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       Healing and Aura Cleansing

 It is necessary to stay in balance when working with magic, one of the ways to do that is to focus on Healing and Aura Cleansing Rituals. I personally cleanse my Aura and perform Healing Rituals for myself about once every three months or so. I clean my Aura often because in my work I deal with some pretty tough and negative situations, and by cleansing my Aura it keeps me from taking on the energy of those with whom I am working to create and manifest change for. 

  Blessed be, Phelan

Triple Goddess Healing Ritual

Witches Money Jar

After adding some coins of your own place this jar discreetly by the front door of your home, the jar will act as a Money Magnet and will attract that energy to you and your home. You can also do the same thing at your place of business. Your Money Jar will undergo a 13-day Ritual where I will empower it with the needs and desires you provide me with. Do not put a cap on the Money you may receive, it is okay to be specific about your needs just keep your mind and heart open to all the Universe holds in store for you. Blessed be, Phelan

(7 Rituals and Jars Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Witches Money Jar Ritual N/A 11/14/2023 - 11/27/2023
Shipping Date: November 28th, 2023

Purchase Offer $174.95
Enchanted Money Ritual
Enchanted Money Drawing Ritual

This candle will be empowered and placed on the circle's main Altar and allowed to burn until completion. The candle will be placed in the firepit where it will be consumed by the flames and your desires will be swept into the ethers. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities that are waiting for you to grab the brass ring. Please provide me with written goals, desires, and needs. You will call forth your desires. Give me names and birth dates as well.

(3 spots and Altar Candles Rituals)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Enchanted Money Ritual N/A 11/14/2023 - 11/23/2023
Shipping Date: There is no physical shipping of goods for this item.

Purchase Offer $102.95
Triple Goddess Luna Healing With Heart Ritual

We will call upon Luna, the Triple Goddess, to Cast off any physical impairments. Reduce our stress and increase our stamina.

We will ask for purging, a cleansing, a cast-off of all that is impure within our bodies, and we will ask for the divine intervention of the Maiden, Mother, and the Crone so that we may once again become strong in body, mind, spirit, and soul.

We will seek reunification with the one you desire and love; we will ask their forgiveness for the things they perceive as trespasses against their lives. We will ask them to allow us back into their lives so that you both may heal, and we will take a vow of monogamy, and we will exclude all others from our lives that lead us astray.

We will take all that was wrong between us and make it right; we will do this with the magical strength and support of the three-fold Goddess, for what is the will of the Great Mother shall not be forsaken. So mote it be. 

(3 Spots Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Triple Goddess Luna Healing Ritual N/A 11/13/2023 - 11/20/2023
Shipping Date: There is no physical shipping of goods for this item.

Purchase Offer $174.95