My Clients

* Susan | Reunited With Husband | No Guarantees (02/05/2019)

My husband left me and my kids for a young skank. I tried a website that was selling spells for $9.95 and guaranteed their work. Well after a year of no results and many tears and heartaches later, I found the real deal, I found Phelan. The other website told me that I should have read the fine print, I just said whatever. Phelan performed several spells for me around this time two years ago and I purchased a few other spells while I was waiting. I liked being able to log into the website and send Phelan an email, I even reached him by phone. My husband and I renewed our wedding vowels on Valentine's Day this year. I even sent Phelan a surprise through PayPal. Thank you, Phelan, for everyt ... more...

* Craig D |Money Rituals | Prosperity Spell (02/01/2019)

Phelan has helped me in ways that I couldn't imagine. My business went belly up, I had two employees who were stealing my customers. I thousands of dollars in income because of them. I went to many local Psychic shops, they did cleansings, prayed over me, chanted. I took them money they said would be used in a ritual and returned to me after the ritual ended, that never happened, these people only made my situation worse. I was surfing the web one afternoon and I came across Phelan's website, I read through it and I liked his straightforwardness and candor. I gave him a call and he listened to my story and he accepted me as a client, to be truthful I wasn't expecting any results, it took f ... more...

* Carly | No Money | Prosperity Spell

I was in debt up to my eyeballs, I was treading water, and sinking fast. Phelan helped me with a prosperity ritual, a Witches Money Jar, and a Gambler’s Root Bag. I wish he still offered these things, I would order more from him. Within a few days of the Prosperity Spell, my luck started to change, I run a cleaning service, and I started getting new clients. The Money Jar helped the household, my husband found a jar, ironically in a casino. My son started picking up more work in the afternoons after school, and on the weekends. His money is his own, but he was able to buy the things he needed for school, which gave us a break. Phelan, you will always be a part of this family. If you ar ... more...

* Ruby | Exposed by Psychic | Taken Advantage of | (01/20/2019)

I was working with a lady, her name I will not mention out of respect for Phelan’s website. When I started working with her everything seem to be going as planned. All of a sudden she started demanding, not asking, demanding for more money, she said that she would use all the information against me to keep me, and my lover apart forever. I was terrified, I wouldn’t talk to anyone about what was going on. I just happened across Phelan’s website, and I read several of his articles, it didn’t take me long to realize that there was a difference between in, and her. I am glad I found you, Phelan, your help was just what I needed. My husband is back at home, I changed email ... more...

* Chad | Reuniting Lovers | 01/17/2019

It was about this time last year when my wife left me, and our, four children. I looked for help, all they did was take my money. Phelan performed his Candlemas ritual, and Valentine’s love ritual for me. Five months later my wife returned home, and we are still working through our issues, but without Phelan there would be nothing to work out. In addition to the rituals I booked several, four sessions with him, money that was well spent. He listened while I talked, and then gave me solid and sound advice.

* Jon | Boyfriend Gone | Phelan's God Daughter (09/12/2018)

I came out as a gay man last year, I am only 22. Most of my family took the news okay, my Aunt spit in my face and told me I was going to Hell. She said that she was going to lay a curse on me and my life was over. Bad things started happening, I lost my job, my boyfriend broke it off with me, we planned to marry. My life was a waking nightmare. One day I was talking to a friend, she is gypsy and she put me in touch with Phelan. Turns out she is Phelan's God Daughter. I contacted him, he knew exactly what to do and now she is the one reaping negative energy from her bad deeds. Thank you Phelan.

* Nani | Hair Falling Out | Phelan Helped (09/19/2018)

I was being pummeled by black magic. I developed a cough that would not go away and my hair was coming out at the roots, I was afraid to brush it. I started finding dead dogs and cats on my property. That was the moment I knew something was wrong. I called around and at a bookstore, in Arizona, they gave me Phelan's name and number. He talked to me several times, he told me what I needed to do, I followed his instructions to the letter, and everything got instantly better.

