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Chaste Moon Reuniting Ritual $224.95

The February Full Moon brings about the energy of purity; this is the perfect time to perfect the connection between two lovers by creating a monogamous link between the two and removing the need for the one who is currently absent from the relationship to interact with other sexually, this ritual will encourage your lover to abstain from sexual involvement with another, thereby increasing his or her desire to reconnect with you physically and increasing his or desire on all levels to reunite with you.

Please submit a written request upon placing your order; the proposal should reflect your need for monogamy with the one that you love; a good way of remembering this would be to ask for him or her to be true to you and to forsake all other lovers, include a request for the one that you love to return to you and to be yours, pledge to return unto your lover unconditionally all of the things that you are asking of him or her, for one should never ask for more than one is willing to give!

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Chaste Moon Reuniting Ritual N/A Feb 5th, 2023 - Feb 18th, 2023 13 Days
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