My Clients

* Sander | Florida (09/06/2013)

My finances were a mess and my income was practically at a zero level. Phelan made me an amulet and cast a money spell for me, he sent me several empowered candles, I followed his advice and took his guidance very seriously and within a matter of a month everything turned around, I sold a property that had been on the market for three years with no offers and discovered that I was a recipient of an inheritance from my aunt who passed away the previous year, this was absolutely remarkable, my aunt hated me and hadn't spoke to me in years, I discovered something wonderful through Phelan and that is that all things are possible through the use of positive magic!

* Crissy | N. Carolina (09/05/2013)

My life was turned upside down when my best friend decided to steal my husband, she was always kind of loose, but she and I were like sisters and I would never have guessed that she would do something so horrible to me. I am a practicing witch and so is she, we belonged to the same coven, while I am skilled in spiritual circles, I am not skilled in magic the way that she is, so she had me at a disadvantage. I met Phelan one year while visiting his group at Hallowmas, his circles are normally closed so this was an honor. I contacted him and explained my problem, he went to work almost immediately, he returned my man and removed the harlot from our lives, Phelan is a very powerful whi ... more...

* Steven D | Ohio (09/05/2013)

My wife and I separated five years ago. I tried to move on and just couldn't. I tried reaching out to her and she would block my calls, she moved and wouldn't tell me where she was living, she eventually changed her number, email and social media accounts, another words I was cutoff and felt hopeless. Phelan took me on as a client in 2011, I was a mental basket case, emotionally I was wrecked and I did everything I could to sabotage myself, my behavior was erratic and I was on a path to self destruction! Phelan was tough on me, I am a grown man and he made me cry several times, I remember thinking that he was an asshole, today I am glad he was tough on me, my wife is back at home an ... more...

* Robert A | TN (09/04/2013)

My fiance broke up with me, she was convinced that I cheated on her, a psychic told her that I did and she believed her, the psychic took a lot of money from her. This psychic was very dishonest and demanding, she had her believing all sorts of nasty things about me and when my lady refused to pay additional money she became irate and threatened her! Phelan intervened and stopped everything before it could escalate further and he helped bring my lover back to me. I can honestly say that I have never cheated and never will and my girlfriend said that she was through with readings forever, like I told her getting a reading is fine as long as the reader is ethical and Phelan is beyond ... more...

* Marty Q | South Carolina (09/03/2013)

I never believed in the practice of any type of magic, I have always been very religious, my entire life has been wrapped up in the church. In may of last year I started experiencing weird and somewhat scary events in my home. I went to several witches and no one was able to help me and my family. Doors would slam in the middle of the night, appliances would start without anyone touching them, dining room chairs would slide across the floor, my wallet was stolen from my table side bed and my wife would become violently ill and so would my children. My friend suggested Phelan's website to me, I visited the site and started reading, soon I realized that this man was for real and a p ... more...

* Nicole | California (09/01/2013)

I am very happy with the Candle Magic class that I took, I feel like I have the basis to develop my own rituals, I love the formulas that you gave me for love and money incense, I also use the uncrossing and thanksgiving incense as well. Phelan thanks for being so ethical and caring and a great teacher.

* Carla | Atlanta (08/29/2013)

I live in Atlanta and have tried numerous psychics for readings, the insight that they would give me has never lived up to the quality of information that Phelan channels. I was attacked by a psychic that became angry at me because I no longer contacted her, I am not sure exactly how much bad luck she sent my way, I know it was a lot and I also know that Phelan stopped the attacks and put her in her place.  Best regards to you and yours Phelan.

* Henry L | Texas (08/29/2013)

My boyfriend of five years turned away from me without just cause. I found out that one of the guys that he worked with is a practicing witch and not a good one! This guy cast several black magic spells on me, I felt sick all of the time, I would wake from a deep sleep to scratches all over my body, my car was stolen, my house vandalized, communication between me and my partner became non-existent! Phelan made all of the negativity stop, he worked in my favor for months, he stood beside me, he answered endless email from me and refused to allow me to wallow in self-pity. My partner returned home to me, the other guy is out of the picture, he sent me an email and ask me to call off ... more...