* Jenny | FLA | (09/27/2018

I went to dozens of Witches, by the time I found Phelan I was ready to give up. This man talked to me a good 45 minutes, he told me things that I had even forgotten about. He also told me that my husband would come back, but he would not stay the first time. He told me not to overreact, he was so right! My husband came back after a 3-month separation and we are doing great. Thank you Phelan. You are my friend for life.

* Connie T | Alabama | (08/28/2018)

My man was taken away by this woman, the foul thing is that it was a woman that I went to for help. She put a spell on him to draw him to her, and it worked. I found Mr. Phelan through some friends, and he helped me when no one else was willing. I owe you my lie Mr. Phelan. My man is home and everything is right with us again. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

* Susan | FLA | (08/22/2018)

My husband left me and our kids for a younger woman. I contacted so many practitioners and all they did was take my money. I contacted you, you explained that black magic was behind his leaving. We did a couple of spells, and it wasn't long before he contacted me, he said he made a terrible mistake, and he wanted to come home. It took three months, but he had already been gone 4 years when I contacted you

* Bruce C | Dalton |(08/15/2018)

I am hoping that you will have the Harvest moon Rituals again. Last Year I had you help with reuniting with my wife, and it worked in just 6 short weeks. By nature I tend to be very negative, you explained how you wanted me to act, to behave, and I followed your advice, and it worked. The root bag that you sent to me still has a strong smell, I would like to refresh it though.

* Ricky D | GA | (07/10/2018)

The sheriff took my house, I wasn’t given any notice. My wife was supposed to pay the bills. Instead, she was pocketing my paychecks. I came home one afternoon, and she was gone, all of my furniture was on the curb. Phelan helped get my house back; he helped get to the root of the evil that took my family. Phelan is the only witch I trust.

* Mary M | LA | (07/05/2018)

I have been a devout Catholic all my life. I woke up one day to realize that things were upside down in my life. My husband of 11 years left me, I lost my job, the bank took my car. I contacted Phelan, he did some work, sent me some candles, and oil. At first, I was lazy about using the items, when I got serious and started using the ritual tools things turned around. The one piece of advice that I would part to another, listen to Phelan, and use the ritual tools.

* John K | NC | (07/01/2018)

Phelan reunited me and my wife. I tried this other witch for 18 months with no results. I started with Phelan 4 months ago, and we are now 100% back together.

* Eileen | NY | (04/07/2018)

My partner took all our money and emptied our bank accounts. He disappeared, no one could find, I contacted Phelan and he consulted his guides and told me where to look, he was there, I got some of the money back. 

* Beverly | Colorado Springs | (04/13/2018)

My sister tore our lives apart, broke me and my husband up. She was blatant in what she was doing, she never tried to hide the fact that she was putting the evil eye on us. I could never find help until I found Phelan. 

* Sean | Auburn | (04/15/2018)

My partner and I had been apart for 11 years. I went to witch, warlocks, voodoo queens, none helped. I met Phelan through a friend and he  helped us come back together. 

* Danny | Colorado |(11/29/2017)

I went to a Witch in New Orleans and asked her help of bringing my wife back to me. She charged me $8000.00 and I never saw the first sign that my wife would be back, in fact things went from bad to worse. When I went back to the New Orleans Witch, she demanded more money and threatened to tell my wife if I failed to give her the money. I contacted Phelan went head to head with this woman, she backed off. I asked Phelan to help me, he charged me $650.00 for the Kundalini binding. I all so asked him to do a Chakra cleaning a psychic protection, he did those things for me for another $650.00, in all I paid him $1300.00. My wife is home, I have a new job and we just found out that are expecting ... more...

* Jeremy | Dallas Tx | (11/28/2017)

My wife left me for another man. I found Phelan and decided to ask for his help to bring her home. My relationship was less than perfect, but I still love my wife. We were apart seven months and she returned. Our relationship with Phelan's help is so much better.

