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This ritual will be invoked to call upon your Guardians of Protection; we will call upon them and ask for their divine guidance and spiritual wisdom in aiding you with your Relationship, restoring peace and harmony to your home, and protecting you and the one you love at home, and away from home.

We will invoke the Guardians Of Protection to hold at bay and remove the intruders that prey upon and psychically feed off your energy and your lover's energy, causing undue strife and strain on your Relationship and often resulting in separation and keeping you and the one that you love apart!

Invoking your Guardians of Protection shouldn't be taken lightly; showing gratitude by rising above the pettiness of bickering and arguing with the one you love. Your intruder is a step in the right direction.

The Guardians Of Protection have a fierce sense of responsibility to shield and block all who would trespass against their charge in life; while we are invoking the Guardians of Protection to protect your Relationship, your Guardians will keep a watchful eye over other aspects of your life, and will help you keep the wolves away from the door!

I need a written request that tells me what you have been experiencing and going through; name your intruders if you know their names; if you don't, that is alright, as your Guardians will see the intent of those around you and will dispatch them as necessary.

Do not take this ritual lightly. If you are working to reunite with a lover or experience interference in your business relationships, personal relationships invoking your Guardians will help bring closure to the chaos in your life! If you are having issues of darkness in your life, if you can't keep a lover, hold a job, or have an unexplainable illness, ask for help from your Guardians of Protection, and don't procrastinate!

Protect my Relationship and the people I love. Protect my Wealth and Prosperity!

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Invoke My Guardians Of Protection N/A Feb 27th, 2024 - Mar 11th, 2024 13 Days
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