My Clients

* Charley - Miami (06/25/2009)

My wife left me for a younger man last year in January. I heard of you and your site through a friend of mine who has used your services successfully over the years. Skeptically I made the call, I am not sure what I was expecting, but, I recall thinking that you were nothing like I had imagined. You are kind and good hearted, not scary at all. When I told you of an experience that I had with another practitioner, you quickly put my mind at ease and told me not to worry about anything, to make a long story short the other Witch that I was working with started threatening me, I am not sure what you did, but she left me alone completely and has never been in touch since then! My wife and I reun ... more...

* Landia - Smyrna (06/23/2009)

I came to you in 2007 seeking help with reuniting with my husband. Although it took longer than I wanted it to, I am convinced that the only reason that we are back together again is because of your help. Before finding you I wasted so much time being angry, and lashing out in that anger, I am so happy that you helped me with so many issues, Phelan you are the best.

* Cheryl - Singapore (06/20/2009)

Dear Phelan, I came to you in July 2008 when my then boyfriend first asked to be in an open relationship. We had been in a great relationship which made his decision all the more disruptive and devastating. I came across your website and shortly after, you started working with me. More than anything else at that time, I wanted to be reunited with B and yes, I was obsessed. We did a series of spells - the Kundalini binding, the Blood Moon, Beltane, 9-Day Core binding, breakup spells and several others. Initially I was frustrated when nothing happened - yes, we managed to get rid of a few of the harlots surrounding him, but he and I were nowhere near a reunion. Throughout this time, you told ... more...

* Lynn - East Orange,NJ 07017 (06/16/2009)

I came to Phelan back in January or February and I had an Aura Cleansing. Which was wonderful! I started to see results almost immediately. I have never felt so renewed. All good things come to those that believe and change their mindset just a bit!!! He helped me believe again. Thank you So much PHELAN!!

* Robert - Arizona (06/03/2009)

Four months ago I decided to ask for your help. You performed several different rituals on my behalf, you kept me focused with your positive words, and your articles. After having such a negative time of things with other practitioners I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I expected an email or phone call telling me that you needed more money, a call and email that never came by the way, although many other emails arrived in my inbox, emails that gave me encouragement and hope. I wish that I could give you a hug Phelan, you are a terrific individual and if I am ever in need of anything else along this line you are my first call, and please know that if I can ever do anything to ... more...

* Chris - Carolina (05/30/2009)

Phelan I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. My family and I feel safe for the first time in a very longtime going asleep in our home. It is funny that we tried everything, even had the Catholic Priest come and perform a blessing on our home and nothing seemed to work. I called you and you came to my house, you spent three hours with us, and you were able to communicate with the spirits that had taken the place over, and you dispelled them. Thank you, and if anyone out there doesn't believe in ghost, you will the moment that it happens to you! Thank you again Phelan!

* Jordan - Seattle (05/24/2009)

Months after I had my spells cast I felt hopeless, tired, alone and defeated. I visited Phelan's site daily wishing that I could be one of the lucky ones to post a testimonial. In all honesty I was just about ready to give up, and then in March I decided to have the core binding and the blood moon work done. About four weeks later my wife called me, I was stunned, we had not spoken in over two years, she asked me if we could talk, and of course I jumped at the chance. To make a very long story short, with Phelan's help we are now back together, and those who split us apart are no longer apart of our world. I know and so does Phelan, that black magic was at work, and it almost one, I had been ... more...

* Tanya - Chicago (05/21/2009)

I wish that I had listen to Phelan's advice, he warned me several times not to speak openly with those around me about the rituals and spells that I was having done. He told me that not only was I at risk because of envious and jealous people would scoff at my magic, but that my magic may very well turn on me and produce the opposite result, as appose to the one that I desired. Phelan was right, and everything was going wrong, and then I started reading his articles, and several of them struck true with me, and as I continue to utilize Phelans help I listened to everything that he said to me, no matter how minor I felt it was, and today my magical investment has paid off, the love of my life ... more...

