My Clients

* Art & Beth N - Alabama (02/16/2007)

You saved my life and have given me a second chance with my family and the people that I love! Your magic is wonderful, but the approach that you take at life, the articles that reflect tried and true methods and the guidance that you provide has proven invaluable to me, with your help I changed my mind and attitude about life, I quit smoking, I quit drinking and I am going to group therapy to help with my chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol, I told my wife about you and she has been visiting your site for the last couple of months, she told me that she has found comfort in the writings on your site, please keep up the good work that you do for all of us and know how much you mea ... more...

* Linda Lu - Mass (02/16/2007)

I just couldnt wait to tell you that my man and I are back together, it happened Thursday morning, you did the Kundalini binding for me about a year or so ago and I decided to have the Valentines ritual done and while I know that you just finished up with that ritual on the 14th, I just really feel that it helped kick things over the top, he told me that he felt compelled to call me in the middle of the night, Phelan I havent spoken with him in over seven months, it is simply amazing, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, I just dropped a little something in the mail to you today to show my appreciation, I hope you like it and I hope it fits!

* Steve - North Carolina (02/02/2007)

My wife left me for a woman and to say the least I was devastated, as it turns out the woman that she left me for practices voodoo, which explains a series of events that at the time there was no explanation for. I came to you in March 2005, you were so blunt and upfront that it was a little scary, and while you told me that there was little to no hope, you ever so gracefully accepted my case and Phelan I am writing you today to tell you that my wife and I are back together, I know for a fact that black magic voodoo was the reason we split apart in the first place and as a boomerang effect I lost my job, we lost our house and both of our cars were repossessed and my daughter was bit by a sna ... more...

* Melinda - United Kingdom (01/26/2007)

I have always been skeptical about things that I cannot see and I am sure that my skepticism made it that much harder for the magic that you cast to manifest for me. My situation was drastic and I was so very desperate when I found your website, prior to finding you I had the displeasure of visiting several other sites that are very popular and offer spells for the low cost, it is so true that you get what you pay for, but that doesnt simply apply to Phelan and his staff because I know from my own personal experience that Phelan went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to dealing with me, I just dont know how he does it, there is not another magical website out there that will giv ... more...

* Pati - TN (01/18/2007)

I realize that most of your clients whose better half has left come to you seeking a love spell or a way to reunite them with their partner, I was also one of those individuals, the exception in my case is that I wanted to develop a greater understanding as to why my husband and I split apart, there was so much about my own behavior that I couldnt grasp. I enlisted your help and had several sessions with you, during the sessions much to my surprise we uncovered a lot of stuff that I had done wrong with my husband and even the relationship prior to him, Phelan with your help I learned to release my negative patterns, renew my self esteem and most of all during the process I learned to will my ... more...

* Enrique - New Mexico (01/16/2007)

I was under severe Psychic attack, I moved seven times in two years trying to escape it and it seemed that no matter where I went it found me. I finally found you through several referrals that I received from people that I work with, they too had used your services for various reasons and you did an outstanding job with them when I heard this I didnt hesitate and I am glad that I didnt, you performed a cleansing, protection and several customized packages for me, I am happy to report that I have not suffered a Psychic attack in the last four months and as a result of your services my money has straightened out and my lover and I are now back together! Phelan you are amazing and I know that ... more...

* Kendra - Louisiana (01/14/2007)

My boyfriend and were split apart by evil, mean and nasty people, I turned to you after so many others took advantage of me and you were able to help me, you were the first spell master that took the time to offer comforting words to me, even before you were working with me you were so kind! Phelan you are an angel in the devils world, the love of my life and I are back together and I will be in contact with you soon to add some reinforcement to the arsenal of spells that you have weaved for me, your spells are for real and more importantly you are for real. I love you my friend!

* Lisa - Arizona (01/14/2007)

Phelan you did a fertility spell for me about six months ago, I am forty-six years old and I had just about resolved myself to the fact I would never have a baby. My husband and I both have been wishing desperately for a child and I am happy to report that I am two months pregnant, I am so excited and my husband is so happy! Phelan I will keep you posted, John and I would like to make you our childs honorary God Father.

* Lynn P - Florida (01/07/2007)

My husband and I have been split up since 2003, there was so much interference from his family and a girl that he picked up in a bar that I had just about lost any and all hope on ever getting with him again. I love him so much, Phelan you showed me that magic works, at least your kind of magic works, I had gone to a local black witch before I ask you for help, as a result you had to do extensive work for me, and you scolded me several times because I wouldnt focus as you told me to, I am glad that you took the time to reply to my email even when it sounded so crazy, you are more than a practitioner, you are a real person with a huge heart and anyone who ever says different just doesnt know ... more...

