* Steven - California (07/06/2012)

My boyfriend broke up with me because of his family and friends. We were very happy together, until his mother got sick and his sister refused to help, she lived in the same city and state. We moved from the west to the east coast, we were not even there a month before the trouble between us started.

We were together for 8 years, his mom loves me, his sister hates me! He threw me out of the house, leaving me to return to California alone.

I came across Phelan's website last year by accident and being that I am a pagan, not a Witch, I do believe in the power of magic, I just didn't believe that I had it within me, Phelan showed him the way back to me and I will never know how to repay him for all of his help.

We are together again and his family is out of the picture, his mother has moved to California to live with us and he will not even take his sisters phone call. I am so happy!

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