* Sandie | Arizona | (02/15/2016)

My girlfriend left me without saying goodbye, she didn't even close the door behind herself. I tried several love spells of my own to no avail. I read tarot and tried tarot magic using the cards and found that it didn't work in my case.

I know Phelan from his psychic fairs in Atlanta back in the late 80s and 90s. I remember when he predicted Ross Perot would drop out of the race for the presidency, there were many skeptics, he made that prediction on a day that Perot was polling strong, the next day he announced he was dropping out and he did.

Phelan has helped me in various parts of my life for the last three decades, it is hard to believe that he has been around that long and most recently he helped me reunite with the love of my life. He has helped me in all aspects of my life, especially love and prosperity. He is a witch with ethics and he lives an esoteric life that reflects his beliefs. Thank you Phelan for always being there.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.

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