My Clients

* Rick | Macon | (05/20/2016)

My wife left me on my birthday in July of 2013. She said she was tired of all the drama, the arguing between us, and tired of me hanging out with my friends after work and not coming home until late. Her arguments were/are valid, but, she offered me no warning, she just packed her, and the kids stuff and was gone. Three months after she left I was served on my job with divorce papers, she had a restraining order against, the judge wouldn't even allow me to see my kids. I contacted Phelan, he asked me several questions, and one of the main questions was had we ever been violent? I am glad that I was honestly able to say no to that question, Phelan told me straight away that if we h ... more...

* Donnie | Vegas | (05/19/2016)

My finances were in the toilet, I was a paycheck away from being homeless, there were people who owed me money, and they refused to pay. There were people who attacked me viciously through psychic attacks. Phelan blocked the attacks, he did a commanding compelling ritual to get those who owed me to pay up, he cast a circle of protection around me, and he did a gambler's money ritual, and he sent me a gambler's money bag, I used the bag while playing poker, and black jack, I won enough to pay off the loan on my car, and to get six months of living expense in the bank. Phelan you are the grand Witch of all. I appreciate you so much!

* Rusty | Miami | (05/16/2016)

My boyfriend, and I split after five years together. I got tired of living in the closet, we were out to all my friends and family, but not to his. He insisted on keeping our relationship hidden, and I just couldn't take it anymore, and snapped, end result was losing the love of my life. Phelan helped us in so many ways, he did an acceptance ritual to get Bryan to open his heart, and accept who he is. He also performed a reuniting ritual to bring us back together, it took 7 months for everything to happen, but we were already separated two years before Phelan came into our lives. I was referred to Phelan by a witch at my local botanica, she told me if anyone could help it would be ... more...

* Gaby | Carolina | 05/14/2016

My husband left me for a younger woman. I was so angry when I realized that I met her at the annual Christmas party at his office. This woman sat with us at our table, and I never had a clue that she was sleeping with my husband. I went to psychic after psychic, shamans, and witches, no one helped me. By the time I found Phelan my husband, and I had already divorced, sold our joint assets, split the money, and I left town. I explained to Phelan through an email my situation, I posted a few pictures to his website, he reviewed all of the information, and then he told me that he could help me, but that it would take a while to see results, at that point we were already separated three ... more...

* Sandie | Arizona | (02/15/2016)

My girlfriend left me without saying goodbye, she didn't even close the door behind herself. I tried several love spells of my own to no avail. I read tarot and tried tarot magic using the cards and found that it didn't work in my case. I know Phelan from his psychic fairs in Atlanta back in the late 80s and 90s. I remember when he predicted Ross Perot would drop out of the race for the presidency, there were many skeptics, he made that prediction on a day that Perot was polling strong, the next day he announced he was dropping out and he did. Phelan has helped me in various parts of my life for the last three decades, it is hard to believe that he has been around that long and mo ... more...

* John | Jersey | (02/10/2016)

My wife left me, she hurt me so bad and destroyed my trust. I tried several spell casting people and they made me every promise there is, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and never saw a result and many of their websites disappeared days after I ordered and their phones disconnected. I found Phelan and read some of his testimonials, I had an attitude when I first approached him and he flat out told me to take a hike. Like an idiot I shot my mouth off even more and while he showed restraint, he also showed me firsthand that he is not someone you toy with, this man is real, what he does is real, he showed me in a very real way that he doesn't play! I apologized by leaving v ... more...

* Edgar | Washington | (02/10/2016)

I was under great stress and decided to look for help. I decided a reading was where I wanted to start and I came across Phelan's site. This was last year, September the 7th, my birthday and I was feeling very low. Phelan was unable to read me that day, I was shocked to learn that he is booked as far as a month in advance. He and I emailed and I asked a few questions and he told me that I shouldn't waste my money on a psychic reading, put my money towards the work that I wanted done and he was right. I was looking for a new love and had been single for 8 years, not as much as a glance from anyone. Phelan did an uncrossing on my love life and a general love spell and 6 weeks later ... more...

