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October Phone Readings

If you would like a phone reading with Phelan the second week of October, click this link, Book My Reading. When you land on the page, look to the month of September, and you will see two arrows <--- ---->; click the arrow to the right, and that will take you to the October Calendar. Look at the dates in green and select the one that fits your schedule. October is the start of the New Year for Witches, which is why I am setting aside time for the readings. There is no better month than October for a reading. I have clients worldwide. My calling plan covers most areas; it may be that you will need to be using either a landline or cellphone; I will be the one to call you; if you are not on my calling plan and would like a reading, I can give you a number that I use for incoming calls specifically for readings, and you can call in. Blessed be, Phelan

New Moon Rituals

New Moon Healing Circle

On New Moon Night, I will hold two unique healing circles with twelve of my initiates and myself. So on the night of the New Moon, I will conduct two healing processes, one at 10 P.M. and the other at Midnight.

Those who participate will be included in both circles. It is crucial to keep our energy free-flowing during this worldly pandemic; by doing so, we will help the power of your past workings to keep moving forward and manifest as desired. Don't procrastinate! Allow your heart, body, mind, and soul to heal! 

An intensive cleansing will start on the New Moon, September 25th, 2022

(13 Spots Available)

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New Moon Healing Circle N/A 09/25/2022 - 09/25/2022
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New Moon Freya Love Ritual

We will call upon the passionate energy of Freya, Lady Of Love, Mistress Of Romance, and defender of justice. This will be a 3-day intense ritual in which we will focus on asking for the assistance of the Goddess Freya, we will call upon her starting New Moon night to bring the one that you love back into your open arms and to create a whirlwind romance between the two of you, and we will beckon her help in removing intruders and seeing that justice prevails and that you prevail in your magical goals. This is a powerful ritual and must be used with care. Please provide me with names, birth dates, dreams, and desires for your relationship and the terms of anyone that you feel is a problem in your relationship. May the Blessings of Freya be yours! 

(3 Spots Available)

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New Moon Freya Love Ritual Lady Of Love, Mistress Of Romance Ritual 09/25/2022 - 09/28/2022
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