* Stephen - Kentucky (04/04/2009)

My boyfriend was stolen from me by a screaming queen that he met in a local gay bar. I went to many other practicing witch's who claimed to specialize in gay love spells, none of them worked, that is until I found Phelan, although at that point I was so skeptical that I almost passed his website by, something told me to give him a try, and I am glad that I did, my man and I are back together, not only did Phelan cast the spells for me, but, the two of us communicated through his site, his advice I listened to and used, if you choose to work with him, do yourself a favor, listen to him, if he is working with you it is because he believes in you and your situation, otherwise, my impression of ... more...

* Roy - California (04/02/2009)

Phelan has been an awesome help to me and my family, our finances have been in the toilet for over two years now, we have had such bad luck, every attempt to get something going in the way of a new job or business has been blocked by someone who was working against me and my wife. We were told of Phelan through another relative who used his services, and we have been working with him just under a year, but, we have been able to set goals for ourselves and with Phelan's help manifest them. Magical attacks are real, personally I use to scoff at the idea, but, after living through the experience of one I am a true believer. Phelan, my wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our he ... more...

* Greta - Alabama (04/02/2009)

I am a witch, I became involved with a local group, I am not going to give them a compliment by calling them a coven. After about seven months I realized that I had made a grave mistake, my husband is also a witch, and he joined the group about four months later, it wasn't long after he joined until some of the young women in the group starting making advances towards him, at first I chalked it up as harmless flirting and so did he, he expressed no interest in them whatsoever, and even told me that he found their behavior somewhat repulsive. The passes continued until I had enough, I confronted them, and was immediately asked to leave the group by the high priestess, who stood toe to toe wit ... more...

* Nathan - United Kingdom (03/03/2009)

My wife and I split because of interference from her family and friends, she took my two kids and left without saying goodbye, I was broken hearted and my behavior turned violently self-destructive, I turned to Phelan and his help has been the rock that I had looked for, for a very longtime. My family has been united again and her family and friends have been put into their place, no more interference from them thanks to Phelan's help. You are the best!

* Cora - Florida (03/02/2009)

My life had been in total shambles for the past seven or eight years, I met Phelan online in 2006 and he has been working with me ever since, he has helped me with reuniting with my husband, which just happened about a month ago and my financial life was a disaster and income was pretty much nonexistent, Phelan showed me the light at the end of the tunnel, he held the door open for me and told me that it was my job to walk through that door as he could not do that for me, this man is an angel and I feel blessed to have found one of the few resources on the internet that has actually provided me with the help that I needed.

* Misty - North Carolina (03/01/2009)

My man left me for this little tramp about a year ago, her mother is a practicing witch who professes to lay curses on people and cast love spells on men to steal them away from their families. A friend put me in touch with Phelan, and as a result I have been able to reunite with my husband and I have followed Phelan's advice and moved away from the area that we lived in. Phelan I am so happy that I found you, you have brought me and my soul mate back together, and he told me that he is unsure as to why he left me for that little tramp.

* Larry - Atlantic City (02/27/2009)

Last July I found Phelan's website through searching the internet, I was in dire need and I wanted to enhance my luck and good fortune, I was skeptical at first because I had tried many other sites that claimed fast results, the difference with Phelan is that he told me straight away that there were no fast results and that he offered no guarantees. For some reason his honesty really made me relax, so I decided to ask him for his help, he did a series of work for me to uncross my energy and to draw money to me, he sent me several charms and amulets and a money drawing root bag, he also sent me a money jar in which I keep on my desk in my office, to date I have hit several lower level jackpot ... more...

* Charles - Columbus (02/25/2009)

Phelan helped me to reunite with my wife, we had already been separated five years when I started working with Phelan, it took roughly three years for me to get my wish, but, considering that we had no communication during our time apart whatsoever, three years was a cakewalk. I owe you a great deal Phelan, I just don't know how I could every pay you enough for what you have done for me and my family.