* Max | Seattle | (11/28/2017)

I am gay and I had looked and looked for honest help. My boyfriend was taken away from me by a younger guy. I tried telling him that he was being used, he would not listen. I tried several other spell weavers and none of them helped, only made fake promises. I approached Phelan through his website. I read thoroughly his website and then decided to contact him. He was clear that he made no promises or predicted time frames and that I must be prepared to be patient.

* Jorge | California | (11/25/2017)

I am a gambler, I had Phelan cast a gambling money ritual for me. He also did a reading on my numbers, that way I would know which ones to play. The 3rd week I won $15,000.00 on a scratch off ticket, the ticket cost me $5.00 and Phelan's fee of $495.00. A small price to pay for real help. 

* Martha | Kansas City | (11/22/2017)

My finances were a wreck. I went to one practitioner and she charged me $3500.00 and promised results in 3 days. On the 3rd day I went back and she said she needed another $5000.00 to make the spell work. I took all this money from my savings account. Luckily, I met Phelan and he explained to me that I had been a victim of bait and switch. I was hurt and mad, I went back to the Lady and her store was closed and she had moved. I said some unkind things about her on the internet and suddenly my situation went from bad to worse. I called Phelan and he advised just letting it go. he put a protection and shielding ritual around me, he blocked her attacks. This woman's vicious attacks cost me my j ... more...

* Scott | Arizona | 11/26/2017)

My life was in shambles, wife left me, took all the money from the bank. Her mother practice's black magic, she never approved of our relationship. Three weeks after my 33rd birthday I was in a severe car wreck. When I went to the junkyard to collect my belongings I discover a little red satin bag filled with crystals and clippings of my hair. I turned to Phelan and he did several rituals for me. He blocked her magic, stopped her interference in my relationship and put a circle of light protection around me. I am now back with my wife, we moved several states from her mother and we won't tell her where we live. I will go back to Phelan for future help.

* Adrian | Temple | (11/21/2017)

I went  to several psychics, witchs and healers over the year. None of these people could help me. I finally found Phelan and with his guidance and magic, he was able to bring my husband back. It was a long road, but my husband and I are now back together. Forever in your debt. Thank you Phelan.

* Ted | Oklahoma | (11/07/2017)

Our sold called friends worked from a place of envy to attack us and split us apart. I enlisted the services of Phelan, the one thing he taught me is that if all is going well and suddenly turns sour, something is wrong and you need to pay attention to the warning signs. There were plenty of warning signs, I ignored them and it nearly cost me my relationship. Thank you Phelan for helping us combat the psychic attacks.

* Andrew | FLA | (10/14/2017)

My mother in law  practices black magic. She made it her lives works to tear mine and my wifes relationship apart. She was successful, Phelan was successful in bring us back together and stopping her in her tracks. Thank you Phelan.

* Don | NC | (03/22/2017)

My wife left me for a younger man, she didn't just leave me, she left our two kids, which was totally unlike her. I went to psychics and every individual that said they could help and none never helped, not in the least! I found you through a friend that I work with, he said that you helped him and his wife and could help me. I contacted you, told you my story and you told me that I needed a kundalini ritual and a break up ritual to remove the younger man, you also did a series of healing rituals to help heal our relationship. I will never forget your help!

* Chad | FLA | (03/16/2017)

I contacted you in December of 2015, you started working on my case to reunite me and my wife. I wanted to let you know that we are back together. The other witch that I was working with never accomplished anything. I listened to what you instructed and things came back together as I wanted them to. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

* Elly | TX | (03/15/2017)

Last year in February I came to your site looking for help in reuniting with my husband. Prior to seeking your help I went to many others, they all promised fast results, they guaranteed results and of course nothing ever happened. I found you and asked for your help, you reviewed my case and decided to accept me as a client. You made no promises and you were very clear about that and that was even posted to your website. I wanted to let you know that this past July I reunited with my Husband. It was bad before I met you and as you worked your magic and I relaxed it gradually got better. Thank you Phelan.

