High Magic

 Whisper in your lover's ear, beckon the one that you love home into your loving arms. This ritual has had an 85% success rate, and that is on some of my toughest of cases. Whisper happy memories each and every night into their waking ear. Keep your thoughts, and your heart pure. 

Blessed be, Phelan

Talking To Spirit Reuniting Ritual (Sacred)

Talking To The Spirit is a Sacred Ritual and a form of High (Soul) Magic.

This ritual is a process of speaking directly to the spirit of the one that you love to overcome obstacles, to restore compassion and resurrect the love that has become dormant between the two of you, very useful in breaking the connection of the one you love and the one vying for your lover's affection!

Through the process of this Sacred Ritual, we will appeal to your lover's spirit and we will request a spiritual communion between the two of you, so that the two of you can sort through your life lessons, settle your differences and release one another from any negative karma that has been created during this incarnation.

During this ritual we will plead your case to the spirit of your loved one and ask for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding and we will work to show the one that you love his or her way back home to you in the realm of the earth plane, so that the two of you may reunite and become joined as one.

For this ritual I will need a photo of you and your lover, it can be two separate pictures or one of the two of you, pictures can be uploaded to the website via your profile.

I will need a short request from you to your lover that plainly expresses your need to reconnect and reunite, this request will be used during the series of rituals included in this very Powerful High (Soul) Magic Ceremony.

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Talking To The Spirit Reuniting Ritual (Sacred) Empowered Amulet 08/15/2018 - 08/28/2018
Shipping Date: September 2nd, 2018

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