* Ruby | Alabama (08/27/2013)

My husband and I split up because of all the interference in our relationship. His family and coworkers were constantly telling him to leave me, his mother was the biggest contributor to our problems together! That old lady would meddle and call my house in the middle of the night at 4:00 in the morning and hang up. She called my job and made false accusations which led to my dismissal. Phelan helped to rid her from my life and he brought my husband back to me, in all it took eight months for things to work, this was impart to my inability to let bygones be bygones and allow my magical process time to work. Phelan saved my life, I will always be in his debt!

* Rose | Memphis (06/13/2013)

I became a client in 2010. I originally came to you because I was in debt, you helped me with that. I played blackjack religiously, lost religiously too! You made me a special mojo that I wear when I play, and now I make a few thousand dollars a week, which is more than I can make working 80 hours. In late 2011 my husband left me, his mom is heavy into black magic and she told me that she did a spell to split us apart. Phelan removed her spell and protected our relationship from her, my man is back at home and we are happy, his mom is no longer in our life and while this saddens me for my husband, I am glad that I was his choice!

* Taisha | Florida (06/07/2013)

My man was giving all his money to booze, drugs and gambling! We were behind on everything, my car was taken by the bank, the house was about to go into foreclosure. My family was sinking fast and even though I go to church they refused to help me. I turned to the internet looking for a solution and I found Phelan, he did several spells to break my man of his bad habits! He also did some prosperity spells for me and money started coming in from an unexpected source, I saved my house and got my car back, my man is off the dope and bottle and he stopped gambling! Great work Phelan.

* Martin | Carolina (06/03/2013)

My boyfriend left me, we were together 8 years. He started hanging around with a new guy from his job, this man was very unattractive, crude and rude! Come to find out he wasn't even gay, he just went after older guys for their money, he actually had a wife and three kids. Things between me and this guy got really heated and that caused an even larger wedge between me and my lover. I sought help from so many psychics and sadly nothing changed. One day I was at my sister's house and she was talking about a man she met at a psychic fair in Carolina, she said that he was more than a psychic and he had helped her in numerous ways. I asked for his name and number and as you may have gu ... more...

* Travis | Arizona (06/01/2013)

My life was turned upside down when my wife just up and left me! I tried to reason with her, I called her, she refused my calls. Soon after she left I started finding dead cats on my doorstep, the eerie part was that they were all black, and they were placed there three days in a row! I contacted so many witch's and none of them helped me and when I was just about to give up hope, a friend turned me on to Phelan. Phelan confirmed what I already feared, there were dark forces at work against me and my family. I started getting sick, I would have unexplainable violent outburst, my own family started turning away from me! Without the help of Phelan I would have ... more...

* Wendy | Texas (05/03/2013)

My husband left me for another woman, to make things more painful that other woman was my sister. My sister had always lived to destroy my life, we did not grow up together, and we were never close, my husband heard me talk about her, but, he never met her, or even caught a glimpse of a picture of her, because I had none! Imagine my surprise the day that I ran into them having lunch at the mall. She is a witch, she practices wicca, and she told me face to face in front of him that she would destroy me, and anyone who got in her way! My husband was freaked out at the thought of being with my sister and not realizing who she was, he asked to come home, I allowed him back. Several days after ... more...

* Dave | Carolina (05/02/2013)

Over the years I have compiled a very nice collection of custom amulets that Phelan has made and designed for me. I have a threefold talisman that he made me last year that I wear for health, wealth, and love, the talisman has brought so much success my way that I had one made as a gift for a sibling. Phelan I will be in touch very soon, I have a film project that I am working on that I wish to get your input, and help with.

* Ricky | Canada (05/01/2013)

My boyfriend left me after we returned from our vacation in 2007. I worked with this woman who was trying to reunite us from 07 through 2011. Every week there was something new that developed that called for more, and more work according to her. I spent my entire life savings working with her, and once I had nothing more that I could spend she dropped me! The end of 2011 brought me to Phelan's website, a friend who knew what I was going through referred me, she had used Phelan with a lot of success, her story is worse than mine, and he helped her, so I took a leap of faith, and contacted this man. After my first talk with Phelan I cried like a baby, the reality of what had been don ... more...

