My Clients

* Brandy - Florida (09/11/2011)

My girlfriend left me without any explanation. I went to work on a Friday morning and returned home early in the afternoon to prepare for our trip to Vegas that weekend, a trip that we had been planning for months. I discovered that all of her clothes, shoes and other personal items were missing, she owned two cars and both were gone. I knew that she had left me, I just didn't know why. I tried to call her and her cell had been disconnected. During the year that followed I couldn't eat, sleep or think about anything else but her! I went to several local psychics, one of them asked if we shared a joint bank account and instructed me to remove all of the money and bring it to her so that she c ... more...

* Josh - Ohio (09/08/2011)

My wife and I have been married for five years. Our marriage was great, we worked hard to build a life together and then one day a friend of my wife's from school showed up at our door and from that point forward everything that we had tried to build together started to crumble and my wife left me and moved in with her friend. I tried so many spell casting websites to get help, all they did was took my money and ask for more and more, needless to say none of them helped me and I fell deeper into depression, until I finally lost my job. I was told about Phelan by an acquaintance who had used his services and all I can say today is what I said back then, I wish I had found Phelan sooner, for i ... more...

* Doug - California (09/07/2011)

My wife and I are very spiritual, we meditate and burn candles, collect crystals, my wife also gives tarot readings. Many times she told me that she knew that we were meant to be together and we were soul mates. You can imagine my shock when I returned home one day from work to find her and all of her things gone, no note, no goodbye, nothing! Three day later I received a text message from her and she told me that we were done, it was time for her life to go in a different direction. A few weeks later I found out that one of her clients that she reads cards for practices magic and he had put a spell on my wife and me to split us apart, he wanted her for himself. He was controlling her action ... more...

* Samara - UK (09/02/2011)

Last year I turned 52 and I had never had a child. My boyfriend and I had tried to conceive for the past 4 years with no luck. I contacted Phelan for help, he was clear and upfront with me on exactly what my odds were. I told him that I was uncertain if I had gone through the change of life, for I hadn't showed any signs other than my period slowing down. Phelan did a fertility ritual and a success ritual for me at Hallowmas last year and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past August. In celebration of the birth of our child my boyfriend and I married just three days ago. Phelan we could never fully express our gratitude, we will always be indebted to you and if there is ever a time t ... more...

* Angelica - Ohio (08/27/2011)

Phelan helped reunite me with my husband. I tried many psychics and spell castors before finding him and I really wish that I had found him sooner than I did. Phelan you are a master at what you do and I am forever grateful for all of your help.

* Stewart - Miami (08/24/2011)

I was under psychic attack from several coworkers, I was on the brink of losing my job and in a three week period I received news about the deaths of four different people that I was close to. It came to a point where I thought suicide was my only option. I was referred to Phelan by a family member who had used his services to reunite with her husband, she was extremely satisfied with Phelan's services and although I had very little experience with this sort of thing I knew that I had no choice but to try, so I approached Phelan and asked for his help and help was exactly what I received and I as so pleased to be a client of for life. Thank you Phelan for everything that you di ... more...

* Damian - Atlanta (08/22/2011)

I am gay and I looked and looked for someone who specializes in gay relationships and I finely found Phelan. Thank you Mr. Phelan for helping me to reunite with my man. We have been back together for three months, I waited until now to post, I just wanted to make sure that he was here to stay! Thank you so much!

* Vera - New Mexico (08/20/2011)

My husband of seven years left me in 2009. I found Phelan on web and after reviewing his site and working up my nerve I decided to ask for his help. My situation was dire to say the least, there were those who interfered with our relationship, these were people that I knew and trusted as family and friends, they used black magic to control my husband and to crush me, they all but killed me during the course of their attacks. Phelan I know that if had not been for you I may have not made it, let alone reunite with my husband, we are now back together. I decided to post today because I am waiting for you to post the Hallowmas rituals, I would really like to strengthen the connection to my husb ... more...