* NL - Texas (01/28/2009)

I found Phelan late in 2007 and have worked with him since. Mine has been a learning experience, thinking I knew what I wanted and ending up in an entirely different direction - thank goodness for that. With Phelan's help my finances have improved, my relationship rocks, and I am a bit wiser through the whole process. Phelan is a rare find! I am very fortunate to have come across Phelan and be able to learn from his newsletters and guidance! This is the real deal, be patient, be open to listen, and be able to change negative mindsets - when you work with Phelan, you must do your part too.

* Laura - Denver, CO (01/25/2009)

I first started working with Phelan and his staff around 2004. My focus and desire was the man that I was dating and getting my children back. I remember I was

* Dirk - California (01/25/2009)

Phelan has helped me in more ways than I can express here. I have reunited with my lover, he and I were torn apart by jealous and vindictive people who wanted nothing more than to see us separated. The man that Mickey left me for was a practitioner of black magic and was instrumental in the destruction of our relationship, we had been together for seven years at the time, in all we were broken up for two years with absolutely no communication with one another. During the separation I was attacked repeatedly by demonic forces, I lost my job, my home was foreclosed on, my car was repossessed, when Mickey finally got the nerve up to leave his captor he ended up in jail on false charges, he was ... more...

* Bryan - Austell (01/21/2009)

I have worked with Phelan for three years now, the first step was to work on reuniting with my wife, that came to pass about three months ago, the second thing that Phelan and I worked on was my prosperity and the ability to successfully launch my own business, I have met every goal that I have worked on with Phelan, he has been there to coach and guide me, and one of the things that I have learned from him is to take responsibility for my actions and the fact that there is nothing out of reach as long as you put forth the effort.

* Tina - Maryland (01/20/2009)

I asked for Phelan's help in 2005, at that time my man and I had been broken apart for two years with no hope of reconciling in the future. Phelan was brutally honest with me from the start, he never made me any promises, and he never gave me false hope, what he did give me was hope and a new found belief in magic and myself. I am proud to post this as a testament to the success of mine and Phelan's work together, my husband and I have re-pledged our love together and we plan to remarry again on Valentines day.

* Lady Tinia - Canada (01/16/2009)

I have been a client for less than a year, I know that for many of Phelan's client s results have taken some time, for me the results have happened very quickly, especially given the circumstances of my situation and everything involved, let's just say that not only was another woman involved, but the judicial system as well, she had my man falsely accused of a crime that he did not commit to keep him away from me, she said that she would rather see him spend the next fifty years of his life behind bars than spend one day back at home with me, Phelan may tell you that he is not a miracle worker, but I am here to tell you that if it wasn't for a miracle that I call Phelan my man would have be ... more...

* Margo - United Kingdom (01/15/2009)

It did not take long for me to realize that Phelan was not a witch to play with, when I first approached him I did so in such a way that he flat out refused to work with me, I offered to pay him double what he was originally going to charge me and he told me not to waste my time, or my money, he went a further step and told me that if I dealt with my life and my lover in the manner in which I approached my magic it was no wonder that my world was shit filled, not his exact words, I actually cleaned it up a bit I think, that was more than five years ago, Phelan took me on as a client in 2005, since then I have reunited with my husband, I have managed to turn my finances around and I have star ... more...

* Jenny - Florida (01/12/2009)

Phelan has been coaching me now for two years on the manifestation of money, I play the lottery in which I never won before and cards, dog and horse races, I started using Phelan's approach in December 2005, in February of 06 I won a little more than twenty five thousand dollars, last year I won enough to stop working full time, this allowed me to be at home with my son who is handicapped, my future was bleak before Phelan came into my life, I know that he is modest, but, he really is the best, if I had to bet on a magical being it would be Phelan.