* Tomas | Carolina | (02/08/2016)

I studied under another coven for 3 years and decided to leave them, they made it very difficult for me to walk away with a clean break. I was attacked by higher ranking members of the group and they all but destroyed my life, they took my lover from me, we were together seven years and they manage to come between us. They defamed me on my job, I worked as a city official in the planning department and they exposed my beliefs and got me fired. Phelan tried to warn me to keep my mouth shut, I didn't listen to him and I paid the price for it. Phelan's magic is old and powerful and they were not a match for him and it is because of him that I reclaimed my life, my lover and I are ba ... more...

* Erin | Texas | (02/04/2016)

My husband's mother used black magic to rip us apart, she told me that she was not going to stop until she ruined me. I laughed it off, several weeks later things started to happen that I couldn't explain. I would wake from terrible nightmares in the middle of the night and my 20 year old brother had a heart attack and died. Three days later I wrecked my car, it wasn't my fault but my husband had dropped coverage on my car and while still living with me he had me served with divorce papers. It became very clear that my mother in law was out to get me and she was doing a good job of it. I started looking for answers, I was referred to Phelan through a friend and I contacted him th ... more...

* Geri | FLA | (02/02/2016)

Phelan reunited me and my husband after being apart for five years. We had no communication, I moved and he had no idea where I lived. He is the one who broke it off with me and he told me that I was dead to him and he never wanted to see my face again. I used so many practitioners and Phelan is the only one who helped me and I am glad that he did, for me and my love would not be together today without him!

* Daryl | New Orleans | (12/10/2015)

My wife left me and the kids, she moved in with a younger dude, I found out through some mutual friends this guy was bad news and he practiced Voodoo and that he used powerful sex magic to break us up. I was in Atlanta and went to a Psychic fair that Phelan produces, this was back in 2009, I got a reading from a few psychics and then a reading from Phelan. I decided to let it go and three years later woke up one morning yearning for my wife, my heart felt as though it was breaking in a thousand pieces. I looked Phelan's website up and was surprised that he was still there, most people who claim to do what he actually does are gone after a few months. Phelan reunited me and my wife, she is no ... more...

* Katrina | Carolina | (12/08/2015)

My man left me, my car was stolen and I got fired from my job. My luck was in the toilet and I had one foot out the door with an impending eviction. I reached out to Phelan and requested his help, he told me that he would help me reunite with my man, but first I needed to focus on prosperity and getting my financial and emotional houses in order. I decided to listen to him and looked for a job that I could get to without a car. I learned much about myself in dealing with Phelan and one of the biggest lessons for me was to keep my expectations realistic, let go of anger and vindictiveness. Once I was ready I contacted Phelan and asked him for his help, my man was already seeing another girl, ... more...

* Randy | Florida | (12/08/2015)

My wife left me at the behest of her mother, her people were always causing conflict in our relationship. In all we were apart 4 years and 6 months, the first two years I spent working with another practitioner. After spending my life savings and realizing that things were no better, I gave up. Six months later I felt compelled to try again and I found Phelan. At first I was a little put off because he is a very straight forward person and he put me in my place twice in less than a 10 minute phone call. He explained everything to me, he offered me no promises and no guarantees and he finished the call by telling me to sleep on it and if I decided to  seek his help  go on his site a ... more...

* Phillip | California | (12/06/2015)

I broke up with my boyfriend over a stupid argument. We were together 10 years and had other arguments way more serious and never broke up. After he moved out I found out that he was living with a younger guy, the guy was into all kinds of drugs and drinking. I went to a spiritualist in town and she waved a feather around and chanted, rubbed me with an egg and then told me that we were not meant to be together and charged me a thousand dollars. I found Phelan online and was surprised to learn that he was gay himself and that put me at ease, knowing he could somehow relate to me and my story. With his help I have now reunited with my boyfriend, soon to be husband. Thank you Phelan for the hel ... more...

* Rigo | Arizona | (12/03/2015)

My life spun out of control. I became addicted to drugs after serving two tours in the war. The lines would often become so blurry that I wasn't sure who the enemy was anymore. My wife feared for her life and the lives of our children, she took them and left, no note, no forwarding address, just disappeared into the night. I was beaten down and I withdrew even more into myself, and one day I was on the internet looking for answers, I asked God to send me an angel and he did in the form of Phelan. I scheduled two, two hour sessions with him and he listened to me talk, I told him of all the horrific things that I saw and I did, I told him that I have never felt heavier in my life. After listen ... more...