* Marcus - Mass (08/13/2011)

I had been under psychic attack from my wife's family for years, they are gypsies who practice black magic, if you have ever seen that movie drag me to hell, the movie pales in comparison to these people. I witnessed brutal attacks that they launched against those who they wanted or needed control over for one reason or another, I love my wife, but, I can honestly say that had I known what her people were all about I would have ran away and never look back! I will make a very long and scary story short, I lost everything, everyone I ever knew turned their back on me, I came close to dying. Phelan was the only one out of everyone that I contacted and paid that helped me, my wife and I are bac ... more...

* Leona - New Mexico (08/12/2011)

In 2008 my husband and I had been split up for six years. I contacted Phelan and I asked him for his help, I was one of those people who wanted instant gratification and Phelan was upfront and very direct with me that time was needed in order for me and my man to come together again. During the process I continued trying to force things, I would get upset and cause myself even more trouble. Finally I made the decision to listen to Phelan, after all I approached him for his help, one of my big lessons was learning patience, the other was being consistent in my magical work and to gear my mind to work towards my goals, instead of against them. Once I learned these things and got a handle on my ... more...

* Trevor - Florida (08/09/2011)

My life was a huge mess. My boyfriend of 5 years left me and soon after an emotional train wreck destroyed the foundation that my life was built on. Had he left me for another man I would have been able to handle that, but he left me for this woman he met at one of the local botanicas here in Florida. As it turns out she had him under her control, being gay he was unable to physically please her, so she would rent him out to her male friends, she literally became his pimp. I knew that he was not right, the few times that I was able to make contact with him our conversations were less than coherent, he made no sense at all. I found Phelan through the recommendation of a friend and with his he ... more...

* Sam - New York (08/01/2011)

My lover and I had been together five years in 2008. Suddenly his ex started coming back around, texting, emailing and leaving voice messages. Things became very intense when he started showing up at his work and would appear at places we frequented together. It wasn't long after all of this started that my lover changed his attitude toward me and in January 2010 we separated. I had used Phelan's services for another matter, so when this happened I knew who to turn to. Phelan we are back together and we have moved without leaving a forwarding address, thank you so much for your help!

* Jill - UK (07/26/2011)

My husband and I split in 07, I found Phelan in 2009 through a friend and I asked him for his help to reunite us. I am very happy that I get to be one of his clients to post my success story. My husband and I had both been victims of black magic and with Phelan's help we have successfully reunited. Thank you Mr. Phelan.

* Marge - Florida (07/04/2011)

My husband left me in 2001, I always knew that he was my twin soul. When he left he gave me no explanation, or at least not one that I believed, for I knew that he loved me as much as I loved him. I used every practicing witch that I could find, a sad fact is that from September of 2001 until March 2009 I used the services of more than two dozen practitioners. In April of 2009 my niece having used Phelan's services and obtaining outstanding results referred me to him and the one thing that I could appreciate more than anything about this man is his honesty and forthcoming approach to dealing with his clients. Phelan told me that he would take my case, but that I shouldn't expect miracles a ... more...

* Ruth - Kentucky (06/16/2011)

My husband left me two years ago, he gave no reason, he wouldn't take my calls, when I try to confront him he got a protection order against me. I found Phelan on the internet and started talking to him, soon after I decided to ask him for his help. Phelan discovered that my man was being controlled by black magic and when I asked him how much he would charge to help me I was surprised by his answer, another practitioner had quoted a cost of more than 10 thousand dollars, Phelan's quote was less than a thousand and his magic worked for me, my man and I are back together and stronger than ever. Phelan you are an angel and I hope that you continue helping people like me. Thank you Phelan.

* Ola - California (06/09/2011)

I work at a casino dealing blackjack, I have watched people come and go from the tables for years, some would win and some would lose, anytime I ever tried playing I just lost. I decided to look for help with my financial needs and I decided to employ the services of a witch, well, my search only led me to losing even more of my money, and then one day I was in a little botanica in California and overheard a conversation about a witch named Phelan, and about all of the wonderful helped that he provided to the shop owner when she was attacked with black magic. I asked her for his contact information and she happily provided it to me, it was the best thing that had happened to me in a very lon ... more...