* Ernie H - Delaware (01/04/2007)

Thank you Phelan for all of your wonderful help, you know I had played the lottery and other games of chance, during the phone reading you told me that I was playing the wrong type of games, I diverted my attention to the horse and dog races and have won more than enough to save my house and my cars, plus I have put some money towards a new business venture. Phelan when your right your right, my attitude sucked just like you said, I must admit that I got a little mad at you because you didnt candy coat anything, but now I am glad that you didnt, because it was that conversation with you that changed my whole outlook and turned my life around, Phelan keep throwing those punches!

* Marsha - United Kingdom (12/29/2006)

Phelan I cannot tell you exactly how many spell casters that I went to before I found you, I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was in June 2005, I was devastated and at that the end of my rope, I did a search on the internet like a hundred times before, but this time your site popped right up at the top, I have to admit that I was a raging skeptic, I read through the information on the site before I decided to register, I contacted you as my last hope, and that was the most amazing thing that I could have ever done, my husband and I are back together and though it has only been a short while I am optimistic that things will continue to work out, you performed the Kundalini binding f ... more...

* Nate - Danville (12/12/2006)

Phelan I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that since you did my work earlier this year my love life and money problems have improved beyond belief. You are truly a miracle worker, keep waving that magic wand and sprinkling your fairy dust, you know it is true that God blesses those who bless others and I know you must live a life filled with blessings. Thank you for helping me to keep my family together and for the prosperous blessings that you have bestowed upon us.

* Kitty - Ohio (12/03/2006)

Phelan I am so happy that I found you, three years ago I felt as my life was over, my husband left me and took both of our kids and he divorced me and within a matter of a few weeks in remarried a much younger woman and made her the step mother of my kids. Before finding I was lost, but what I found was warmth, compassion and understanding. I must admit I never had a tongue lasing like you have given me Phelan, but now I understand why and as a result me, Randy and our kids our once again a family, he said that he felt as if he had no choice in the matter and I know that is the magic that you inflicted him with. Bless you Phelan and happiness to you and yours this holiday s ... more...

* Marti - CO (10/09/2006)

Phelan, December is our three-year anniversary, I contacted you at the end of November in 2003 and you started working with me shortly thereafter, my goal was to reunite with my husband, Roy. Roy is no doubt one of the most stubborn individuals that I have ever dealt with and in all honesty if I didnt really love him I would have cut the ties years ago, but my emotions always get the better of me where he is concerned. 16 months into the process I was more than ready to throw in the towel, but somehow with your help I found the will to pickup the pieces of my life and move forward, all the while keeping sight of my goal to reunite with the love of my life in the back of my mind, Phelan you m ... more...

* Terrence - Tucson (09/06/2006)

My wife left me six years ago, I contacted you in 2003 and you declined to take me as a client because you said that I was so negative that I would undermine the work that you would do for me, a year passed and still no word from my wife and thousands of dollars wasted on other psychics, spell casters and voodoo doctors, I contacted you again, I was amazed to see that your site was still up and running and really that you were still here, many of the other people that I had used disappeared on me once I gave them my money, this time you accepted me as a client and although for me it has been hard and rocky you Phelan by far have been the best witch that I have used, my wife and I are now bac ... more...

* Brad V. - Canada (08/26/2006)

Phelan I just wanted to let you know that Mickey and I are back together, I know that you told me that it would happen, I just wish that I had listen to you a little sooner than I did, maybe if I had I wouldnt have driven myself crazy with so many obsessive thoughts and painting myself into a corner in my mind that I couldnt get myself out of. Mickey told me that he had no intention of ever taking me back, but that he kept having a dream of me dying and when he asked what I died of he was told a broken heart, funny, this started around the time that you first started working with me, I relate it to the work, strange I know, but this once disbeliever is a true believer not only in magi ... more...

* Sonya - Florida (08/21/2006)

I had tried so many other spell weavers before finding Phelan and his website, I will be forever in your debt for the work that you did for me and the information that you provide for those of us who are having difficulty. You are truly a master at your craft and I hope that you continue helping others as you helped me, my husband and I are together once again and the people that were interfering just up and stopped and have left us alone, thank you so much Phelan, you are an angel!

* Bianca - Puerto Rico (08/09/2006)

I love you and your website, it was totally refreshing to find a website of this nature that offers so much support, you are a compassionate individual who knows his stuff and Phelan you know what you are doing, my husband and I are back together and he has even agreed to go to counseling with me, I am so happy that I am in tears! Thank you for being here and for being who you are, I plan to continue using your products and services in the future.