* Donna | Marietta (05/01/2013)

I was under severe psychic attack. I didn't have to be told that I was under attack, because I am psychic. I give intuitive readings for a living, and while I am aware of my spirituality I know nothing of the practice of magic. Phelan performed several rituals for me, and they took effect rather fast, the attacks have stopped, and I have resumed my life not living in constant fear! I am glad to have found such a caring, and compassionate person like him to help me.

* Millie | Alabama (04/28/2013)

I play casino games for a living, years ago I was a lounge singer, and that is how I got my start with the cards. I have learned so much from reading Phelan's website, and seeking his counsel, in my opinion people should pay simply for the pleasure of speaking directly with this man when they call his phone! The past two years that I have been his client have been my most profitable, I use the techniques that he has talked about in his articles, and I have a unique money amulet that he made for me, I wear it at all times when playing, and have noticed that I lose when I don't! I had some issues last year when a lady that I play cards with placed a hex on me, she gave me an elephan ... more...

* Tonya | Lafayette (04/25/2013)

My boyfriend left me for another girl, I went to a root worker, and she only made things worse with her evil ways. I found Phelan's website, and started reading his articles, I quickly realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The root worker told me that the new girl was pregnant, and that she tricked my man by putting her monthly blood in his food. This woman charged me thousands of dollars, and provided me with no help, she just kept asking me for more, and more! Phelan has never been that way with me, he has always been truthful, he is honest, and real, he is a down to earth man to talk with. If I could I would refer my friends and family to him, but, the need for discretio ... more...

* Jim | Conyers (04/23/2013)

My wife left me in 2011, the breakup seemed untimely, things were going well for us, or at least I thought they were, I had just made partner at my firm. I should have known that things would turn sour, my wife's father, and family are all heavily involved with Voodoo, and for years she stayed away from them, and as soon as our lives started going good for us they resurfaced. I will make this brief, I tried so many ways to get her home, I went to so many psychics for help that I made myself sick, and I finally found the help I needed, and his name is Phelan, and he helped reunite my family. Thank you so much Phelan!

* William | California (03/20/2013)

My wife left me in 2007. I found Phelan in 2009, he took my case, but, at first we worked on my prosperity, my finances were in the toilet, my job was hanging on by a thread, with Phelan's help we turned it all around. In 2011 Phelan created a custom talisman for me, it is made of sterling silver, he empowered it with protection, and also a love spell to bring my wife back, by the end of 2012 we were back together, none of this would be possible without his help, Phelan you have a lifetime fan in me, much love my brother!

* Emma | Wisconsin (03/17/2013)

I am a lesbian, I never had much luck in love, I was with my woman for 6 years, and she just up and left, didn't leave a note, there was no explanation at all! Phelan came into my life through a mutual friend, I am a witch, but, casting my own love spells, and doing the work necessary to bring her back was impossible, I tried and I simply made a mess of things. Phelan performed his Kundalini binding for me, he did a special gay love binding ritual, and he also did a tremendous amount of shielding and protection work for me. With his help I have reunited with my life mate, and we are happier than ever before. Thank you so very much Phelan. Blessed be

* Leslie | Florida (03/17/2013)

Leslie, My husband left me last year, there was a new girl hired at his office, she had strange tattoos, she was Cuban, and come to find out a major practitioner of voodoo, she took my husband from me through black magic! With Phelan's help we broke her curse, and we freed my husband of her negative web of deceit! I am so happy that I found Phelan when I did, I used so many other psychics that I was scared and skeptical by the time he and I connected, I rose above my skepticism and got the help that I needed! Bless you Phelan!

* Norman | Texas (03/15/2013)

I started working with Phelan in 2012, and I was a mess! Phelan kicked my butt verbally several times, until I finally woke up and realized that he was right, and I was hurting myself, and keeping my magic from manifesting, and my life from turning around! I needed help on all levels, love, my wife left me, money, I was fired, car was repossessed, house on the verge of foreclosure, I was drinking like a fish! I was eager to reunite with my wife, I realize now what Phelan meant when he told me that I was not ready for her to come home, and I am glad that she didn't come back during my time of insanity, she would have just left again! I finally listened to Phelan, my job turned aro ... more...

