My Clients

* Selena - California (11/20/2010)

In 2007 my husband left me, I came seeking your help in late 08, at that point there was no communication between me and my man, none! I wasn't hopeful at all, but you put my mind at ease and I learned so much from just by reading your website. Phelan the impossible happened two weeks ago, my man and I are back together, he gave up his place to move back home, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but today he deposited a very large sum of money into our joint checking account, which is something he would never have done before. I am grateful to you and to your goddess.

* Constance - Alabama (11/15/2010)

I wanted to say that I appreciate all of the hard work that you did on my behalf. In the past I used other practitioners and saw no real results, you not only help me get my money back on track, but you brought my husband back to me. I will always be in your debt Phelan, I could never pay you enough for all that you have done for me. May god always bless you.

* Brittany - Arizona (11/01/2010)

I married when I was 18 and after twenty years of faithful marriage one day out of the blue my husband asked me for a divorce over the phone while I was at work. I live and commute an hour to work and by the time I could get home he had changed all of the locks on the house and my clothes were piled on the driveway, we were about to pay the house off when this took place. I begged and pleaded for him to listen to me, but he shut me out of his life and turned away from me with no communication. It wasn't long after this happened that I learned that my best friend had moved in with him, now she always claimed to be a witch and to have power and while I am unsure about her magical power, she su ... more...

* Keith - TN (10/25/2010)

For the past eleven years I have been under severe psychic attack from people I use to hang with. I went to witch after witch, I tried voodoo priest, I even tried the church. I was taken advantage of by one psychic after another. I was about to give up hope, a young man of 33 and I was ready to say enough is enough and then one day purely by accident I stumbled upon Phelan's site and I have to say I was immediately impressed with his articles and the way he puts things out there. I was so scared that this was going to be another bad experience, you have to understand that my entire life was in shambles and as a result of the attacks I lost my wife and all of my family turned their backs on m ... more...

* Starla - Alabama (10/20/2010)

I have been a client of Phelans for the past two years, at the time of coming to Phelan for help I was separated from my husband four years. I never thought much about why Phelan would tell me to stay focused and proactive, until late one night when I was going through my crazy routine of obsessing over why my man left me. I had my candles and incense burning and it was at that moment that I realized just how much time I was wasting on worrying about whether he was sleeping with someone else or not. Not only was I obsessing about this when I was alone, I would talk to my friends and family and of course they would always tell me to move on and to let go and worse I would talk to my spouse an ... more...

* Renee - N Carolina (10/18/2010)

I became your client in September 2008 and in October you performed the hallowmas rituals for me, my desire was to reunite with my husband, he and I had been apart at that time for three years and there was little to no communication between us. I pretty much drove myself and everyone else around me crazy throughout 2009 and in July all communication ceased between me and my husband. I contacted you and you told me that this was part of my process and to maintain my focus on moving forward with reconnecting with my man, honestly Phelan I thought you were crazy and I even stopped writing to you for a while and then January 2010 rolled around and several things that you told me to look for sta ... more...

* Sherry - N Jersey (08/21/2010)

I have worked with Phelan over the past four years on various issues that were important to me in my life. Phelan has help me to reunite with my lover and he has helped to turn my prosperity and financial situation around 360. I am looking forward to continuing the work that he and I have done together and I really loved the New year candles that you sent to me last year. You are a gem Phelan and a blessing to those of us in need of spiritual and magical assistance.

* Ruby - United Kingdom (08/13/2010)

My man left me for a younger woman and I was distraught. It was as if she had him under an evil spell, he turned against me and away from me overnight without any warning. This was in 2007, I used every single spell casting website that I could find for over a year with no results. A friend sent me the link to Phelan's site and I contacted him in late 2008 and started working with him in January 09. As a result from all of the wonderful work that he has done for me, my man and I are back together, he told me himself that he felt as though he was under her spell and that around her he had no desire to contact any of his family including me. Phelan my life was in shambles when I met you and yo ... more...

* Johnny - Auburn (08/10/2010)

I have been a client of Phelan's just over a year and in that time by listening to his words of advice and through the spells and rituals that he has done for me I have realized my goal of reuniting with my wife. My wife and I had been apart three years before I asked Phelan to help me with my issues and I am glad that I did. You are great Phelan please keep helping me people like me.