* Andrew - Minnesota (08/05/2006)

Two years ago I felt that my life was over, that is until I found you, it was a very long process and at times I felt as though I would surely give up. Phelan you must have said a million and one times, stay focused! I am so glad that eventually I listened to you, my boyfriend and I have been back together for four months now, before you came into my life there wasnt a prayers chance that he would have anything to do with me. I now have my life back and we are getting back on track. Light and love.

* Daniel - Georgia (08/01/2006)

Phelan you are truly wonderful and talented at what you do, I appreciate all of the help that you have given and I am really considering continuing with some follow up work now that my girl and I are back together. Thank you so much, I will be in contact soon to get started on the other work.

* Allen - Florida (06/19/2006)

I am not sure whether or not it is okay for me to say this, Phelan you have been nothing but wonderful to me, I was so down and out when I contacted you for help that being broke would have been a step up, you listened to me but you refused to coddle me or allow me to wallow in self pity, thank you very much for that Phelan and thank you for helping me bring the person that I love back into my life.

* Jorge - Arizona (06/13/2006)

Phelan you performed the Kundalini spell to reunite my wife, and me I then had you do the blood moon ceremony and I am writing to say today that we are back together. You are a master mojo man and you removed the evil eye from us, I confess that I had my doubts in the beginning but I witness firsthand the knowledge that you possess and the fine mastery of your art. May the god bless and keep you always.

* Trina - Vermont (06/06/2006)

I started using your services in 2004 right after my husband left me and our two kids, you told me that my situation wasnt going to be easy to reconcile and you were right. Mr. Phelan, after two years and two months of agony my man is now back at home, he told me that he felt as though he was being pulled to me and my kids and would lay awake at night for hours thinking about us, which is a big improvement because he even told me at one point that we no longer existed in his heart. You have been a Godsend to me and my kids and I know for a fact that if it werent for your help that he would never have come back home to us. Bless you Phelan.

* Randie K - Colorado (05/29/2006)

You have been an inspiration in my life now for more than four years, I look forward to every newsletter, article and bits and pieces of information that you share with all of us. When I found you my finances were in the toilet and my credit was obsolete, today I own my home and I just purchased a second car. Phelan the work that you did for me and the principals of prosperity that I learned from you are invaluable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

* Timothy - Oakmont (05/17/2006)

Before finding you I tried many other practitioners who claimed to be all-powerful, the thing that impressed me the most with you was the straightforwardness of your articles and your insight and the fact that you make no claims or guarantees. Truthfully I had just about decided to give up and to throw in the towel, but reluctantly I decided to give it another shot. I enlisted your aid with the kundalini binding and over a period of time I opted to have other work done through you, in all total I have been a client now for roughly three years, in January of this year my world totally fell down around me, you see my ex-wife married another guy, I was devastated to say the least, I immediately ... more...

* Cat - Atlanta, GA (05/14/2006)

Phelan, Just wanted to let you know things are continuing on the upswing for Dennis and me. Your reading was absolutely on point. You warned me not to get caught up in other people's issues and bickering. Well, I went to Colorado for my cousin's graduation and it was total chaos.

* Yolanda - Nevada (05/10/2006)

I purchased the Valentine Day Love spell in Feb, it had been since last June that we were together, My positive thoughts and Patience and Phelans words reminding me not to give up paid off and now its May not only are we back together but he tells me he loves me. I got my second chance and this time its really going to work. Thanks Phelan for everything. Bless you

* Stanley - Arizona (04/23/2006)

My lover and I have been living apart for the past two years, we have been together for a little over five years and I guess that we not only started taking one another for granted we allowed the wrong people in our house, people who presented themselves as friends but had other motives that were not obvious to us at the time, Phelan you opened my eyes to that fact and with your expertise, advice, guidance and the services that you provided me with we are once again back together and doing well. I cannot thank you enough, it is hard being a gay man, but Phelan you do it with such ease and grace you are absolutely a model for the rest of us and I personally feel that it would absolutel ... more...

* Albert - North Carolina (04/21/2006)

My ex-wife and I were married for 15 years and I guess we grew apart. I have always loved her and during the period that we were apart and I acquired Phelans help I never stopped loving her. She was so hateful and bitter that we couldnt even stay in the same room for ten minutes without falling right back into our old ways and arguing! Phelan with your help we have reconnected in a way that feels like the very first days of our relationship, when it was young and fun, it feels so much like that and we are in love once again, we went from zero communication to taking a trip together recently to Colorado for three weeks where we were remarried, Phelan your are an awesome individual and ... more...

