* Rick | Macon | (05/20/2016)

My wife left me on my birthday in July of 2013. She said she was tired of all the drama, the arguing between us, and tired of me hanging out with my friends after work and not coming home until late. Her arguments were/are valid, but, she offered me no warning, she just packed her, and the kids stuff and was gone.

Three months after she left I was served on my job with divorce papers, she had a restraining order against, the judge wouldn't even allow me to see my kids. I contacted Phelan, he asked me several questions, and one of the main questions was had we ever been violent?

I am glad that I was honestly able to say no to that question, Phelan told me straight away that if we had been violent that he would not take my case. He took my case, and after two years of living hell my ex finally agreed to meet me for coffee. I explained my-side of things to her, I told her that I would make our relationship a priority, and there would be no more staying out all hours of the night.

I acknowledged how I disrespected her, and made a heart felt apology. I told her no pressure, that if she decided getting back together was wrong for her I would accept that. I contacted Phelan and told him everything that transpired between us, he told me that he felt that she would return soon, and he was right, my lady and our kids are home where they belong, our family celebrated Christmas and New years together, and it never felt better or more natural. Phelan was right when he told me that I needed to invest in our future, in my family. Phelan I am forever indebted to you.

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