* Jerry - Massachusetts (07/27/2010)

I was stubborn and hardheaded in the beginning of the work that you did for me. I thought as I had been told by other practitioners that my results would be just a matter of hours or days and I know that I really pushed the envelope with you Phelan and for that I apologize. I am very happy that you had the heart not to drop me as a client, had you I would have totally understood. I am back with my lover and the two of us could not be happier and I owe you a lot of gratitude Phelan.

* Carter - Florida (07/25/2010)

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email from my girt telling me that she wanted us back together and she made the trip to Florida from Virginia to prove her love to me. I am in your debt my friend and will in no doubt be using your services again for other issues in my life that I must address.

* Stan - NC (07/25/2010)

My wife and I are back together, it was a long and exhausting ordeal, but with your help Phelan I finally got my wish. Thank you so very much for all of the help that you gave me, I couldn't have done this without you.

* Toni - Texas (07/23/2010)

I have always been a student of instant gratification and boy was I misled by so many websites that claimed to give fast and even overnight results. When I first found your site Phelan, I was a little put-off by your blatant honesty about how all of this works, your willingness to call out the fraud that exist in your field was refreshing. I decided to give your services a try and I am so glad that I did, I have never experienced the abundance of change and overall good fortune that I have come into since becoming a member of your site and a client of yours for life. You are a wonderful teacher, just by reading your articles I have learned so very much and I want to tell you how much I appre ... more...

* Madge - Colorado (07/07/2010)

I come from a long lineage of psychics and witches and although I have been successful helping my clients when it came to myself I was lacking. Phelan your help has meant more to me than you could ever imagine, thank you for helping me with my prosperity and thank you again for bringing my lover and me closer together.

* Luis - Arizona (07/02/2010)

I was under severe psychic attack that sent me to the mental hospital on three different occasions, I thought they were going to lock me away forever. Phelan not only believed me, he did not turn me away like so many others. Today I am living a complete life fully shielded from the evil attacks that I was under. I will always wear the pentacle that you fashioned for me Phelan. Thanks for beings here to help me and so many like me.

* Alton - Cedartown (07/02/2010)

I want to apologize to you for not listening to your advice and taking it to heart sooner than I did. You were right in so many things that you told me, had I listened sooner I would have been better off. The results from the reuniting work that you did for me have been amazing, my heart is whole once again.

* Trey - California (06/30/2010)

My lover and I were together 7 years when he just up and left me. His family never accepted him as a gay man and I found out that they were pressuring him to leave me. He left me and move three states away, I was so torn up that I felt as though my life was ripping apart at the seams. A good friend of mine referred me to Phelan, I signed up on his site and started corresponding with him, his directness and demeanor had a calming effect on me and it took a little over two years for me to reap the benefit of the work that he and I did together, partly because I was so stubborn and wanted instant gratification that I couldn't see that I was doing more harm than good, soon after that light went ... more...

* Christy - MS (06/11/2010)

My cousin took my man from me, she slept with him, that stinking skank stole my man like the thieving bit** she is. Phelan you brought him back and stopped her meddling in my life. Thanks for your help.

* Edward - Florida (05/06/2010)

My wife and I had apart six years when I sought your help. Phelan I am so happy that I came across your website. I tried so many others before finding you and none of them helped even a little bit, my girl and I are back together and we are looking forward to our future together. From the bottom of my heart thank you!

* Sandra - Alabama (05/26/2010)

My man and me are together again thanks to Phelan. I wish I had settled down and listened to you a lot sooner than I did, but I am happy with the outcome Phelan. I will be a loyal client from here on in.

* Toya - N. Carolina (05/26/2010)

I am a lesbian that has suffered great loss and distress in my relationships due to a curse that an aunt laid on me when I was 16. Three years ago my relationship of 10 years fell apart and my lady left me, Phelan helped me when others refused, he took off the curse and brought my baby back to me. I love you Phelan.

* Dorothy-Seattle (04/02/2010)

My name is Dorothy, I became a client of Phelan's in 2008, at the time that I came to him my husband, and I had been apart for 8 years, and there was no communication at all between the two of us, in fact at one point I was arrested, and charged with stalking, several restraining orders placed against by my husband, and his family. Before finding Phelan my situation was hopeless, and I spent tens of thousands of dollars with other practitioners, I sold two cars, all of my jewelry, and even took out a second mortgage on my house, these people were very ruthless, and I was vulnerable and in need. In the process of dealing with these scoundrels I lost my house, lost my job, and my family turned ... more...