* Anthony - Cherokee (06/07/2011)

My wife left me last year for a younger man, I tried so hard just to let go and to walk away, and found that I couldn't. I paid a practitioner a one time payment of twenty thousand dollars, the next week her website disappeared. I found Phelan through a relative who had used his services to reunite her with her husband, I decided to give Phelan a try and boy I am glad that I did. With Phelan's help my wife and I reunited in May of this year, I am so happy that I did not allow a terrible experience with someone else from getting me the help that I needed. Thank you Phelan for all that you did for me.

* Jeremy - Florida (06/03/2011)

Phelan your help has meant more to me than I can put into words. I tried so many other practitioners before finding you in 09. My partner and I had been split apart by people who were practicing black magic, we are a gay couple and although there are Witch's on the net that claim to specialize in gay magic, you are gay and that made me feel more comfortable dealing with you. Thank you Phelan for reuniting me and my lover.

* Neidra - Seattle (06/01/2011)

My finances were a mess, I needed to win some money, I am disabled and cannot work due to the disability. I had Phelan do me up a gamblers bag and had him conduct a gamblers money spell for me. I play poker, blackjack and the slots, never had much luck at any of them. I received Phelan's money bag and started using it, my second day at the casino I won six thousand on the slots and since then I have won a great amount playing blackjack. Phelan you are the Witch! Thank you so much!

* Smith - Mass (05/30/2011)

I am a gay man, in 2007 my boyfriend of seven years left me after we had a violent altercation. He had started behaving in ways that I couldn't deal with or accept, but no matter what he did I still loved and wanted to be with him. The people that he chose to let into his life seemed to have a very negative effect on him, which inadvertently impacted our relationship. During the year that followed our breakup I was attacked over and over again psychically, the attacks would take place when I was asleep or awake and it mattered not whether I was alone or in a crowd, the attacks progressively became more and more severe. I am catholic and I received no help at all from the church, in fact I wa ... more...

* Toonie - S. Florida (05/27/2011)

In 2008 my husband left me. We live in south Florida and we were both part of a religious sect of voodoo, not long after we joined he started pulling away from me. There was a priest in the group who was bi-sexual and had a thing for younger men. Up until this point my man had no gay tendencies, that is as far as I know he had none. I came to know of Phelan from a coven of Witches in Florida, they spoke very highly of him and his capabilities. I contacted him and he agreed to work with me and I am so glad that he did. My man and I reunited two months ago, he told me that he had no idea as to why he became sexually involved with the voodoo priest, Phelan told me to ask him if the priest had g ... more...

* Myra - Washington D.C. (05/19/2011)

I married the man of my dreams when I was 19, in all we were together for twenty years. In 2005 I traveled to South Africa for my job, during the trip I encountered a shaman, some type of medicine woman, and I am afraid that I offended or insulted her in someway and she was very vocal in her attacks against me. I was there for three months and upon my return home my husband and I started having all kinds of problems, issues that we never experienced in the 20 years that we were together. My husband would have violent fits of rage, he would become angry and speak in ways that I had never known him to do and then one day I returned home from work to find that he had left me, no note, no exp ... more...

* Chloe - New Mexico (05/05/2011)

My husband left me for a younger woman. He took both cars, cleaned out the bank accounts, closed out all of my credit cards, he left me scrambling trying to survive. This behavior was totally out of character for him, his family couldn't believe the way that he was acting. I came to know of Phelan through a friend who had used his services successfully and I decided to give him a try. Phelan discovered that the young woman and her family was using black magic to sweep my man away from me. My man and I are now back together, he has told me that he felt as though he was just a visitor within his own body, he was under their control and they were working him hard to get everything that they cou ... more...

* Mary - Florida (05/02/2011)

It is really hard for me to be patient, so I know that I messed up my spells several times. Phelan would constantly tell me to focus and to stay positive, I would do okay for just a little while and then right back to my old ways. In all it took 21 months for my ex to come back to me, I was just about ready to give up and decided to have a communication ritual and a desire my love ritual done, right after I had those rituals done my husband called me and we started talking again, we are now back together and I am so happy that I found Phelan.

