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New Moon Money and Prosperity Ritual $224.95

There is no one on the planet that couldn't benefit from a sudden cash infusion when a money ritual is done money seems to flow from areas that were blocked before. During the process, I will on a Psychic level push the energy blocks through your prosperity Chakra. I will empower a bottle of Money Oil During your ritual. You will use the oil to anoint green candles to burn for future cash. If you play cards are games of chance you can rub the oil into your money hand, that would be your left hand. Do not rub the oil into the palm of your right hand, that is your spending hand. Use the first to fingers on your right hand to rub the oil into your left hand. We have minor chakras in our hands, that is something to make note of. I do not shake hands because I do not want the person to cross me, and you never know what they are thinking, they could be wishing you harm and through the shake of a hand, they accomplish their goals. 

(7 Spots And Oil)

Item Includes Ritual Date Duration
New Moon Money and Prosperity Ritual Empowered Money Oil Aug 18th, 2020 - Aug 25th, 2020 7 Days
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