* Tino - Atlanta (03/10/2010)


* Bruce - Arizona (03/05/2010)

I had a problem with a coworker that started every aspect of my life to unravel, my wife and I separated, I lost my house, my car, all the while I retained my job, it was like every other aspect of my life was crumbling, but my employer refused to fire me, which as it turns out would have been the best thing that he could have done, I refused the advances of an older woman on my job, several days after that I found weird little clay dolls on the front seat of my car, the wedding picture of me and my wife that I kept on my desk went missing, and then suddenly reappeared, someone had blackened my wife's face out, as if trying to erase her, my wife left me, took ill and was placed in the ... more...

* Ted - NY (03/03/2010)

I came to you in 2006, after having used every tom, dick and harry-psychic on the internet. I initially had the Kundalini binding done, along with some prosperity work, and as I would come to your site to read articles I decided to have other work done that you offered on your specials page, I am truly amazed at how I was able to clearly focus on what I wanted for once, my mind seemed so sharp and focused. My wife and I are back together, she swore to me when we split that she would never speak to me again, and right up until we bumped into one another at a festival she kept her word, and Phelan she told me that she would have dreams where some man was telling her to call Ted and give him an ... more...

* Heather - Florida (03/02/2010)

My girlfriend and I lived together for 5 years, we split up in 2007 and I tried in every way possible to get her to come back, there were several signs that something was wrong, she started doing drugs, drinking and staying up for days at a time with no rest. I contacted you in March 2008, and you did a reading for me shortly thereafter, in the reading you kept seeing the word crystal, I thought she was on meth, and as it turns out the girl that influenced her away from me was named crystal, and this girl was trouble for all whose path she crossed, even mine. Things got so bad that my ex and I both ended up in jail on domestic violence charges, the girl pulled a gun on me and busted in my ho ... more...

* Sonia - Undisclosed (03/01/2010)

My husband and I were torn apart in June of 2006, I found you on the net later that year, I knew that his sister practiced black magic and she could not stand me, and truthfully the feeling was mutual. We were happily married for seven years, we had a beautiful home and two wonderful kids. When he left he took the kids from me, and gave them to his sister, he cleaned out all of our bank accounts and also gave the money to his sister, I got so depressed that I couldn't work and eventually lost my job, and lost the house. I had fought so hard for so long that I felt as though I would perish. Phelan you combated her dark magic, you helped me get my kids back, I regained my strength and found a ... more...

* Annie - Woodstock, GA (02/19/2010)

My husband and I live in Woodstock, Georgia. We bought our home in November 2009 which was an old farmhouse that had been renovated, it came with a lot of acreage, including several old barns, pastures with a stream running through them. We felt as though we were finally home, after having been displaced during hurricane Katrina. Life seemed good again as we settled into our new home and routine, we do not have children, I am not capable of conceiving so our dogs and cats became our kids, we both work, and keeping up with a place this big would in no doubt be a challenge. The real challenge started about a month after we moved in, strange events started to take place, a bedroom on the ... more...

* Jennifer - California (02/15/2010)

Phelan I have been a client of yours since 2003, my case was difficult, it took upwards of two years for me and my ex-husband to even start to talk again. There was so much negativity between us, not just from us, but from family and friends around us who did not want to see us back together. With your help we not only removed the interference, but we remarried in 2009, when we first got back together we decided to live together first to see if it was going to work, and it has. Phelan I don't know you personally, but I love you, and I thank you for helping me when all others turned against me, or took advantage of me, you are truly a gift to those of us in need.

* Wanda - Canada (10/23/2009)

Phelan you are the bomb. I have been a client for three years now and you have helped me so much! I am back with my lover, and we are planning to move in together and buy a house. I wish you were here, I would throw my arms around you and give you a big hug! If you are working with Phelan, listen to what this man tells you!!!

* Ethan - Texas (10/20/2009)

I am gay, and my lover and I have been together seven years, his family and mine interfered so much that we split-up. His sister is a witch and she never liked me, she put a spell on him to steal him away from me, and to get him hooked up with another guy, her friend. We had everything together, a house, cars, business, and due to the stress we lost it all. Phelan was an excellent help in bringing us back together. At the start of working with him I was stubborn and wanted to rush things, I wanted my man back yesterday, and I had a hard time focusing on my goals, and I neglected my own needs in the process. Phelan set me straight pretty quick, he gave me a reality check, and made me see that ... more...

