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Power Moon Rituals

 We are coming up on the January, New Moon. The Moons of January are important and powerful. This is not the time to procrastinate, this is the time to take action and put forth renewed energy into your desires and goals. Turn on your magnet and attract the change that you desire, you don't have to settle and you do not have to allow others to take you for granted! Take control of your life, and live the way you desire, Blessed be, Phelan


 While I am unavailable for the phone, I am answering Whatsapp Messages. My Whatsapp number is 678-918-3333. I am available on Whatsapp seven days a week. Now, if you place an order you still have to log into your profile online and provide me with names and dates of birth, and goals and desires.

Blessed be,Phelan

New Moon Rituals

Triple Goddess Of Heart, Home, Destiny!

Starting on New Moon Night, we will call upon the three phases of the Goddess. First, we will call to the Maiden so we may thrive from her youth, and she can bring our sexual attraction and appeal out within us so we may attract our lover once again.

We will then call to the Mother Goddess so that she may guide us down our trodden path so that she may guide us with her effervescent light and bless our union with unconditional love. She will cast her gaze upon our lover so that he or she will only have eyes for us and commit once and for all in a monogamous relationship.

We will invoke the Crone, she who walks in glorious light, she who will remove those who oppose us and strike them down in contempt shall they pursue their efforts to help us! She will bind us to our lover; she will grant us our heart's desire.

She is a ferocious grandmother, and she will not abide the attempts of those whose only intention is to harm us. She is our defender, and our happiness is all she cares about.

She will strike down those who stand against us, and she will restore faith, love, happiness, and romance within our lives. In solitude, in her all-powerful form, she will remove the cancerous tongue of those who speak ill-gotten gossip against us in front of her children she will stand; and she will shield and protect us, and she will grant us all that we need; today, tomorrow, and forever! Upon Summer Solstice night the three phases of the Goddess shall be felt deep and wide! 

So mote it be!

(7 sacred spots and Burning Desires Candle)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Triple Goddess Destiny Ritual Empowered Candle 01/24/2022 - 01/31/2022
Shipping Date: February 11th, 2022

Purchase Offer $324.95
Thirteen Days Wealth Ritual

This is a Thirteen Day Altar Ritual in which we will focus on strengthening your overall prosperity energy. We will work to manifest your most significant financial goals; we will work towards that new job, starting that new business, enhance your existing business.

If your goal is to purchase a new car, a new house, or to increase your influx of prosperity, we will empower your candle and chant over it for Thirteen consecutive days; we will work our mojo and raise the cone of power and release it unto the four corners of the universe manifesting your greatest desires.

(Wealth Candle Burned On Altar)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Thirteen Days Wealth Ritual Wealth Candle Burned On Altar 01/25/2022 - 02/07/2022
Shipping Date: There is no physical shipping of goods for this item.

Purchase Offer $149.95
New Moon Healing Circle

On New Moon Night, I will hold two unique healing circles with twelve of my initiates and myself. So on the night of the New Moon, I will conduct two healing processes, one at 10 P.M. and the other at Midnight.

Those who participate will be included in both circles. It is crucial to keep our energy free-flowing during this worldly pandemic; by doing so, we will help the power of your past workings to keep moving forward and manifest as desired. Don't procrastinate! Allow your heart, body, mind, and soul to heal! 

An intensive cleansing will start on the New Moon, January 31st. 

(13 Spots Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
New Moon Healing Circle N/A 01/31/2022 - 01/31/2022
Shipping Date: There is no physical shipping of goods for this item.

Purchase Offer $124.95
New Moon Sacred Love Spell And Shielding Ritual

Return my lover unto my waiting arms; my heart aches and yearns for the one that I love, unite us as one, give strength and vitality to our union, create a sacred bond between us like no other, a bond that cannot be broken by those who oppose us!

Ease my lover's mind and lighten my lover's heart, create trust and understanding between the two of us, and renew our bond. 

Shield our love with the bounty of your power and uproot those who cause chaos and unhappiness, deflect and return unto those who project unhappiness our way and join us tightly so that we may grow together and prosper!

I need names, dates of birth, long and short-term goals for your relationship; please give me the names of anyone you feel or suspect threatens your relationship.

(3 spots available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
New Moon Sacred Love Spell And Shielding Ritual Sacred Love Spell Power Ritual Amulet 01/24/2022 - 02/04/2022
New Moon Sacred Love Spell And Shielding Ritual Cleansing Sacred Love Spell Power Ritual Cleansing Bath 01/24/2022 - 01/31/2022
Shipping Date: February 11th, 2022

Purchase Offer $254.95