* Marcus | MS | (01/01/2017)

My boyfriend of seven years up and left while I was working one day, no notice, no goodbye, nothing. Our relationship had been strained because he wouldn’t come out as a gay man and I wanted a family, a real family. Phelan worked with me to create love and understanding between him and his parents, they accepted him, they accepted me, in turn my boyfriend could open up his heart and let me back in and I am glad that he did. We are planning to adopt soon

* Gin | California | (01/01/2017)

My husband left for a younger woman. We had 3 kids and two mortgages and I guess the grass was greener on the other side. When I consulted with Phelan he discovered that someone was using black magic over my man, he removed the curse and within a few days my man was home. Phelan is awesome!

* Karen | Atlanta | (01/01/2017)

My family and I started experiencing psychic attack right after we moved to a new home, it was horrible, I never felt a moments peace and I could tell that something was very wrong. I contacted my church and they refused to help. I was put in touch with Phelan through a good friend, I will admit I was skeptical. We had a 45-minute phone call, at the end of the call Phelan told me exactly what he needed to do, what he needed me to do and within a few weeks we had peace and love back in our home. The dreaded being that lived there was gone. Phelan is the real deal and I will never use anyone else for help.

* Joe | Miami | (01/01/2017)

My wife and I had been estranged since 2013. I tried a number pf practitioners on the internet to get help. I found Phelan’s site on the back page of a Miami Newspaper and decided to give him a call, he didn’t answer, but his voicemail led me to setting up an account on his website. I started working with him in early 2015 and I am glad that I did. My wife is back at home, we are in counseling. She told me that she started having dreams of me and couldn’t get my image out of her mind, before that she had wished me dead, the dreams started after Phelan completed his work. Thank you, Phelan, for all your hard work for me.

* Carl | Florida | (11/30/2016)

You started working with me in 2011, from the beginning I wasn’t willing to be patient, and I pushed very hard trying to make my wife come back to me. You warned me that If I didn’t stop my behavior that you would drop me as a client. I didn’t believe you, honestly, I believed that you only cared about the money I paid you, and boy was I wrong! You dropped me as a client, you told me to contact you again after I grew up some. Two years passed, and I finally worked my nerve up to contact you again, by this time it is 2013, my wife, and I had been apart since 09. You started working with me again, you told me not to expect too much, because me, and my wife had no communicat ... more...

* Ryan | Rhode Island | (11/28/2016)

Phelan, I came to you in 2002, my wife and I had been separated at that time for a very longtime. From the time, you started working with me I got myself into all kinds of trouble, excessive drinking, and drug use landed me in jail. You were a very stern force in my life, you told me out right that if I didn’t pull it together that you would drop me as a client. I decided to listen to you, and I pulled myself together. I just wanted to stop by, and wish you, and your family a merry yule. As you know Wanda, and I reunited in 2005. We are still together, and I am happy that I have remained one of your success stories. I will be coming to you for help with my 2017 prosperity. Thanks aga ... more...

* Colby | South Florida | (11/01/2016)

My wife was seduced by a younger man, she was 28, he was 18. Come to find out this young boy had a history of seducing older women, taking their money, and leaving them out in the cold. I found out that he was part of a group in South Florida. The group practiced voodoo and would often send their younger members out to find victims for them to prey on. Once I found out I decided to confront the group, and that was a huge mistake. I was attacked on all levels, my car was vandalized, I lost my job because of people showing up causing problems. I couldn’t sleep at night, something would attack me in my sleep, I would wake with long scratches up and down my arms. Phelan, and his cove ... more...