* Natalie - Alabama (10/17/2009)

My finances were in the toilet, my relationship not far behind, my boyfriend was cheating on me, I would have left him forever, but we have two kids already together. I sought help from Phelan in Sept 07, there was no communication between me and my man whatsoever, within four months of Phelan's help we were talking, granted it took until June of this year for us to get back with one another again, but we are together and I have Phelan to thank for that. I am in your debt Phelan, anything I could do for you please let me know and I will.

* Emma - NY (10/13/2009)

My husband left me for a younger female, she worked at his office. I know she practices some kind of voodoo, I found pictures of me with my faced blacked out, there was also chicken feet and black feathers left on the seat of my car and hanging on the know of my front door. Phelan was the only witch that offered any real help, and I went to twenty or more before finding him. My man and I are backed together and Phelan has managed to keep that winch from harming us more. P and I were split apart for five years, during which time I tried every psychic and spell weaver on the net, I found Phelan this time last year and his kind help means more than anything. Thank you Phelan.

* Marci - New Jersey (10/05/2009)

I had been without love in my life for more than ten years. I tried dating and only ended up getting hurt, I even tried that service where that match you to men who you will be compatible with, no luck! You cast a love spell for me, along with a few other rituals that I opted for. I am so happy to tell you that after being alone for so long that I now have a new man in my life, he is Wiccan, I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but I am sure glad that I found you Phelan. You are an angel for helping me!

* Elizabeth - Florida (10/02/2009)

My husband and I were broken apart for four years with no communication. I did not even know his whereabouts, I came to you in 2008. You agreed to take my case, and you told me straightaway not to expect too much. Phelan I appreciate your honesty so much, it is refreshing. My man and I are back together, he told me that he kept getting the urge to call me, and to come to see me, he finally followed those urges, he said he heard a mans voice telling him to come home. I know Phelan that through your magic that it was your voice he heard, because I heard the same voice too. You are a beautiful man Phelan, bless you for helping me and the others in my position.

* Lee - Texas (09/30/2009)

My boyfriend of seven years left me for another guy, he gave up everything and walked away without any explanation. I hunted all over the internet for someone who practice gay magic and I finally found you. I have been your client for a little more than a year, you have helped me in other areas of my life as well. I just wanted to tell you that Roy and I are together again, I am taking slow like you told me, your advice to me Phelan has been invaluable. Thank you!

* Brenda - Tunica MS (09/30/2009)

My man left me in March of last year, there was so much negativity from my people and his. His step-sister kept enticing him to sleep with her, and he did. She practices voodoo, and she had him under her spell and control. Phelan you helped me break her hold over him, and he is now at home with me once more. I just wanted to say thanks to you.

* Todd - N Mexico (09/29/2009)

Phelan, I came to you full of desperation, I was hopeless and at times felt helpless. I used every spell casting service on the internet, all of them promised guaranteed and fast results, which neither happened. I came to your site through a referral of a friend who had successfully used your services, this was back in July 07. I have followed your advice, read your site from start to finish many times over, each time I gained something new. My wife and I are back together, and Phelan I know that it is because of the help that I received from you. Thank you so much for all of your help!

* Nick - USA (07/11/2009)

Please do not publish my email or phone. I have worked with many practioners. I am just now begining working with this wonderful man Phelan. He really cares about his clients. Let me tell all of you. I have never worked with someone that is so caring and honest as him. I know that we will accomplish my goals together. He is a good soul! I recommend him to all. Thank you!

* Alison - Kansas City (07/06/2009)

I came to you looking for a quick fix, you were upfront with me and told me outright that while magic can at times work very quickly, that it was still a process, and there were no guarantees or timeframes that you could offer me. I decided to use your services, admittedly when things looked as though it might take a while, I started looking for faster results, which took me to websites that I wish now that I had never found. They promised me fast results, some even gave me the date and time that my boyfriend and I would be back together, those dates came and went, and so did their websites. Phelan I really feel the need to apologize to you, for doubting you and your work, I had not b ... more...

* Jason - Mich (07/02/2009)

My boyfriend of seven years left me last year offering no reason, no explanation of any kind. I had used your service in 2002 for another purpose, which by the way turned out beautifully, and is the reason that I sought your help again with my relationship. I really like the fact that you use a common sense approach to what you do, and that on more than one occasion you gave me a verbal tongue lashing giving me a much needed reality check. I will make a long story short, Carl and I are back together, and although it is rocky, we are riding out the bumps! Thank you Phelan, I will be in touch soon, there are a few other issues in my life that I need your help with.

