* Micah | Australia | (04/05/2015)

 I am gay and I have had a terrible time with lovers, the main issue I have faced have been related to infidelity! My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years, I thought we were solid until I cam home one day to find that he was in bed with a much younger man.

I flew into a rage and my man packed up and left, he said that I scared him and I understand because I have a really bad temper! I found several things in our apartment, including a picture where my face was blacked out, I found a doll with herbs with my face glued onto it with needles sticking all over it.

I was horrified by what I found and confronted my boyfriend, he said that he had nothing at all to do with it and for me to stay away from him!

I later found out that his little playmate dabbled in the black arts, I found Phelan and got the help that I needed to remove this man from our lives.

Phelan protected me and reunited me and my man and all that pain and emotional turmoil is now back at home with the young man who sent it to me. Thank you Phelan! 

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