* Tony - Chicago (01/08/2009)

I was very skeptical about magic, today I am a believer and seeker, I know deep in my heart that Phelan is the guiding light that led my wife and I back to one another, I just wish I had listened to him when I first came to him a little more than three years ago, for I am certain that things would have come together a whole lot sooner than they did. My wife is back in my life Phelan and I have you to thank.

* Shane - Wyoming (01/07/2009)

My wife fell under the spell of a younger man, he assumed that she had money, and that was his motive, after he got under his control he manipulated every aspect of our life, and because I wasn't totally honest with her about who I am, I nearly cost us both everything, even our lives. Thank you Phelan for all of your help, this was a seven year ordeal in which Phelan stuck with me for three of them, the four years leading up to my finding Phelan were long and difficult, filled with vicious people who only claimed to try and help me, Phelan helped me beyond expectation.

* Flo - Canada (11/21/2008)

Before finding Phelan I had tried just about every website on the internet that had anything to do with spell casting, my life was in turmoil and I needed help, but there was no help to be found where I was looking, and then one day out of the blue a friend of mine called me and she told me of Phelan's website, she knew about my magical endeavors to get my husband back and to improve my life financially, the fact that Phelan had successfully brought her and her guy back together made my decision to work with him a whole lot easier. Phelan I just wanted you to know that your hard work and verbal foot in my butt has paid off, Hector and I are back together and we are better than we were ever b ... more...

* Rhonda - Kentucky (11/19/2008)

My husband and I have been apart for four years this coming January, I started working with Phelan in 2006, I am so happy to be able to write this post to tell Phelan that my man and I are back together once again. My man told me so many times that it would not happen, that as far as he was concerned that I was dead to him, he told me that I better never knock at his door, and if I did I better be prepared to suffer the consequences, suffice it to say that we have both been very hostile to one another, but with Phelan's help all that is a thing of the past.

* David S. - Florida (11/02/2008)

My wife left me for another man, she took our kids, wiped out the bank accounts and disappeared without any explanation, not even a good bye. I requested the Kundalini binding in 2005, and then a little later I asked Phelan to do the Blood Moon ritual and then I opted for the Hallowmas rituals, the thing that really impressed me about Phelan was that he did not bait and switch me, he made me no promises and he never approached me to tell me that I needed more work done, everything that he did for me was at my request. Phelan is ethical, honest and very straightforward, so much so that his words stung me a time or two, almost as if he had reached through the phone and slap me. I got angry at ... more...

* Velma - Wisconsin (10/31/2008)

I was so skeptical about love spells before I found Phelan through a friend, my friend had used him on several different issues. My need was the same as most of his clients, I lost my man and I wished nothing more than to get him back, but, after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on other websites I had all but lost my hope, which was hanging on by a thin thread. Phelan started working with me in July 2006, I had him do many rituals on my behalf, and while he worked on my case, he had me working on my attitude which stunk quite frankly. Prior to coming to Phelan there had been no communication between me and Ryan, he had been absent from my life and living with my so called best fr ... more...

* Florence - Kentucky (10/16/2008)

Phelan has done a series of spells for me, breakup, communication, kundalini binding, blood moon and a few more, the work that he has done for me has been over a period of three years, it may interest you to know that my husband and I were apart for seven years before I sought Phelan's help, Phelan was the fourth and only individual who was able to offer me any help, and he actually resolved the problems that were hindering mine and my mans reuniting. I am now a diehard Phelan fan, I read his articles daily, I visit the site as it is a very good source of positive energy and information, Phelan and his site are truly one of a kind!

* Manny - Utah (10/16/2008)

Before I found malewitch website I tried several others, and nothing happened or helped, Phelan's words alone help me to put things into perspective, and he also brought my wife back into my life, you are a great witch and I am blessed to have found you. Now, my wife and I are going to remarry, and you my friend have an open invitation to attend and cut the rug like you promised, the wedding will be in February.

