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Lady and Lord United In Love Ritual $154.95

We will call upon the Lady and Lord, and we will ask that they wield their power to unite you and your lover in the bonds of love and the cleansing power of their light! We will ask that they divinely touch both of your lives, and they bless you and the one that you love for many years to come. They place a healing circle of light around the two of you, and they allow your relationship to flourish, and to blossom for many years to come. That part of their blessing will be to bless each of you with patience and understanding, kindness, and love, and they allow abundance to bloom in your life.

This is a High-Magic ritual in which we will invoke the spirit and draw down the cone of power and tap into the soul energy between you and your lover, and this ritual will unite and reunite you and your lover on many different levels, the physical and spiritual energy will be brought into full balance. It will allow love to be the core energy that is the leading focus. I need a written request that outlines your names and birth dates and goals for your ritual; please provide the information at the time of ordering.

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Item Includes Ritual Date Duration
Rose Moon Lady and Lord United In Love Ritual N/A Jun 7th, 2020 - Jun 16th, 2020 9 Days
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