* Nanette | Georgia | (04/02/2015)

I have worked hard my whole life to gain what little that I have. My mother, husband and two kids were the center of my world. My mother was my best friend, we spoke daily, met three times a week for lunch, the kids and I visited her on Sunday, sadly she passed in 2013, she was only in her 60s, she was too young to go. My mom helped with the kids while my husband and I worked, so with her passing we were forced to get a sitter and this turned out to be the worst mistake I would ever make.

My husband is from another culture and because I do not wish to stereotype I won't say where he is from, but the girl we hired to help us was under the age of consent and very sexually active and I am not making excuses for what my husband did and he will get his for all he has done! My husband had a threesome with our babysitter and our 12-year-old son, my husband is in jail for several counts of child molestation and rightfully he should be. 

I lost my mom, my husband and my child has had to endure what his father did to him and made him do. I lost my car, my job and the list is ongoing and the thing about all of this is that I saw it in a dream and during a reading with Phelan he warned me that something tragic was about to strike without me having to say anything! 

Phelan has helped me regain my footing, he put me in touch with a child psychologist that is helping both my children and I am taking his course on candle magic which has been a huge help to me, I feel so empowered after I conduct a candle ritual, I did a money spell 3 months ago and landed a new job and won $3500.00 on a scratch off ticket. Phelan, thank you for sharing your wisdom and for granting me access to your guidance. Light and Love for all eternity! 

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.