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Happy Belated Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish all of you mom's a happy belated Mother's Day. I hope each of you had a Merry Day filled with love and happiness. Starting Tuesday, I will be in the office from 1 P.M. until 9 P.M., and I be responding to text and email messages only, no calls, please. I have a few special rituals listed below; each comes with an empowered amulet or tool to help your focus and help turn on your magnet to pull the desired energy to yourself.

Blessed be, Phelan 

Kundalini Binding Power Object

The Eye Of Horus Protection Ritual

We will call upon Horus, he who sees all! Nothing escapes his view; nothing can harm you with his protection. We will beckon him to shadow you with his protective eye. We will work to cast off those whose only purpose is to cause you harm, those whose only goal is to cause you misery, those who interfere with your love life and prosperity.  Please provide me with a written request. Let me know of any hardships that you have suffered because of someone else's action. 

(3 Spots Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
The Eye Of Horus Empowered Pendant 05/13/2021 - 05/24/2021
Shipping Date: June 8th, 2021

Purchase Offer $224.95
Kundalini Binding Ritual (Power Ritual With Amulet)

Some of you who have had this ritual done in the past may wish to consider it again. This Kundalini Binding will come with a special Amulet to empower you with psychic energy from you and your lover, combining the two energies into one.

This will include a Kundalini Binding Reuniting Ritual, Love Ritual, Purification, and a Spell of Protection, and it will start at the new moon on May 11th and be sealed at the Full Moon on May 26th. Once I am done with your amulet, I will send it out to you.  The Ritual will start on May 11th (New Moon) and end the Full Moon's night on May 26th. Making this one of the Strongest Kundalini Bindings! The Amulet will be fully empowered with your request and will rest on my House Altar for an additional Seven nights, where it will soak up more powerful energy until the 7th and mailed out to you on May the 8th. 

 (3 Spots and Ritual Amulets Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Powerful Kundalini Binding With Amulet Power Amulet Return Lover! 05/11/2021 - 05/26/2021
Shipping Date: June 8th, 2021

Purchase Offer $624.95
Aphrodite Queen Of Communication Ritual

Aphrodite, Queen of Love and Communication, bring me the one I Love, compel my Lover to come to me, call me, Text Me, I am in your thoughts, I am on your mind, and I am in your heart, lover flee from where you are leaving behind those who oppose us and come to my side and leave all others behind. Please provide me with names, birth dates, and your deepest desire for your relationship.

 (3 Spots Available)

Item Package Includes Ritual Date
Phelan's Lover Forget Me Not Ritual! (Aphrodite Communication Ritual) Empowered Communication Oil 05/14/2021 - 05/21/2021
Shipping Date: May 24th, 2021

Purchase Offer $209.95