* Mellie | Texas | (12/01/2015)

My husband left me on February 14th, 2011. I tried to rationalize his decision, I confronted him and he refused to speak to me. I hired so many practitioners, psychics, and shamans.  No one helped me, they only help to empty my bank account. I found Phelan by doing a web search, I read both negative and positive things about him, I went to his site and read many articles, articles that he writes and makes available for everyone to see and read. I read his faqs and the disclaimer at the bottom of his website and I decided to ask him for his help. In working with him I learned that those who bad mouthed him in the forums didn't know what they were talking about, it was plain to see that t ... more...

* Craig | New Orleans | (09/12/2015)

The first time I contacted Phelan he turned me down flat, he told me that he doesn't work with anyone who used black magic trying to reunite with a lover. I did use a woman from New Orléans that sacrificed several animals for me and I witnessed the ceremonies. The same woman turned on me once I refuse to give her more money, she threatened to take my eyesight from me. Phelan helped me with a psychic protection ritual and he helped me reunite with my wife. I have nothing but respect for Phelan and his website has been online for more than 10 years, most in his field are changing websites like underwear. 

* Giovani | Arizona | (09/10/2015)

My life was upside down, I lost my job, my wife left me, there were so many people interfering in our relationship and I had no place to turn and no one to help me. Phelan was the only person that I found who truly helped me and I am so happy to have found him. I complicated the situation even more when I turned a deaf ear to Phelan's advice, he was right about so many things and had I listened sooner I would have been so much better off! Thank you Phelan for bringing my wife and child home, she wouldn't even speak to me and she was dating other men, without you I would be lost! 

* Mike B | N.Carolina | (09/01/2015)

Before I found Phelan I went to many psychics, the last one before Phelan just about bankrupted me. She told me that I was cursed and under psychic attack and these were the reasons I couldn't keep a lover or a job. She convinced me to empty my savings account and send gher $25,000, three days later her website was gone and her phone disconnected. I was devastated to say the least and I was so gun shy about seeking help. I found Phelan and he confirmed for me that I had been ripped off and that I was a victim of a scam, he also told me that it was better to let it go and to focus on the task at hand, at first I didn't listen to him and I try to pursue the psychic and then the scary reality ... more...

* Briscoe | Washington State | (05/07/2015)

My husband and I have been married for a very short time. We are a same sex couple and there has been so much interference from our family an our friends. I love my husband with all my heart and the thought of living without him is very painful, but because all of the cruelty that we were bombarded with he left me. I found out that he was dating a girl that his parents set him up with and this almost destroyed me emotionally, he is not straight, he is gay and he is only trying to appease his mom and dad by doing what they want him to do. On top of everything else I found out that the girl is a practicing Wiccan an that she had used magic to control him and to cause discord in my lif ... more...

* Sara | Switzerland | (05/05/2015)

I live in Switzerland and I was very skeptical about getting help through the internet. I made four attempts to get help from various websites before I found Phelan. Phelan explained to me that he worked with clients all over the globe and speaking with each one was just not possible, but that he works successfully all the time with clients in different countries. My case was really bad, my finances a mess, my husband left me because we couldn't properly communicate and to make matters worse I am originally from the states, my husband didn't qualify for a visa and I was forced to move here to be with him and now without him I was alone in a country I had no roots in, I had no one, o ... more...

* Sam | Wisconsin | (04/07/2015)

I was a horrible husband and father and I didn't realize it until my wife took the kids and left! I never physically abused them, I was just never there and I cheated on my wife. Phelan explained to me the negative ramifications of my actions, he explained karma to me and he warned me that I may have lost my family for good, he also told me that he would not predict time frames or make outrageous promises that he would and could reunite us. I had read enough of his website that I already expected to hear this from him and through reading his website I quickly understood that he had morals and principles in which he conducted himself by and that has been demonstrative from day one of my dea ... more...