* Nestor - Washington (04/30/2011)

Your gamblers ritual and money bag paid off in a huge way! I won nearly 50 grand at my local casino playing blackjack. Phelan you are a genius and a miracle worker and magic works, you have proven that to me and I will be back to see you soon.

* Jane - Wisconsin (04/26/2011)

I was under severe psychic attack by another practitioner whose services I attempted to use. The problem started when I made a rude remark in an email, in all honesty I never really thought much of magic and I was seeking help with being reunited with my lover. I regret the comments that I made and I can now tell you that magic is real and that anyone who has decided to use the services of such a person better mind their manners. My big mouth cost me a lot of pain and that I will regret for a very longtime to come. On a positive note Phelan helped to stop the attacks against me and he also reunited me and my man. Thank you Phelan.

* Penny - S Carolina (04/23/2011)

I found your website in 2009. You helped to reconnect me with my husband, I tried many others and had no success. I listened to your advice and I patiently waited, and it has paid off Phelan in a big way! My husband and I are back together and we are better than ever before, I am so glad that I found you and I so appreciate all of the work that you did to return my loved one to me.

* Brent - United Kingdom (04/10/2011)

I had been friends with this guy for three years, he and I did everything together, with the exception of having sex. I am a gay man, I have been out of the closet since my early teens, I am in my twenties now, and it seems like every guy that I would be attracted to would be in denial about his sexual orientation. For a while I had been wanting to take our relationship to the next level, but every time we would come close to having sex he would freak, don't get me wrong, he would sleep in the bed with, we would cuddle, he would hold me and I him, but the moment that we went beyond that I was the biggest male whore that he had ever met and I was violating his trust and disrespecting him. Phe ... more...

* Nathaniel - Hollywood Florida (04/04/2011)

I had a gamblers ritual done a few months back, I live in Hollywood Florida, here we have the Hardrock and Seminole casinos, when you sent me my money mojo bag you told me to play at Seminole. Normally I do not like the Seminole casino because of the cigarette smoke and poor ventilation, but I felt that since you had done my money rituals and you can see the future that I would follow your advice and I am glad that I did. I carry my money bag in my pocket with my wallet, I place the money that I am going to gamble with in that pocket as well. I play blackjack and have never really been able to make money, this past weekend I went there three times, each visit was better than the last. On Fri ... more...

* Molly - Texas (04/02/2011)

In 2009 I found your website through a friend of mine and I had some work done at Beltane to reunite with my husband. During 2010 he and I communicated more than we had the previously three years before I found you. Beltane rolled around again and I had additional work done, I decided not to waste my time worrying over whether he and I would reconnect, instead I followed your advice and focused on healing and allowing myself to release all of the hurt from the past. It was very odd that after the work at Beltane in 2010 we had several huge fights, he was very hurtful and nasty, I contacted you and Phelan you said it was part of our healing process, to be honest I thought you were off your ma ... more...

* Amber - Orange County (03/31/2011)

I am writing you to let you know that everything that I asked for has come to pass, with the exception of one request and I know as long as I am patient that wish will be fulfilled. Thank you sir for all of your help.

* Sue - Oregon (03/29/2011)

Phelan you helped me so much. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. You brought my man back to me, and I am so glad that I found you and your website. I would like to know what else I could do to provide extra protection to my relationship? I was considering the white witch love package, I know I need something else done, just not sure what. Please provide me with some more help Phelan, now that my man is back I want to keep him!

* Paul - Florida (03/29/2011)

My lover and I were careless and we allowed others into our relationship, specifically into our sex life. For months we played around and had fun, we had become bored and this was a way to spice up our love life. This was by far the biggest mistake that we have ever made. All was fine, until one day a certain individual was introduced to us through a mutual friend, as it turns out the guy was deep into Santeria and practiced many forms of black magic, as long as we agreed to see him everything was fine. The moment that we decided not to see him all hell would break loose. To make a long story short he launched one black magic attack after another one against us until he tore us apart and he ... more...