* Catrice - Georgia (04/17/2006)

I started reading Phelan's articles last November and decided to obtain his services in Jan. About a year and a half ago I met and fell in love with the other half of me but like so many situations there was an obstacle in the form of an ex that has not moved on or out. I purchased the Kundalini Binding Package and saw results within a few days. I couldn't believe that I could be holding my root bag and my phone would be ringing at the same time! Then I found out about the Blood Moon Ritual with the break up spell and I just completed it last Tue. I know now that her days are numbered and she cannot leech off the kindness of my love's heart. It is just a matter of time before my situa ... more...

* Corey - Birmingham (04/11/2006)

Phelan, you accepted me as a client in June 2004, I must admit that I felt my situation was doomed and hopeless and I lost sight of my goals several times and experienced many setbacks. Andrea actually married someone else in March of 2005 and although I felt that I needed to give up and move on with my life you told me that it wouldnt last and it didnt, she told me that she married him as an attempt to forget about me, but try as she may she just couldnt, she called me in January and asked me to meet her and I did, we have been together ever since and we are planning to remarry as soon as her divorce is final, that sounds so funny! Phelan you are wonderful and I am so thankful for your hel ... more...

* Kelly - Arizona (04/07/2006)

Thank you for your help, you performed the reuniting package for me in January, my man and I are back together and working things out! I just wanted to let you know and provide you with an update.

* Scott - Massachusetts (04/04/2006)

I have been a client of yours since 2003. You have worked with me on prosperity issues, uncrossing my energy and developing my psychic sensors, most recently you have helped me to reunite with my boyfriend of eleven years, he was taken from me by a female that he worked with, she has a thing for gay guys and he has a thing for overweight blondes, granted she is somewhat butch and although I could get very descriptive and colorful here I will save it there is no use in bombarding you with those thoughts or images. Phelan you came into my life during a very dark period and I know that the only reason that I made the decision to keep going is because of the strength that I found within my heart ... more...

* Bill - California (03/02/2006)

First of all I want to Thank Phelan. Phelan's spell work is very real and it does work! AWESOME! To anyone considering using Phelan's services I can highly recommend them. I would first of all recommend looking over his site completely and reading of his articles, they are very helpful and contain excellent information. If you are here because of matters of the heart Phelan's spell work is excellent, I can say this as I have first hand experience of which I will share some of and some of my insights as well. Phelan is very helpful, but you need to be able to do your part and have the right frame of mind and be very positive, sincere about what you want, and know the results you a ... more...

* Jesus - Texas (02/18/2006)

Phelan I appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf, I use all the items that you sent to me along with my root bag. My wife and I are working things out and I know it is all because of your help. I will be visiting Atlanta in June and would like a session in person.

* Shirley - Memphis (02/16/2006)

I found you about seven months after my husband and I separated, that was in 2001, he left me for a younger woman, she had no idea that he was married, so I did not find fault with her. You worked with me and he came back, only to leave again because I lost my temper and threw him out, this time he went back to her and filed for a divorce that became final in 2003, he married her three months later. I tried in every way that I could to let go, when I realized that I couldnt I got in touch with you again and with your expert help we are now back together and they are divorced and we remarried this year on Valentines day. He told me that he felt as though he was under some sort of spell where ... more...

* James C - Carolina (02/06/2006)

You performed your magic spells for me to bring back my wife, she and I are now back together, I took your advice and focused on me, I went back to school and I took a part time job to keep myself busy, before that I was constantly going by and knocking on her door and calling her repeatedly even though she asked me not to. Phelan you are an inspiration and you have given me a whole new direction to travel in, Olivia told me that she actually started to miss me and even started wondering if I had found a new love, when I was right there all the time she didnt have a chance to see what life was like without me, you were so right on target Phelan, a big thank you!

* Connie - Arkansas (02/05/2006)

After I received my money jar and gamblers bag I cleansed my home and my office to get rid of the negative energy, I also ordered your prosperity, money and uncrossing incense, I have to tell you that my finances looked very bleak just three months prior, Phelan I have been able to turn things around, I got a new job and I won almost the exact amount that I needed to pay off my credit card debt and to get all of my bills up-to-date. I appreciate all of your help!

* Trish - Texas (02/03/2006)

Before I found you I was certain that my life was over, I had wasted money after money on psychics promising instant results, with you I found no guarantees or trickery of any kind, just open and honest straight from the hip information and guidance that I was able to use in order to allow my heart desires to appear. Phelan thank you for being real in what you do, your help I will always hold close to my heart, your kindness and frankness made a different in my life. My husband and I are back together after having been separated for more than six years, without you I would have been lost. God bless you and your loved ones.

