* Phillip | California | (12/06/2015)

I broke up with my boyfriend over a stupid argument. We were together 10 years and had other arguments way more serious and never broke up. After he moved out I found out that he was living with a younger guy, the guy was into all kinds of drugs and drinking. I went to a spiritualist in town and she waved a feather around and chanted, rubbed me with an egg and then told me that we were not meant to be together and charged me a thousand dollars. I found Phelan online and was surprised to learn that he was gay himself and that put me at ease, knowing he could somehow relate to me and my story. With his help I have now reunited with my boyfriend, soon to be husband. Thank you Phelan for the help you gave me and for always knowing what to do and say to keep me calm and focused, without you I know there would be no Andre and me. Your friend for life.

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