* Carly | St. Pete Florida | (04/05/2015)

Phelan worked with me to reunite me and my lover. I did and behaved in ways that he warned me against from the start and I only proved to prolong my agony and work against my results. I finally decided to listen to him and stop acting like a 10 year old and since then things have improved. I have reunited with my girlfriend and I have a new job, I stood up to my parents which meant I had to stop leaning on them for financial support. Phelan I wished I found you five years ago and I wish that I listened to you when I should have. Thank you for helping me and never giving up on me! 

* Micah | Australia | (04/05/2015)

 I am gay and I have had a terrible time with lovers, the main issue I have faced have been related to infidelity! My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years, I thought we were solid until I cam home one day to find that he was in bed with a much younger man. I flew into a rage and my man packed up and left, he said that I scared him and I understand because I have a really bad temper! I found several things in our apartment, including a picture where my face was blacked out, I found a doll with herbs with my face glued onto it with needles sticking all over it. I was horrified by what I found and confronted my boyfriend, he said that he had nothing at all to do with it and ... more...

* Nanette | Georgia | (04/02/2015)

I have worked hard my whole life to gain what little that I have. My mother, husband and two kids were the center of my world. My mother was my best friend, we spoke daily, met three times a week for lunch, the kids and I visited her on Sunday, sadly she passed in 2013, she was only in her 60s, she was too young to go. My mom helped with the kids while my husband and I worked, so with her passing we were forced to get a sitter and this turned out to be the worst mistake I would ever make. My husband is from another culture and because I do not wish to stereotype I won't say where he is from, but the girl we hired to help us was under the age of consent and very sexually active and I am not ... more...

* Cinda | Mexico City | (03/30/2015)

My husband left me for another woman, this woman has three kids, he took over the responsibility of feeding, sheltering and clothing them and he dropped me and our kids like we were nothing! I went to several spell people here in Mexico, some of them were very scary and slit the throats of chickens and broke eggs and danced around like they were possessed! When I first contacted Phelan he flat-out refused to accept my case and said that because I had partaken in black magic that I would reap very bad karma and he was right, I did!  I am not sure why he changed his mind, but I contacted him a few weeks later and was surprised when he could recall almost every single word of our convers ... more...

* Randall | Carolina | (03/28/2015)

My life turned upside down overnight! I was in business with a friend that I went to college with and as it turns out he was stealing money from the business and we were drowning in credit card debt! I contacted Phelan for help, I used his services in 1996 to reunite with my wife and so I had all the confidence in the world in his ability to help me, before I could even fully explain what was going on he confirmed what I already knew and that was I needed to cut ties with my business partner, which I did immediately!  The debt that I was in was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and I did not have this kind of change lying around and I had no clue how I would solve this prob ... more...

* Christopher | Nevada | (03/25/2015)

I was accused of a crime that I did not commit and in the process my wife left me, my family turned their backs against me! It was very hard for me to find an attorney that would take my case and even harder for me to find someone to go my bond. I was put in contact with Phelan through another inmate at the correctional facility that I was in, Phelan worked with him and got his sentence drastically reduced. I was surprised by how generous Phelan was to take my phone call and even more surprised when he told me that he believed that I was innocent! At this point I had lost everything and it was all for nothing, I lost my home, my job, my wife and family and as I reached out to Phelan I was ... more...

* Russell | California | (01/05/2015)

It is amazing what can be accomplished when you know the right people, and Phelan is a man worth knowing! I was in grave danger and under magical attack, it was happening from several people that I know. I worked with Phelan to stop these people and to bring their attacks to an end. He placed me and my family under protection and I feel without him I would have perished!

* Annette |Texas | (01/04/2015)

My boyfriend left me and told me we were done, his mom paid this witch a lot of money to break us apart, I needed help and fast and I come from a well off family, I made a large donation to Phelan and had he him work double time on my case and he got me my results, Ramon is home and his mom has left us alone!