* Lena | Maryland | (10/31/2016)

For many years I lived a life of luxury, I gave back to my community, I supported many causes. I helped build a few houses for the homeless. I guess I must have been blind to what was in front of me the entire time, jealous, envious people! I fell victim to their insults, they slandered my good name, stole from me. Soon, I was in no better shape than some of the people I had helped over the years. With the help of Phelan I am back on my feet, and I am being careful with the steps that I am taking. I will always help people, because that is just who I am, but I will never allow myself to be victimized again. Phelan, I am grateful to you for the protection ritual, and for the prosperity sp ... more...

* Audrey | Mass | (10/31/2016)

My girlfriend of 12 years left me. She said that she was just no longer attracted to me, and then I discover that was a lie. She left me because of all the interference from her mother, and sisters. They never liked me, and would go out of their way to attack me in the smallest of ways. I contacted Phelan, he worked his magic for me, which consisted of a reuniting ritual, and rituals to block, and to stop the interference. My girlfriend and I are now back together. Phelan, I couldn’t have done this without you.

* Shiela | Texas | (10/30/2016)

My husband left me for another woman, the woman worked for us cleaning our home twice a week. One day I caught her in our bathroom, she had my hairbrush, and she was taking hair from it, when I asked her what she was doing she said cleaning the brush. A few days later several of my clothing items went missing, and a week later my husband left me and moved in with her. I called, and consulted everyone I could find on the internet. I spent thousands of dollars, and never saw the slightest change or glimmer of hope. I found Phelan through an ad in a local newspaper, I reluctantly called, left a message. A day or two went by and I had not heard from him, so I went to his website, signed up f ... more...

* Maurice | TN | (10/22/2016)

I was attacked viciously by coworkers, both of them practiced black magic, and used little dolls in their work. I found one of the dolls on the front seat of my car, I wrecked it the following week. My wife left me, my own mother and father wanted nothing to do with me, they took strangers words over mine. I found Phelan through a friend of mine that lived out of state. I called and left a message, I then went to his web address and sent him an email. We chatted through email, and by the end of our conversation he had agreed to take my case, I immediately felt relieved. Over the next few months I started noticing  small change, and then the day came that both of my coworkers were f ... more...

* Edgar | Orleans | (10/15/2016)

Phelan, it has been a very longtime since I have communicated with you. I originally contacted you in late 2011. At that time my wife, and I had broken apart. Our relationship had been destroyed by black magic, her mother used her evil ways against us. Living in Orleans, well, you can say that I knew that magic existed, but I was still skeptical. I will admit that I did things that angered her mother, but the force in which she retaliated against me was unbearable! I was suicidal many times, I slit my wrist, I put a gun in my mouth pulled the trigger and it misfired, that is when I figured out that it was not my time to go. I contacted you, and in 2011 you told me that reunit ... more...

* James | Arizona | (08/30/2016)

Phelan, A BIG thank you to you, my friend! Connie contacted me recently and told me she doesn't want to be without me and that she'll do whatever it takes to insure that we make it. I have included a testimonial below that I hope you will add to your client testimonials; for anonymity sake I used my middle name instead of my first name and thank you again for accepting me as a client: I sought Phelan’s help after my girlfriend left me in April of this past year. Up until the breakup I thought we had a solid relationship, but my girlfriend thought otherwise and just before the break she became very distant. Once she told me of her decision to leave, like a dope I lost my coo ... more...

* Kenneth | Atlantic City | (07/13/2016)

My finances were really bad. I was down on my luck, and I decided to look into spell casting to change things, I bought a book, followed instructions, and everything that could go wrong went wrong! My friend told me of Phelan, he said that Phelan made him a sterling silver amulet, he wears the amulet when gambling, and he has won big money. I decided to give Phelan a try, and soon after his work was completed I started seeing immediate improvement, I contacted Phelan, and he said take baby steps, that my luck was just in the process of turning. I use the amulet for money, and the amulet for protection religiously, and while I will not divulge the amount of money that I have won, I ... more...

