kundalini binding package The Kundalini Binding is a Reuniting Ritual that I perfected more than twenty years ago to assist my clients who are in need of reuniting with their lover, this is a very powerful ritual that has been known to produce phenomenal results.

This ritual is unique to malewitch.com, over the years other websites and practitioners have copied the written content of my website trying to model themselves after me, while they can take the text and dishonestly place it on their websites, they cannot perfect the ritual, as I have never trained anyone to conduct this ritual, this is a ritual that I designed from start to finish, while there are rituals that work with the Kundalini energy, you will not find this ritual in any how-to books, nor can you conduct this ritual for yourself and while I give a general description of the ritual on my website to familiarize my clients with the process, I do not divulge the intricate workings of the ritual, there are aspects of this ritual that I do not discuss with anyone, ritualistic secrets that I closely guard.

The Kundalini Binding is a method of magic that is performed in several steps, which I have outlined below. Through this magical process, we can reunite you with your lover and remove the one causing interference, if the one you love has been captivated by someone new the Kundalini Binding will help peacefully remove that individual and return the one you love home to you without a negative backlash or incurring any negative Karma. Each step outlined below is a very important process that makes up the whole of the Kundalini Binding Reuniting Ritual.

Each individual situation is unique and must be fine-tuned, while I am working and casting spells on your behalf I suggest that you put forth as much positive energy into manifesting your overall goals that you can, this can be done through simple meditation, visualization, or the lighting of candles and the burning of incense, whatever technique that you prefer to use; the main thing is for you to get focused on your desires and allow the energy to flow without obsessing over the one that you love, if you are obsessed it is not pure love, it is about control, so please keep that in mind!

Cleansing and Uncrossing: A cleansing and uncrossing is necessary in order to remove the negative energy that has manifested in the flow of your love energy, if your desire is to reunite with a lover the cleansing process is conducted in such a way as to remove the negative blocks between the two of you, the initial cleansing will be conducted over a thirteen-day period and we will focus on removing blocks in the area of communication, love, prosperity as well as the physical attributes of the relationship, such as the sexual desire and attraction.

Kundalini Binding Ritual: The Kundalini deals with base energy; however, I have taken it a step further and developed a ritual in which we focus on the Sexual and Spiritual aspects of the two people that we are working to unite or reunite. The Kundalini Ritual will build and strengthen the sexual desire, and the need for the one you love to connect or reconnect with you in both, a sexual and spiritual way and it will take away the sexual desire that has developed between your lover and the person that intruded upon your relationship (The person that he or she is currently with), returning your lovers focus unto you leading to a successful reunification of you and your lover.

Love Spell Casting: This is a binding of energies between two people that focuses heavily on the emotional and mental aspects of the relationship, building and rebuilding the love energy and desire, and getting the communication flowing effectively once again, communication is a key element in the reuniting process, and a love spell can also be used for the purpose of attracting someone new into your life for the first time. Love spells are serious business and should be treated with respect; always enter any magical process with a positive mindset and with the highest good in heart and mind for all involved.

After you place your order please log in to your profile on www.malewitch.com and provide me with a written request that outlines your needs, desires, and goals for your relationship, please provide names, birth dates of you and your lover and any information that you may have in reference to the one who has trespassed against your relationship, I understand that you may not have intimate details such as date of birth and I can work around that by tapping into the connection between your lover and the one he or she is involved with, energy patterns are much like fingerprints and can be psychically tapped into and traced. I look forward to working with you.

Light and Love, Phelan


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