* Mike - Atlanta (01/25/2006)

I really appreciate your help with my finances, you were right my attitude was killing any chance of regaining my footing. I can honestly say that once I truly listened to what you would tell me in emails and reading over the site that I finally got it, it was like turning on a switch and on comes the light! Thank you for everything!

* Rita S - Arizona (01/20/2006)

It is plain to see that you genuinely care about other people, my experience working with you as been absolutely phenomenal. Phelan you have helped me in many areas of my life, but the most amazing by far has been the help that you provided me with to bring back my husband. Looking back I realize now that I was a raging jealous lunatic and I drove him and pushed him away, we divorced six weeks after you started working with me, at that point the divorce had been in process for more than a year, he remarried three months later and at that point I was ready to give up on us and life in general, Phelan you constantly told me to keep my focus and you also told me that it would come back ... more...

* Angelina - Utah (01/04/2006)

You did me a spell to bring back my man in October of 2005, he came home on New Year day and we are working out thing. Phelan you saved my life, thanks!

* Ryan L - Rhode Island (12/22/2005)

Merry Yule and Seasons best to you and yours Phelan. I came to you in 2002 my life was a mess, I have to admit that I was demanding and forceful, I assumed like many that I would get immediate results from the work that we were doing together, you were always nothing but honest and straight forward with me and you constantly told me to maintain my focus, you also told me that nothing at all would happen overnight. I admittedly made several poor life decisions that eventually landed me in jail, the day that the police handcuffed me I recalled you saying to me that you saw my freedom being taken from me, boy were you right. Wanda, my wife, left me because of my abusive and self destructive be ... more...

* Jacob - California (12/08/2005)

My life was a total disaster before contacting you, I realize now that I was so busy looking for a quick fix and looking for the easy way out that I constantly made bad decisions for myself. My relationship ended on a bad note and financially I was belly up, you did some work for me and you gave me a lot to think about during a phone reading, you gave me the tools that I needed and at times your methods seemed harsh to me, but now looking back I understand why, before we can walk we first have to crawl and I had spent a lifetime crawling and using those around me as a crutch, it is for this reason my wife left me, with your help Phelan I am standing on y own two feet and although my wife has ... more...

* Conrad - Deleware (12/05/2005)

Phelan it took twenty-seven months from the day that I first contacted you for my wife and I to get back together, this is nothing less than a small miracle and the miracle is the fact that I found you in the first place. I never believed in magic before, but I have come to accept it as a way of life, I have grown and learned so much about myself in the last two years, without having you in my corner I would still be stuck in the same rut as before, thank you for being on my side and helping me through my darkest hour.

* Beverly - United Kingdom (11/30/2005)

Phelan my husband and I are together once again and I owe you so much more than I could ever pay. You have been a wonderful mentor and you have a keen ability to keep people on the straight and narrow. The money jar that you sent me is already paying off, I have experienced several windfalls and I feel that there is still more to come. Holiday blessings to you and your family!

* Angie - Tulsa (11/22/2005)

I just had to write to tell you that me and my husband have renewed our vows, Phelan I thought this day would never come, I first came to you in 2002 and you were pretty straight forward as to the severity of my situation and you were right, I had tons of people working against me including members of my own family. Phelan you are an angel and I know that without you I would have given up long ago. I also wanted to inquire about the Yuletide hand fasting, you performed that for me last year in December and with Yule approaching I would like to have it done again, I equate so much of the success that I have had around that ritual in particular. May the Goddess always bless you and your ... more...

* Dina - N. Carolina (11/21/2005)

Phelan I was so lost and confused, my life was simply a mess and even worse my husband of eleven years took up with another woman and left my two kids and me stranded and alone. I turned to the Internet and at first all I manage to find were people who were rude and dishonest. I found your site last year on what would have been our eleventh anniversary and I am so glad that I did. Through your help I found my inner strength that eventually lead to my independence and although my husband and I have managed to renew our love to one another and are now back together he knows that I will never become dependant on him again, I love him and I want to be with him and as long as he does right by me ... more...

* Rodney - Florida (11/19/2005)

Phelan it took almost two years to the day that I first contacted you in order to see results from the work that you did for me. I really want to convey my sincerest gratitude to you, you not only helped me return to my lover, but through reading all that you wrote and continue to write I have learned so much, I just signed up for your class and I am looking forward to learning even more. Light and Love!

* Kathy - Nebraska (11/04/2005)

I appreciate all that you have done for me, my life has started over and I owe it all to you. I am so very happy right now tears of joy are flowing! Maybe this go around we will make it work! Thank you Phelan.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.