* Connie | Utah (02/06/2013)

I was drowning in debt, my finances were out of control, my home was upside in the mortgage, my man left me, and cut all communication off. Family, and long-term friends turned me away, I felt hopeless, and helpless, frantic!; Phelan helped to turn around my luck, he helped me to overcome those who lashed out at me, and he brought my man home to me. I know without your help Phelan my life would have been like a black hole, and swallowed me up!

* Larry | Orleans (02/05/2013)

My wife is back home with me and the kids. I owe you a huge thank you, words will never express my gratitude! You are a wonderful soul Phelan. Connie,

* Michelle | Alabama (02/01/2013)

I am so happy that I found Phelan. My husband was stolen from me in 2010, I went to countless fortune tellers, and psychics, none of them helped me. I finally found Phelan in June 2011, a friend of mine who used his services multiple times with victory referred me. Black magic was a factor in my case, my mother in law was the main player involved, she hates me! Phelan didn't make me any promises, he simply got me the results that I wanted. Thank you so much!

* Brett | California (01/22/2013)

Phelan, you and your staff are great! My wife left me in 2008, I waited to get help until 2010, and I went from one scam artist to another, I found you in March 2011. You pulled no punches, you told me not to expect miracles, and you even said straight out that you don't make guarantees, I had a feeling that with you I would need none, and so I pushed to become a client, mind you that at this point my wife had been gone 3 years, not so much a Christmas card or phone call, I wasn't sure exactly how things would come together, just knew that I needed to believe that they would. I am writing today because I decided to have the wolf moon rituals done this year, as a means of positive r ... more...

* Raymond - Arizona (12/07/2012)

My finances were a mess, my wife and I separated due to all of the tension. Her mother is a practicing witch, and not a good one. She pointed two fingers at me one day and told me that she cursed me, and cursed the ground that I walk on! She spit in my face, and summoned a demon, she told me that this demon would be my shadow forever more, and that I would never escape her curse alive, she promised to bind my spirit to my grave when I die to prevent me from moving on or going to heaven. I am a christian, I fear god, but, I fear this woman more, I have seen, and felt the things that she has done to me, and none of it has been fun! She has held my wife, and my kids from me for three ... more...

* Bobby - Seattle (12/17/2012)

My wife left me in 2008, to be exact it was Christmas Eve. I came home from work to an empty house, the furniture was there, the tree and the presents were there, but, my wife, and kids were all gone, and so were their clothes. I went to so many practitioners looking for answers, and seeking help, I spent all of 09 and 2010 going from psychic to psychic, and witch to witch. Christmas day 2011, I was alone sitting in front of the same Christmas tree, and the same presents that were under the tree the day that my wife and kids left, the tree is artificial, and I could just never bring myself to take it down, sounds pathetic, I know! I asked God for a sign, I asked for him to lead me ... more...

* Andrea - Utah (12/11/2012)

I get your newsletters, and I was so excited to see that you were offering the Yule rituals again this year, I had them done in 2009, reunited with my husband in May of 2010. I had you do the same rituals to make our connection stronger in 2011, and intend to do the same again this year, You are the bomb Phelan!

* Lila - Mass (12/03/2012)

I lost my husband of 10 years in a car accident in 2009. He was hit head on by a drunk driver, I received a very nice settlement from the insurance company, but, no amount of money could replace the love I lost the day he died! Three days after he died I found out that I was pregnant, the stress of his death almost caused the loss of our child, but, I carried my baby to full term, today he is happy and healthy, and so am I. Phelan helped me realize that my husbands death was not in vain, he gave me hope, and he helped me find a wonderful man, a man to be a husband and partner to me, and a father to my son. You a wonderful soul, and Phelan I look forward to the day that I can gi ... more...

* Ralph - NH (12/01/2012)

Phelan, I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am that you helped me. I went to so many people for help, you were my last hope, and it paid off in a huge way. My wife came back to me in April of this year, at the time you started your work we were split up for seven years. I turned a part time hobby into a business that is making my house and car payments, and keeping food on the table, that would never had happened without your help! I hope others are smart enough to listen to you, and allow you to help them, for you are my hero, and I will always hold a special thought of you close to my heart.

