When it comes to uncrossing and cleansing an aura; there are two areas that I diligently pay attention to and that is love and money, for both aspects are highly provocative and emotionally charged subjects for the client who is dealing with the difficult issues that often accompany both forms of energy.

Those of you who are working to unite with or reunite with a lover are especially in need of an aura cleansing and uncrossing periodically, in most cases I encourage my clients to cleanse their aura once every six months; otherwise, the negativity of the situation will re-manifest itself throwing up invisible blockages in the path of the desired goal or result from a spell casting or ritual weaving; therefore, if you are experiencing difficulty staying focused on your goals chances are your personal energy field has become clogged with invisible psychic debris, and the best course of action would be to have it cleared away through the process of an aura cleansing and uncrossing.

Why cleanse your aura?

1. Because you want to attract positive people and situations into your life, rather than negative ones. You are born with a "clean" aura, but over time, it becomes "dirty," this is due to various negative factors in your environment (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual). When this happens, you attract negative energy, instead of positive energy.

2. Because if you are working to try to reconnect with a lover, having an aura cleansing done periodically will greatly improve the flow of your magic and enhance your chances of manifesting your desire to reunite with the one that you love!

3. Because if you are trying to attract a new lover into your life having an aura cleansing done will help remove negative impressions from past relationship experiences from your energy field, and enhance the opportunity for mister or miss right to flow through to you, an aura cleansing will help fine-tune your love magnet.

4. Because money and prosperity are important to the overall quality of your physical life, specifically the lack there of will cause all kinds of negative energy to manifest within your personal energy field, dispelling that energy will not only improve the flow of your life-force, but will improve the overall flow of your personal prosperity making it easier for money and new opportunities to flow through to you, such as the ability to start a new business or become gainfully employed.

5. Because your physical health will determine the longevity of your life force, and having a healthy mind, body, and emotional stability feeds the spirit and increases awareness of your true self, allowing you to work through your life lessons with ease and allowing clean, clear, and precise decisions that will only incur positive karma, your health is important to the free flowing energy of your life force and walking around with psychic debris in your aura will impede your spiritual development.

There are many reasons as to why we should cleanse our aura, clearing away the psychic debris will improve the overall flow of our energy and lend greater strength to our life goals and to our magic, we are magical beings, we are sentient beings, it is by nature’s law that we have been granted with the ability to feel deeply on an emotional level, through the process of clearing away the psychic debris we can become even more in tune with our sentient selves, and greatly improve the quality of our life force.

Take Action Today!

If you are having a hard time with things whether it is with your love life, or prosperity, and feel that you can benefit from having your aura cleansed please feel free to place your request today and I will work with you in anyway possible. The only thing that procrastination does for us is to prolong our agony, take action today and take control over the flow of your sentient being by ordering your aura cleansing now!


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