* Noland |United Kingdom | (01/03/2015)

I was under a really bad psychic attack, I had made this gypsy from New Orleans mad at me cause I stopped sending her money, I contacted Phelan and he agreed to help, he also told me to have no more contact with the gypsy, but I took her phone calls and she really did a number on my life, I was plagued with night terror and demons, I couldn't hold no money and my brand new car kept breaking down. I finally listened to Phelan and got the help I needed. Thanks Phelan.

* Julius | Vegas | (01/02/2015)

I was broke, I lost my job, my car was repossessed, my house was 30 days away from foreclosure and I tried so many other spell casters, Phelan was my final hope, I put all my faith into him and it paid off. Thank you Phelan for helping to turn my life around.

* Alberto | Florida | (01/01/2015)

My father in law is a practicing voodoo minister, he uses animal sacrifice and he never liked that I married his daughter. He used voodoo to break us up and Phelan used white magic to reunite us. I am in your debt Phelan.

* Gladys | Atlanta | (12/22/2014)

My husband left me for a younger woman, we were apart five years when I contacted Phelan, it took him 3 months to bring my man home, but we were not together for 5 years and had no communication

* Earlene| TN | (12/20/2014)

My life was a mess, my mother in law was doing her voodoo against me. She cost me my job, car and finally my marriage. Phelan helped stop her and he got my man back home with me. Thank you Mr. Phelan.

* Mollie | Colorado | (08/30/2014)

I have found my reading sessions with Phelan to be enlightening and educational, I have learned much from him about my spiritual path. I took several classes from him and I learned some very practical candle rituals that I use weekly to aid me in my life goals. Phelan, helped me in my love life and with landing a much better paying job, my life is better and stronger for his effort and I am happy with his services.

* Sophie | Maine | (08/26/2014)

Everything turned upside down for me three years ago when my husband left for a younger woman. I tried to move on and forget about him, the more I tried the harder it became. I turned to a local psychic and she took me for as much money as she could. I found Phelan's website and started reading his articles, the more I read I realized I needed to reach out to him, I did and  he was able to help bring my husband home and shield me from attacks that I was experiencing from people I had previously dealt with. Phelan, your help is invaluable, it would be hard for me to place a monetary value on what you did for me, it is certainly worth more than ... more...

* Alexis | Arizona | (08/22/2014)

My decision to use Phelan's services was that he offered no guarantees or smoking mirrors. Phelan helped me and my husband reunite after a 5 year separation. I know that without his help we would still be apart, there was no communication or contact between us for 4 of those years!  Phelan, thank you for helping me in an honest and sincere manner!

* Owen | United Kingdom | (08/20/2014)

I looked for someone who specialized in gay spells, I was trying to reunite with my boyfriend and although people said they specialized in gay love spells they weren't able to reunite us. I was referred to him by my friend, she said he did great work for her, by the time I reached out to Phelan I was in dire need, he understood what I needed and he helped me. My boyfriend and I have reunited and we are happier than before. Phelan, I will be seeking some more help from you in the coming weeks for some other aspects of my life.

* Tara | Florida | (08/09/2014)

I was cursed by my mother in law, Phelan did a protection ritual for me and he removed the negativity that she rooted me with. I am happy that I found Phelan, if he hadn't helped me I would still be having so many problems and divorced by now! Phelan, you helped me turn everything in my life around and I love you for it! My mother in law no longer attacks me and while I am cautious around her things are better for the family.

* Charlotte | Texas | (08/02/2014)

I was desperate to reunite with my husband. In a little under a year I went to seven different spell casters, none of them helped me. I found Phelan last year and with his help I have reunited with my man. Thank you Phelan for all the help you have given me! You put my feet upon a better path for my greater good and I appreciate you so much!

* Jeb | NY | (07/13/2014)

My life was filled with turmoil, I was surrounded by people that spewed hatred and took from me! I have been a client of Phelan's for seven years now and he has helped me change my life in ways that I never knew possible. I have a standing appointment with him every month over the phone, the sessions with Phelan have helped me more than my psychiatrist ever did. The negative people are no longer in my life, I have a good job and a steady relationship for the first time in years!