* Mason - N. Carolina (11/09/2012)

I was under psychic attack from my sister, and a group of her friends. She was angry at me because I spoke against her treatment of our mother in court. The truth of the matter is that we were never very close, and growing up she was heavily involved in the occult, dark forces, animal sacrifices, she would torture goldfish by poking their eyes out, and this is the woman that was suppose to be in charge of my elderly mothers care. I will be forever grateful to Phelan and the workings of his magic, I am a magical person, but, I could not withstand the attacks that cut through me like a knife cutting hot butter! Phelan stopped the attacks against me, and my family, he put himself in harms w ... more...

* Belinda - California (11/04/2012)

I came to you around this time last year. My life was a mess, my husband left me, I was broke and one paycheck from being homeless. My parents turned me away, and wouldn't speak to me, they blamed me for my husbands leaving, you would have thought that he left them! Things went from bad to worse when I lost my job, and while I had always been in love with my husband in spite of his cruel treatment, with my job went my ability to ignore my feelings for him and I felt like I was going crazy. My husband and I divorced in 09, and I arrived at your website in October 2011. I tried to get help before finding Phelan to stop the divorce and it failed, when the divorce went through I thought for su ... more...

* Brian - VA (10/23/2012)

I lost my wife to another man, my house was foreclosed on, my car repossessed, my life seemed like it was over! When my wife left me I started drinking and going to the bars to try and get laid. I went from bad to worse, I tried to talk to my wife and she would just call the cops and I would end up in jail! This seemed like the new cycle of my life, so I decided to try and get some help, and spent thousands of dollars getting psychic readings to find answers, I spent even more on casting spells with people that kept asking for more and more money! One night when I couldn't sleep I went to my local internet cafe and I am not sure how it happened, but when I opened the browser Phelan's websi ... more...

* Mary Sue - Arizona (10/16/2012)

My family and I had been attacked for years. I would ask for help from a psychic, or spiritualist and something always happened to them, they would get sick, or attacked themselves and give up! These attacks caused needless bickering throughout the family over property that belonged to us all, but, my sister was trying in every way that she could to lay claim to. I was drowning in debt, although I have money, I just couldn't keep up the pace with the demand, my husband started cheating on me with one of the women who was magically attacking us, my husband is a kind and gentle soul that comes from meager means and he would never hurt anyone, I know this about him, I have loved him for twenty ... more...

* Beth - Florida (10/12/2012)

My life was turned upside down when my girlfriend/partner left me! We had been together for 9 years, we created, and planned a future together. She left me for a man, it was almost like someone flipped a switch and made her go from lesbian to obedient female submissive to this asshole that she left me for. I started my quest to win her back in 2007, I worked with several local people who only took my money and did nothing at all for me! From 2007 until last year I spent my every waking moment and dime that I had on trying to get help. I came across Phelan through a friend of mine who had used his services for years, and she was so convincing that she alone gave me hope that Phelan could hel ... more...

* Elbert - PA (10/01/2012)

My wife left me for another guy, she said that she no longer loved me. She took my step kids, I had been their dad for five years, and while I admit to making mistakes, I always treated them well, and as if they were mine. The guy she left me for was like poison, he turned them against me, and he kept them from me, as it turns out he, and his family belonged to a cult like group, and was using black magic over my wife to make her do the things that she was doing! I went to psychics, witches, warlocks, and anyone who said they could or would help me. Phelan always kept his conversations serious, and real with me, he never promised me anything, the only thing that he did was to deliver on the ... more...

* Herschel - NY (09/27/2012)

Last year my wife met another man online, I work out of town for most of the summer, and upon my return I found the house empty, garage cleaned out, no note, not an email, text or any reason as to why she left! The only way that I found her was by filing a police report for a missing person, and reported my car stolen. It turns out that the man that she left me for was the head of a group of devil worshipers, and they got my wife hooked on drugs, it was like she was brainwashed, I couldn't talk to her, they wouldn't see, and all of our possessions had been squandered by those evil people! My car is the only thing that led to my wife, and that is because the guy she was with was driving it, ... more...

* Rodrick - Charlotte (09/26/2012)

I am very pleased to report that Mr. Phelan was able to reunite me with my lover. We have been separated for 13 months, I tried so many other peoples services and got no where! It is true what he says, you have to be patient, and for me that was hard, I kept doing everything he told me not to do, and created more trouble for myself.