* Judy N - Seattle WA (06/28/2009)

I am a gambler at heart, and for the most part I have always done very well for myself. I hit a run of bad luck, or so I thought in 2007, that downturn carried over into 08. Gambling is not just recreational for me, it is a means of support for me and my family. I went to several local psychics, and I was told that I had used up my allotment of good luck for this life, one of them also said that I was suffering from a curse that I had been put on me years before. Out of desperation I started searching for answers, and I was led to your site. You told me that is was utter nonsense that I had used up all of my good luck, that as magical beings we are constantly creating our reality. You did an ... more...

* Orlando - NY (06/28/2009)

I was being attacked by a local gypsy that I had used for a few things that I needed done. She attacked me, my family, and my business, my wife who was healthy her entire life suddenly took ill and to her bed, for six months all she would do is go to the bathroom and then back to bed, it got so bad that she had to be hospitalized for not eating. My sixteen year old daughter was attacked by spirits as she slept, and showered, at one point while swimming she was dragged under by unseen forces and almost drown, she lost consciousness and paramedics had to be called to revive her. During this time we had two deaths in our family, both members were young and healthy, their deaths are still a myst ... more...

* Charley - Miami (06/25/2009)

My wife left me for a younger man last year in January. I heard of you and your site through a friend of mine who has used your services successfully over the years. Skeptically I made the call, I am not sure what I was expecting, but, I recall thinking that you were nothing like I had imagined. You are kind and good hearted, not scary at all. When I told you of an experience that I had with another practitioner, you quickly put my mind at ease and told me not to worry about anything, to make a long story short the other Witch that I was working with started threatening me, I am not sure what you did, but she left me alone completely and has never been in touch since then! My wife and I reun ... more...

* Landia - Smyrna (06/23/2009)

I came to you in 2007 seeking help with reuniting with my husband. Although it took longer than I wanted it to, I am convinced that the only reason that we are back together again is because of your help. Before finding you I wasted so much time being angry, and lashing out in that anger, I am so happy that you helped me with so many issues, Phelan you are the best.

* Cheryl - Singapore (06/20/2009)

Dear Phelan, I came to you in July 2008 when my then boyfriend first asked to be in an open relationship. We had been in a great relationship which made his decision all the more disruptive and devastating. I came across your website and shortly after, you started working with me. More than anything else at that time, I wanted to be reunited with B and yes, I was obsessed. We did a series of spells - the Kundalini binding, the Blood Moon, Beltane, 9-Day Core binding, breakup spells and several others. Initially I was frustrated when nothing happened - yes, we managed to get rid of a few of the harlots surrounding him, but he and I were nowhere near a reunion. Throughout this time, you told ... more...

* Lynn - East Orange,NJ 07017 (06/16/2009)

I came to Phelan back in January or February and I had an Aura Cleansing. Which was wonderful! I started to see results almost immediately. I have never felt so renewed. All good things come to those that believe and change their mindset just a bit!!! He helped me believe again. Thank you So much PHELAN!!

* Robert - Arizona (06/03/2009)

Four months ago I decided to ask for your help. You performed several different rituals on my behalf, you kept me focused with your positive words, and your articles. After having such a negative time of things with other practitioners I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I expected an email or phone call telling me that you needed more money, a call and email that never came by the way, although many other emails arrived in my inbox, emails that gave me encouragement and hope. I wish that I could give you a hug Phelan, you are a terrific individual and if I am ever in need of anything else along this line you are my first call, and please know that if I can ever do anything to ... more...

* Chris - Carolina (05/30/2009)

Phelan I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. My family and I feel safe for the first time in a very longtime going asleep in our home. It is funny that we tried everything, even had the Catholic Priest come and perform a blessing on our home and nothing seemed to work. I called you and you came to my house, you spent three hours with us, and you were able to communicate with the spirits that had taken the place over, and you dispelled them. Thank you, and if anyone out there doesn't believe in ghost, you will the moment that it happens to you! Thank you again Phelan!

* Jordan - Seattle (05/24/2009)

Months after I had my spells cast I felt hopeless, tired, alone and defeated. I visited Phelan's site daily wishing that I could be one of the lucky ones to post a testimonial. In all honesty I was just about ready to give up, and then in March I decided to have the core binding and the blood moon work done. About four weeks later my wife called me, I was stunned, we had not spoken in over two years, she asked me if we could talk, and of course I jumped at the chance. To make a very long story short, with Phelan's help we are now back together, and those who split us apart are no longer apart of our world. I know and so does Phelan, that black magic was at work, and it almost one, I had been ... more...

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.