* Austin | Carolina | (07/05/2014)

I came to Phelan in July of 2012. I started working with Phelan in September during the harvest moon, I was on the fence for sometime cause I used other people that made me promises that never happened! Phelan made me no promises, I like his straightforward approach and that he tells you up front not to expect miracles. I decided to work with him, my wife and I had been separated at that point for three years. She and I had no communication, she blocked my online contact with her, she changed her number, her mother and father called the police when I went to their house looking for her. I was ordered to stay away and our divorce became f ... more...

* Anabell | Laredo | (06/15/2014)

My husband left me in February 2011 and divorced me six months later. I tried several psychics and spell casters that I found through a local magazine, none of them were able to help me! My friend referred me to Phelan and he started my work in late 2013. I was plagued with negativity, my thoughts were obsessive and by the time that I found Phelan I had given up the hope of reuniting with my husband. For two years I had no communication with my ex husband, soon after Phelan started his work I received a call from my ex, he told me that he suddenly got an uncontrollable urge to speak to me and he was happy that I was well, I was so excited that he called, I immediately called Phelan ... more...

* Kacy | Colorado Springs | (05/11/2014)

My husband left me in the middle of the night, no goodbye and no explanation. I was lost and I reached out to my in laws, huge mistake, after 11 years of being married to their son these people called me everything but a human being! I was terrified, I couldn't understand what I had done to them or my husband to deserve such disrespect! My world was crashing down and it was clear to me that I was no longer in control and the people I once regarded as family had turned against me. I came home one night to find a chicken foot with long black feathers attached to it hanging on my front door, it was tacked there with a long rusty nail, I later found out that the nail was from a coffin ... more...

* Calvin | Washington State | (05/09/2014)

I was a member of a local coven for seven years, I decided to leave the group when I realized how negative some of the members were, my departure from the coven wasn't taken well and I came under severe psychic and magical attack, normally I can handle things of this nature myself, but the attacks came with such force that I couldn't withstand them, so I contacted Phelan and asked him for his help. Phelan went to work for me and he was able to stop the attacks, he returned all that negative energy back to where it came from, I heard some pretty hair raising stories from some of the members that I was still in contact with, several members left as a result and the main person that w ... more...

* Aaron | United Kingdom | (05/07/2014)

My wife left me for a younger man, we were married for 15 years. During our marriage there was constant disruption from her family and friends, I loved my wife so I chose to ignore them. After my wife left me the attacks from her family turned very personal, they called and lodged complaints against me with my supervisor, I am in law enforcement and though the complaints were bogus it still resulted with me being suspended while they investigated me, the false allegations led to my life being turned upside down, I was evicted from my apartment, the suspension from my job lasted 60 days and during that time my hands were tied, I couldn't apply for another job, my law enforcement lic ... more...

* Patrick and Marcy | Carolina | (05/02/2014)

The trouble started for our family in 2009, we bought a foreclosed home and moved into it, we felt lucky and blessed to have found such a big home at a price that we could afford. Little did we know that our dream home would soon turn to a nightmare, our home would soon become our living hell! There is me, my wife and six kids, four of our own and two of my brothers that we took in when he and my sister in law were killed in an accident that also claimed the lives of two more of my siblings. The home is an old three story house, it has seven bedrooms, five upstairs, two down stairs, with a living area, dining room, kitchen, family room, it has a basement that was turned into a pl ... more...

* Marco | Washington | (04/13/2014)

My life-partner left me for a younger man, we were together for ten years, we owned a house together, cars, and a business. The guy that he left me for had nothing to offer him and I know that drinking, drugs and sex led to our breakup! We were apart for three years before I found Phelan, with his help I have reunited with my lover, the young man that caused the turmoil in our lives is now out of the picture, he has tried to come back several times but with the work that Phelan did for me he has been unsuccessful. Thank you Mr. Phelan.

* Ebony | TN | (04/11/2014)

I lost my job in 2011 and I tried the lottery and slots at the casino, I just kept going deeper and deeper in debt. I contacted Phelan in 2012 and he did several rituals for me and he sent me a gambler's moneybag and a witch money jar, now when I play the lottery I place my tickets under the jar and I have won many sizable amounts of money and whenever I go to the casino I take and use my moneybag and I win at the slots often, before Phelan did his work and sent me the jar and bag I won nothing!

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.