* Maverick G - Texas (09/23/2012)

I started working with you in March 2012. I needed help in love, and my money was non-existent! You made a Talisman for me, I wear this thing constantly, and I have to tell you that my love life has improved, my woman has stopped cheating on me, and I am working two jobs now, instead of none! Last week I won a little over ten thousand at the tables. You are the bomb Phelan!

* F. Jones - Cartersville (09/21/2012)

Phelan helped me in a way I never thought possible. My wife and I split up seven years ago, I never thought much about how bad things were between us back then, things seemed normal enough to me. One day she was with me, the next day she was on a plane back to her hometown, and all my attempts to see, or talk to her was worthless! I started seeking magical help in 2008, I went from psychic to psychic, and witch to witch, and none of them were able to help me. I am sure a few of them actually tried their best. In January 2011 I came across Phelan at a psychic fair that I was attending, Phelan was not there, but a friend of his read my cards, and referred me to him. I thought sure, here we go ... more...

* Corey R. - Arizona (09/15/2012)

My wife left me, and our three small kids for a younger man in 2010. We wanted to build a life together, and the day of our oldest sons birthday party I came home to find her cloths gone, she took the car, I had rode the bus back, and forth to work, so that she would have the car for the kids. During this time it seems as though she was out partying with her teenage boyfriend, the guy who mowed our lawn, and took care of the pool that she wanted, but we couldn't afford. My wife, and I come from different backgrounds, my family was hardworking, penny pinching people, hers was white trash living for the minute, and forget about tomorrow. Her mother dabbled into all kinds of black magic ... more...

* Adam - Illinois (08/19/2012)

My wife left me and took our kids, my dog, and anything that weren't nailed down. I found out a few weeks later that her mother was behind everything. I tried a few other people, and I am not saying that I was scammed; I just didn't see any results. After 3 long years a friend put me in touch with Phelan, and my wife and I are now back together and my meddling mother-in-law is out of our lives.

* Tavina - Colorado (08/18/2012)

For more than a decade things have gone from good to bad, from bad to worse! I honestly never thought about seeking this type of help, I am glad that I did, Phelan you are the only one who could help me. Thank you for all your hard work.

* Brenda Sue - Alabama (08/16/2012)

My husband of seven years left me for a younger woman. It could have been a midlife crisis, which is what all my friends and my mother told me. I tried psychics, spell weavers, root workers, and no one helped me. I found Phelan on the internet, I was afraid that he wouldn't take my case, he did, and I am so happy to report that my husband and I are back together, and those who interfered with us are gone! Thank you, Phelan.

* Boris - Carolina (08/16/2012)

Phelan, I just wanted to say thank your for the talisman and pentacle of protection that you made and sent to me last year. My life was on a downward spiral in a huge way and with your help we turned it all around. My wife and I are closer, my finances have improved and the attacks against me have stopped completely! I plan to have some additional work done during the Harvest Moon, this is around the time that you accepted me as your client last year and I just feel the need to have some more work done.

* Kristopher Q - Florida (08/11/2012)

I am a gambler and I have tried so many different things to manifest money. Last year, Phelan made me a custom talisman, in the form of a money clip, he also did several money and prosperity rituals for me and empowered the talisman to draw money my way. Before having the spells cast and talisman made, my luck was shitty! I could never win enough and it was hard for me to breakeven. After receiving my special money clip, Phelan coached me several times over the phone. The techniques alone helped and with my lucky talisman holding the money I would bet, it didn't take long at all before I started winning and I am pleased as punch with the outcome of the work and ethical approach that ... more...

* Freddy - Silver Springs (08/12/2012)

I was being attacked by many different spirits. I went to many psychic people, just to be told that I needed to pay more and more money to rid myself of these demons. Phelan was recommended by my friend. I called Phelan and left several voice messages, he was slow in getting back to me, but, he did call me back and now I understand why it took him a little extra time, Phelan has a lot of clients that he is helping. This one particular spirit that would appear and attack me, would just appear from out of no where, it was very vicious. Phelan was the only one that I described the attacks to that was able to tell me what it was, it is herpes and it looks like a bird-woman. Phelan you wer ... more...

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.