Hallowmas God Of Old Ritual

God's Of Old World Ritual

We will call upon our Ancestor's of the past and the God's of old to assist us in our hour of need, and we will ask them for their help in the darkest of our days. We will seek their help in removing the scars of the past, and we will ask for their assistance in creating a future that we desire. We will ask the God's of Old to show us the way to creating our future with the one that we love, and to light our path to happiness, and to set our feet upon a path that leads us to both a prosperous love and a prosperous life. At last, we seal our request with a Blessing received from the Crone Mother and the Elder Father. With this Ritual, we will unseal our ears and open our eyes, and we will receive the help that we need to heal ourselves and those around us. 

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