone and I also see that y ... more...

* Jared | Money Spells | Amulets (03/06/2019)

My finances were in terrible shape and I was headed for bankruptcy. I met Phelan through a friend. I spoke with him at great lengths. He did several cleansings, money, gambler's spell and prosperity rituals. He also helped me create a budget, that wowed me, not only is this man a Powerful Witch, he is not a person that feels above anyone else. He taught me some practical things that helped get me back on my feet faster, even before the spells manifested. My first night at the casino I took $500 with me and turned it into $25,000. I couldn't believe it before I would have lost my money and left the casino with a sense of dread. Phelan has another friend and client for life and not just beca ... more...

* Sandra | Young Women | Taken For A Ride (03/01/2019)

My husband left me and our two kids, at first it was because of his family, mainly his mother and sister. Then I found out that he was messing around with this waitress at a local strip club. This girl was half his age, so it was his ego that he was feeding. I didn't think I could forgive the infidelity, so, I spoke to Phelan and he asked me what was more important? Having my family back together or throwing in the towel over a girl that was not really interested in my husband. Phelan said she was after his money and boy was he right, she took thirty thousand dollars within a month's time. Phelan did several spells and rituals for me, I had a very difficult case and I had been to other psyc ... more...

* Lillie | Voodoo Dolls | Witch (02/15/2019)

My life was being ruined by members of my own family. I have an Aunt who practices roots and she told me that she made a voodoo doll of me and all of my family, she said she even attacked my kids. the oldest is nine, youngest three. I believe this is the reason my husband left us. I started looking for a real Witch who could help me put an end to this nightmare. I was scammed so many times. A coworker put me in touch with Phelan and I called him and after our conversation, I decided to work with him. He brought my husband back and my relationship is better than ever! 

* Susan | Reunited With Husband | No Guarantees (02/05/2019)

My husband left me and my kids for a young skank. I tried a website that was selling spells for $9.95 and guaranteed their work. Well after a year of no results and many tears and heartaches later, I found the real deal, I found Phelan. The other website told me that I should have read the fine print, I just said whatever. Phelan performed several spells for me around this time two years ago and I purchased a few other spells while I was waiting. I liked being able to log into the website and send Phelan an email, I even reached him by phone. My husband and I renewed our wedding vowels on Valentine's Day this year. I even sent Phelan a surprise through PayPal. Thank you, Phelan, for everyt ... more...

* Craig D |Money Rituals | Prosperity Spell (02/01/2019)

Phelan has helped me in ways that I couldn't imagine. My business went belly up, I had two employees who were stealing my customers. I thousands of dollars in income because of them. I went to many local Psychic shops, they did cleansings, prayed over me, chanted. I took them money they said would be used in a ritual and returned to me after the ritual ended, that never happened, these people only made my situation worse. I was surfing the web one afternoon and I came across Phelan's website, I read through it and I liked his straightforwardness and candor. I gave him a call and he listened to my story and he accepted me as a client, to be truthful I wasn't expecting any results, it took f ... more...

* Carly | No Money | Prosperity Spell

I was in debt up to my eyeballs, I was treading water, and sinking fast. Phelan helped me with a prosperity ritual, a Witches Money Jar, and a Gambler’s Root Bag. I wish he still offered these things, I would order more from him. Within a few days of the Prosperity Spell, my luck started to change, I run a cleaning service, and I started getting new clients. The Money Jar helped the household, my husband found a jar, ironically in a casino. My son started picking up more work in the afternoons after school, and on the weekends. His money is his own, but he was able to buy the things he needed for school, which gave us a break. Phelan, you will always be a part of this family. If you ar ... more...

* Ruby | Exposed by Psychic | Taken Advantage of | (01/20/2019)

I was working with a lady, her name I will not mention out of respect for Phelan’s website. When I started working with her everything seem to be going as planned. All of a sudden she started demanding, not asking, demanding for more money, she said that she would use all the information against me to keep me, and my lover apart forever. I was terrified, I wouldn’t talk to anyone about what was going on. I just happened across Phelan’s website, and I read several of his articles, it didn’t take me long to realize that there was a difference between in, and her. I am glad I found you, Phelan, your help was just what I needed. My husband is back at home, I changed email ... more...

* Chad | Reuniting Lovers | 01/17/2019

It was about this time last year when my wife left me, and our, four children. I looked for help, all they did was take my money. Phelan performed his Candlemas ritual, and Valentine’s love ritual for me. Five months later my wife returned home, and we are still working through our issues, but without Phelan there would be nothing to work out. In addition to the rituals I booked several, four sessions with him, money that was well spent. He listened while I talked, and then gave me solid and sound advice.

* Jon | Boyfriend Gone | Phelan's God Daughter (09/12/2018)

I came out as a gay man last year, I am only 22. Most of my family took the news okay, my Aunt spit in my face and told me I was going to Hell. She said that she was going to lay a curse on me and my life was over. Bad things started happening, I lost my job, my boyfriend broke it off with me, we planned to marry. My life was a waking nightmare. One day I was talking to a friend, she is gypsy and she put me in touch with Phelan. Turns out she is Phelan's God Daughter. I contacted him, he knew exactly what to do and now she is the one reaping negative energy from her bad deeds. Thank you Phelan.

