Hallowmas Circle Blessing

In the shadowed embrace of this sacred night, Where the veil between worlds grows thin and light, In the circle of witches gathered here, May blessings abound, both far and near.

Under the moon's enchanting glow, Where ancient wisdom starts to flow, In this Witch's Hallowmas Ritual space, May peace and love find their rightful place.

May your cauldrons bubble with potent brew, Filled with magic, both old and new, May your spells be cast with purpose and care, Guided by the moon, the stars, and the air.

May the spirits of the earth and sky, In this ritual circle, draw nigh, Bless each witch with power and might, To manifest dreams on this Hallowmas night.

In this sacred space, where spirits dance, May you find guidance, joy, and a second chance, Blessings upon you, witches dear, In this Witch's Hallowmas Ritual Circle, have no fear.

As you weave your spells and chant your rhyme, May you be blessed for all of time, Under the moon, so bright and clear, Blessed be this circle, witches, hear!

So mote it be, in love and trust, Blessings to you, both kind and just, In this Witch's Hallowmas Ritual grand, May you find peace and understanding.

Blessings to the north, south, east, and west, In this sacred circle, may you be blessed, On this Hallowmas night, under the moon's grace, Blessed be this circle, a magical place.


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