* Lance - Florida (03/15/2011)

I came to you for help to reunite with my lover. I am gay and found it very uncomfortable to try and get the help that I needed. You cannot even imagine my relief when I learned that there was a gay witch that would help me. Actually I was referred to you by another client, she is a lesbian and you brought her lover back into her life. My lover and I were together seven years, we had bought a home together, we had a commitment ceremony where all of our family and friends attended, we were clearly building a life together and then all of a sudden things between us started falling apart. I watched helplessly as people he had become involved with tore him away from me. These people were deeply ... more...

* Drew - Cartersville (03/14/2011)

In 2009 my life took a severe turn for the worse, I lost my job, my wife left me a few months before that and my family turned on me like a bunch of vultures after a corpse. I started experiencing what I thought were hallucinations, later to find out that I was under psychic attack. I went to several local practitioners for help and none of them did anything for me. I was amazed at the amount of help that I received from Phelan, as of now my wife and I are back together, although I am still displaced from my family, like Phelan told me that is just as well, it seems that it some of the psychic attacks were coming from people who were a part of my intimate circle. I now have a job and my wife ... more...

* Cliff - Mass (03/13/2011)

I came to know of you and your site in May of 2007, I observed cautiously until I made a decision in June 0f 08 to give your services a try. Your site has been around a very longtime, prior to coming to you for help I used several others whose websites have since disappeared. Phelan you helped me to reunite with my wife and my kids and I will be forever grateful to you for all that you have done for me and my family. You gave me a verbal ass whipping a couple of times, and I must confess that it was warranted and what I needed to get a grip on reality. Thank you very much for helping me, I could never show you enough gratitude for what you have done for me.

* Clyde - Arizona (02/28/2011)

My wife left me in 2006. I tried in every way that I could to move on with my life and found that I just couldn't. From 06 through March of 2010 I used every spell caster and psychic that I could find on the internet. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get help. In May 2010 I was introduced to Phelan's website by a friend, I decided to use his service and now I sure wish that I had known about him in 06. With his help I have managed to reunite with my wife, I listened to his every word, I read his website, he told to let go of the past and start a healing process, I did and that of itself has done wonders for me. Phelan you are a godsend to those of us who are in need. You have a clien ... more...

* Tamara - Texas (02/15/2011)

I have been your client since 2007. During the process I started feeling like I would never get my results, I started to feel as though I was wasting my time and my money, every time I would email you, you would answer my questions and would always close by telling me to stay focused. Phelan that drove me a little crazy, more than I care to admit, but I realized that I was being very impatient and that I was not allowing my spell work time to do its thing. Another thing that aggravated me was when I would see other clients post to your site, the aggravating part of that was because I so wanted to post my story of success, another thing that irritated me was that whenever I would see a sp ... more...

* Marlena - Florida (02/12/2011)

For years my family and I have been plagued by misfortune. Untimely deaths of relatives who were healthy and spirited, businesses we owned simply went under for no apparent reason. I had three car accidents within a six month period, none which were my fault and I did not receive any insurance compensation for one reason or another from any of the wrecks. Family pets became violent attacking members of the household, our bedrooms became infested with flies and ants, we do not have a crawlspace or basement, so there is no explanation that anyone could give me for these events. We left our home, walked away from it and gave it back to the bank, and still the same types of scary shit continue ... more...

* Donald - NY (02/10/2011)

My boyfriend and I were together for seven years, all of a sudden out of the blue people from his past started to resurface, he became withdrawn and verbally abusive. I went to work on a Monday morning, upon returning home in the evening, I discovered that he had left and took everything that we shared together in our condo. I knew in my heart that these actions were not his own. I started my quest in 2006 trying to reunite with him, I used every psychic and witch on the internet it seems and nothing at all changed, except my bank account became grossly overdrawn. I found Phelan in 2009, I explained my situation to him in an email, he responded to me and eventually agreed to take me as a cl ... more...

* Angela - N. Carolina (02/08/2011)

Phelan helped to bring my husband back to me and he stopped the outside interference that was keeping is apart. I am very happy that I used your services Phelan and I will be coming back to you in the near future, I have need for some help with my finances.