* Nani | Hair Falling Out | Phelan Helped (09/19/2018)

I was being pummeled by black magic. I developed a cough that would not go away and my hair was coming out at the roots, I was afraid to brush it. I started finding dead dogs and cats on my property. That was the moment I knew something was wrong. I called around and at a bookstore, in Arizona, they gave me Phelan's name and number. He talked to me several times, he told me what I needed to do, I followed his instructions to the letter, and everything got instantly better.

* Jenny | FLA | (09/27/2018

I went to dozens of Witches, by the time I found Phelan I was ready to give up. This man talked to me a good 45 minutes, he told me things that I had even forgotten about. He also told me that my husband would come back, but he would not stay the first time. He told me not to overreact, he was so right! My husband came back after a 3-month separation and we are doing great. Thank you Phelan. You are my friend for life.

* Connie T | Alabama | (08/28/2018)

My man was taken away by this woman, the foul thing is that it was a woman that I went to for help. She put a spell on him to draw him to her, and it worked. I found Mr. Phelan through some friends, and he helped me when no one else was willing. I owe you my lie Mr. Phelan. My man is home and everything is right with us again. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

* Susan | FLA | (08/22/2018)

My husband left me and our kids for a younger woman. I contacted so many practitioners and all they did was take my money. I contacted you, you explained that black magic was behind his leaving. We did a couple of spells, and it wasn't long before he contacted me, he said he made a terrible mistake, and he wanted to come home. It took three months, but he had already been gone 4 years when I contacted you

* Bruce C | Dalton |(08/15/2018)

I am hoping that you will have the Harvest moon Rituals again. Last Year I had you help with reuniting with my wife, and it worked in just 6 short weeks. By nature I tend to be very negative, you explained how you wanted me to act, to behave, and I followed your advice, and it worked. The root bag that you sent to me still has a strong smell, I would like to refresh it though.

* Ricky D | GA | (07/10/2018)

The sheriff took my house, I wasn’t given any notice. My wife was supposed to pay the bills. Instead, she was pocketing my paychecks. I came home one afternoon, and she was gone, all of my furniture was on the curb. Phelan helped get my house back; he helped get to the root of the evil that took my family. Phelan is the only witch I trust.

* Mary M | LA | (07/05/2018)

I have been a devout Catholic all my life. I woke up one day to realize that things were upside down in my life. My husband of 11 years left me, I lost my job, the bank took my car. I contacted Phelan, he did some work, sent me some candles, and oil. At first, I was lazy about using the items, when I got serious and started using the ritual tools things turned around. The one piece of advice that I would part to another, listen to Phelan, and use the ritual tools.

* John K | NC | (07/01/2018)

Phelan reunited me and my wife. I tried this other witch for 18 months with no results. I started with Phelan 4 months ago, and we are now 100% back together.

* Eileen | NY | (04/07/2018)

My partner took all our money and emptied our bank accounts. He disappeared, no one could find, I contacted Phelan and he consulted his guides and told me where to look, he was there, I got some of the money back. 

* Beverly | Colorado Springs | (04/13/2018)

My sister tore our lives apart, broke me and my husband up. She was blatant in what she was doing, she never tried to hide the fact that she was putting the evil eye on us. I could never find help until I found Phelan. 

* Sean | Auburn | (04/15/2018)

My partner and I had been apart for 11 years. I went to witch, warlocks, voodoo queens, none helped. I met Phelan through a friend and he  helped us come back together. 

* Danny | Colorado |(11/29/2017)

I went to a Witch in New Orleans and asked her help of bringing my wife back to me. She charged me $8000.00 and I never saw the first sign that my wife would be back, in fact things went from bad to worse. When I went back to the New Orleans Witch, she demanded more money and threatened to tell my wife if I failed to give her the money. I contacted Phelan went head to head with this woman, she backed off. I asked Phelan to help me, he charged me $650.00 for the Kundalini binding. I all so asked him to do a Chakra cleaning a psychic protection, he did those things for me for another $650.00, in all I paid him $1300.00. My wife is home, I have a new job and we just found out that are expecting ... more...

* Jeremy | Dallas Tx | (11/28/2017)

My wife left me for another man. I found Phelan and decided to ask for his help to bring her home. My relationship was less than perfect, but I still love my wife. We were apart seven months and she returned. Our relationship with Phelan's help is so much better.

* Max | Seattle | (11/28/2017)

I am gay and I had looked and looked for honest help. My boyfriend was taken away from me by a younger guy. I tried telling him that he was being used, he would not listen. I tried several other spell weavers and none of them helped, only made fake promises. I approached Phelan through his website. I read thoroughly his website and then decided to contact him. He was clear that he made no promises or predicted time frames and that I must be prepared to be patient.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.