* Tina | Colorado | (07/15/2016

I have two wonderful children, 10, and 12. My husband left me for a younger woman, he bought her a car. he pays her rent, he paid to put furniture in the place. In the beginning he was living at home, and would just disappear for a few days, it killed me because I knew he was with her. I felt powerless, it was as if the life was drained from my body. Phelan helped me get on track, he insisted that I make myself, and sons a priority. He worked very hard to reunite me with my husband, and we successfully reunited, he removed the other woman, she is totally gone, I am not sure what Phelan did, but she packed her bags and left town. Thank you Mr. Phelan for your powerful, and help.

* Susie | Florida | (07/11/2016)

Phelan reunited me with my husband, we were separated five years, with no communication, he blocked me on facebook, changed his phone number, and his job. I used a psychic that asked for ten thousand dollars, and when I told her that I couldn't afford her services she told me that I angered her Gods, and that I would pay with great loss. The two years that followed I lost everything, and everyone I cared for her. Phelan was introduced to me in March of 2013, the first steps that we took was a psychic shielding. Once he was confident that I was well protected he started working to reunite me with my husband, and he didn't charge me ten thousand dollars.  My husband, and I reu ... more...

* Morris | TN | (07/08/2016)

My wife left me for another man, the man, and is family practices black magic, they clearly used is to sway my wife away from me, and her family. She cut ties with her mother, and her sister, she left me, and our kids. Phelan, used her picture to tune into her energy, he said he saw a shell of a person that once was. I was terrified that we lost her, in his talks through email with me, he explained that I needed to focus on the person that once was, and I need to beckon her back with love. He also stressed that patience was a key player in getting her back, I resisted at first, but he asked me a question,  when you go to a doctor for your health, do you listen to him, and foll ... more...

* Jackson | Texas | (07/07/2016)

I am a professional psychic, and back in the 80s I worked Phelan's Psychic Fairs. Phelan is very picky, and I went through an extensive interview, and many test readings with him, and his spokesperson. I was surprised when he offered me a booth at his events, I traveled with him to all of the cities that he promoted his events in. During my travels I met a young guy, and when I introduced him to Phelan, Phelan pulled me to the side, and told me that we needed to talk. Phelan, warned me not to get involved with Mark, I failed to listen to him, and as a result I have felt the wrath of a very vindictive, and vicious man. Mark, went from my one true love, to my worst nightmare. I had ... more...

* Tammy | Cartersville | (07/05/2016)

My life was turned upside down, I lost my husband, I became depressed, couldn't eat, sleep, and that led to the loss of my job. My man left me for another man, a woman I could have dealt with, and please do not get me wrong, I have nothing against gay people, my brother is gay, and I love him dearly, there was nothing to accept, he is my brother, he is gay, so what? I just couldn't help but feel like an epic failure, I felt horrible, I felt that there was something wrong with me that turned my husband gay. I came to Phelan looking for help, looking to understand, and I discovered that Phelan was gay, I talked to Phelan in ways I could never speak with my brother. I came to realize ... more...

* Jack | Georgia | (05/27/2016)

My wife passed away after 20 years of marriage. I was having a miserable time trying to meet women, most of the women I met was only wanting money. I contacted Phelan and asked for his help. He did a ritual for me to bring true love into my life, he sent me a love root bag, a bath to attract women and a candle that I burnt for a seven day period. Soon after the rituals were completed I started getting email from average looking,  normal women. None of them ask for money, they were like me, they were looking for companionship, and love. I fell in love with a lady named Becky, as it turned out she confided in me that she was seeing a psychic looking for help to find a lover, th ... more...

* Summer | NY | (05/27/2016)

I was apart from my lover for six years, and 9 months. Going into year seven I contacted Phelan and asked for his help in bringing my man home. Phelan accepted my case and he performed the Kundalini Binding to reunite us, and a breakup ritual to remove the woman in my way. I also purchased an amulet, cleansing bath, love candle and oil from him. Not only did he remove the woman, he reunited us stronger, and better than before. I know without your help Phelan that we would have never reconnected. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.