* Serina - Washington (02/09/2011)

Thank you for all of your help. I know that my husband and I still have a ways to go, but with your help we will get there.

* Jan - Canada - (02/08/2011)

My son died in 2009 and I knew that he was still here, he refused to cross over to the other side. You helped me to show him the way Phelan, he has now crossed over and my home is finally at peace. You see my son was very violent went he was alive and his rage continued after he died, the hold that he had on me and other members of the household was scary, his fits of anger and rage was harder to deal with after he died, at least when he was alive you could see fits coming on so you knew to get out of the way, when something attacks you that you don't have the vision to see it blindsides you. Phelan it was an honor to meet you and I am sure that we will have need for your services again soon ... more...

* Pamona - Utah (02/06/2011)

My heart was broken and I was under severe psychic attack from a few members that belonged to a coven that I visited. Witch's are suppose to be about perfect love and trust and respect the law of karma, but these people play by their own set of rules and they seem to make them up as they go along. Phelan if you had not helped me I am unsure what would have become of me, with your help I am back with my husband and the attacks against me have stopped. The breakup of my marriage happened before I went to the coven, so I know as you said the attacks had nothing to do with me and him splitting up, still you managed to do what I could not and that was to put an end to my nightmare and bring the o ... more...

* Gigi - TN (02/03/2011)

Dear Phelan, When I came to you I was on my last leg and at the end of my rope. The burden of dealing with life without the one that I love by my side was unbearable. To make things worse people in my own family was working to keep us apart, namely my sister and a cousin. They succeeded in keeping us apart for almost 4 years, before coming to you I went to one practicing witch to another and never saw any results from what they did. You helped me and my man to come back together, you put an end to the trouble that my family was causing and you gave me a second chance at happiness. I just want to say thank you and that I feel pretty lucky that I found you. I know that I was difficult for y ... more...

* Nina - New Mexico (01/30/2011)

For years I enlisted the aid of various practitioners and witches to help me battle psychic attacks. None of them ever really helped me. I was bitter and gun shy by the time I found Phelan, I almost didn't ask for his help, but somehow I found the faith to ask and to believe once more. Phelan has stopped the attacks against, he has repaired my broken aura and shielded me. Bless you Phelan. I am so very much forever in your debt. He also helped me to get back with my man, everyone else that I asked for help failed me, but Phelan you stuck with me and saw it through to the end.

* Bonnie - Wisconsin (12/28/2011)

My man was swept away by a cheap little tramp that practices black magic, she told me that she sent demons to sleep at the foot of my bed at night and that I was being watched constantly, this woman had me to the point that I could barely breathe. I found Phelan in 2008 and started working with him in January 09, I was so nervous cause I had never done anything like this before, and truthfully I thought this type of thing only existed in the movies, but Phelan showed me that was not the case and now I am a believer, not just in magic, but in Phelan too. If you have asked this mans help, he will help you, but be forewarned that he has little tolerance and patience for bull, you might say th ... more...

* Lawrence - NC (01/27/2010)

Phelan my boyfriend and I are now back together, his parents tore us apart because they are religious nuts that can't stand that their son is gay. He is and will always be gay and there is little they can do about that, so they turned their attention on driving a wedge between us and they were successful, that is until you took my case and started helping me out, they backed off and we are now together again, we were split up for over a year. Thank you so very much Phelan.

* Meredith - United Kingdom (01/23/2011)

In 2009 I became emotionally involved with a woman who was six years younger than me. I am a lesbian and have been out since my early teens. At the time I came to Phelan this young lady and I had not been sexually active with each other, and while we were very much connected emotionally she assured me that we would never be intimate in a sexual way, that she found the idea of being sexually involved with a woman disgusting. I came to Phelan looking for a way to resolve the situation, I knew in my heart that she was attracted to me and was scared. Phelan was upfront with me and told me that turning someone gay would not happen, but he agreed to work with me, he told me that he also felt the a ... more...

* Earl - Bethesda (01/20/2011)

Thank you Phelan for all your help with my finances and love life. Everything is great and I am now back with my wife where I belong.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.

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