Healing Circles

I have several members from a Sister-Coven visiting Thursday, and Friday evening, I have decided to hold a special healing circle each night in which they will lend their energy. If you would like your name or the name of a loved one added please send me the details via your profile outlining the healing need. Please outline your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual needs and provide names and birth dates.

Note: You may not receive a reply to your request for healing, Seth is monitoring the website and will make certain all names are forwarded to me.

Light and Love, Phelan 

Love Rituals

Lady and Lord United In Love Ritual

We will call upon the Lady and Lord, and we will ask that they wield their power to unite you and your lover in the bonds of love and the cleansing power of their light! We will ask that they divinely touch both of your lives, and they bless you and the one that you love for many years to come. They place a healing circle of light around the two of you, and they allow your relationship to flourish, and to blossom for many years to come. That part of their blessing will be to bless each of you with patience and understanding, kindness, and love, and they allow abundance to bloom in your life.

This is a High-Magic ritual in which we will invoke the spirit and draw down the cone of power and tap into the soul energy between you and your lover, and this ritual will unite and reunite you and your lover on many different levels, the physical and spiritual energy will be brought into full balance. It will allow love to be the core energy that is the leading focus. I need a written request that outlines your names and birth dates and goals for your ritual; please provide the information at the time of ordering.

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Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Rose Moon Lady and Lord United In Love Ritual N/A 06/07/2020 - 06/16/2020
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7 Chakra Binding And Heart Chakra Shielding

This ritual is open to anyone who is attempting to reunite with a lover, this is a reuniting ritual only!

This is a binding of the Seven-Chakras, and a Shielding of the Heart-Chakra, the Binding, and Shielding of the heart chakra will prevent intrusion upon your relationship and remove anyone who is interfering at this time, this ritual should not be taken lightly, like all rituals and spells it should be approached with a very serious attitude!

This is one of the most powerful reuniting rituals that you can have done this time of year, and I do, it is for severe cases that have been plagued with negativity, outside influences, and this ritual is not made available often on the website, I cannot and will not hold spots if you have to ask if this ritual is for you, it is not!

This ritual is done over a 21 day period from start to finish! During the time that this ritual is being conducted for you, you will not focus on the negative aspects of what you are dealing with, you will focus on the positive aspects of your desires.

Contact with the one you love is fine, providing that is doesn't cause you any hardship or distress, if contact with your lover causes distress, take a break and step back while your work is being done.

This ritual is open to the first 3 clients who opt for it. I have reduced the cost of this ritual to half of what I normally charge.

(3 Spots available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
7 Chakra Binding, And Heart Chakra Shielding N/A 06/04/2020 - 06/25/2020
Heart Chakra Shielding N/A 06/25/2020 - 06/28/2020
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Crone's Reuniting Ritual

Crone magic is a very old and powerful magical process and with the shift of the planetary energy, I will perform my Crone's reuniting Ritual, in addition for this ritual two Crone's from my coven will join with me lending their strength to this magical working, which will intensify the effects of the ritual and magnetized results into fruition. The Crone's Reuniting Ritual will focus heavily on removing the negative energy patterns and blocks that have developed between two lovers, which hinders a successful reunification of their combined energies. This ritual will be customized to my client's desires and wishes, upon placing your order please submit a written request via your profile that includes anyone who is interfering or meddling in your relationship, outline seven things in your relationship that you would like to improve, and tell me where you want your relationship to be three months from now, give me an idea of where you wish to be six months from now and last but not last 12 months from now, short-term goals are a very important aspect of any magical process, you may ultimately wish to marry or reunite with your lover fully and completely, but, the steps in between are significant so give it some thought and please remember that Crone's magic is not to be taken lightly, keep your thoughts pure and your heart in a loving mode! 

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Crone's Reuniting Ritual N/A 06/04/2020 - 06/11/2020
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