* Trisha - Oklahoma (10/15/2008)

My entire family was falling apart, my son and his wife divorced, my husband left me, I lost my job and the house was foreclosed on. I came to Phelan in 2006 looking for advice and I found more than that, I found help, real help from a man that loves people. Not only did he help me to reunite with my husband, but, he helped my son regain his wife and life. I love you Phelan and there are not enough words in my vocabulary to even described how thankful that I am! Phelan, please keep helping those who seek you out!

* Carl - Arizona (10/13/2008)

Phelan you have been a great ally, I just wished that I had found you a year or so sooner, all in all it has taken eighteen months for me and my wife to reunite from the day that you started your spell work for me. I am also having the Hallowmas ritual done this year as a safety measure, thank you Phelan you are great!

* Abbot - Georgia (08/05/2008)

I was referred to you in 2002 at the time you were on Buford Highway in Atlanta, my wife and I had been split up for about three years at that time, there was so much evil being done to us and our lives were destroyed. Phelan you made me no promises and at the time I was not a believer in magic, I was desperate and I would try anything to get my wife and child back and the fact that you were blatant about not promising results or when I should expect results is what convinced me to work with you, I had been to several others in Atlanta that blew smoke up my ass and you were different, you were a real caring and warm individual. You did several different spells for me over the course o ... more...

* Peadar - Ireland (08/02/2008)

Thank you Phelan for getting me back to my family, I could not have done this without you and even though magic runs deep in my family and blood I was too close to the situation to bring back my wife. I was kept from my family for seven years and it may have taken another seven years for me to get them back without you Phelan.

* Caleb - Australia (07/31/2008)

Phelan, I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work and the endless flow of email that you answered for me over the last three years. My boyfriend and I are back together and while things are touch and go we are working it out, I still pinch myself when I wake up every morning because we were apart six years and during that time he lived with another guy and if it had not been for all of the coaching and prodding that you did to keep me focused on my goal this would never had happened! Thank you again Phelan.

* Ron - florida (07/28/2008)

My finances were completely in shambles and as a result I lost my home in 2006 and soon after that my wife filed for a divorce, she said it was due to the stress, I found out later that her cousin who practices Wicca had placed a breakup spell on us in 05 and she also cursed me so that I would never prosper in life, thank goodness I finally found Phelan, before Phelan I had several encounters with psychics and whatnot in my hometown, this was a losing proposition as they were just after my money and not interested in helping me, Phelan has been a wonderful confidant and there will never be another practitioner for me other than Phelan. You are the best and that is coming from someone who was ... more...

* Condela - New Mexico (07/26/2008)

My heart was broken beyond repair, my sister stole my man, she did this to get back at me for something I told our mother, my mother and sister are both priestesses of Santeria and there is no doubt in my mind that my man was under their influence. Phelan I am grateful for your fearless help, I have left New Mexico with my man in tow and as you instructed we will not disclose our location to anyone.

* Mauricio - Arizona (07/23/2008)

I searched high and low for a practitioner that specializes in reuniting gay couples, and not only did I find a site where a good deal of information is available through the written word of the owner, I found myself a gay witch, and Phelan has been wonderful throughout my entire ordeal and I just wanted to let him know that Marcos and I are back together and we are better than before and growing stronger with each passing day and it only took eighteen months from the first day that I contacted him and this was a huge surprise because I was sure that it would take much longer, we were separated for more than five years.

* Claire - New Mexico (07/18/2008)

Phelan you were definitely a Godsend, my husband and I were apart for seven plus years, I found you in 2004 and was impressed with the way that you handled yourself and with the integrity in which you approach your service to others with. Three years into the process with you I was ready to give up and at one point you told me to give up and to throw in the towel, that got me angry and even more determined to get what I wanted. I just wanted to say thank you for the proverbial ass kicking that was the final push that I needed to settle myself down and to get my priorities in focus, as a result of your tongue lashing my darling husband is back at home and we are getting remarried in December. ... more...

* ADELE - australia (06/18/2008)

2005 and early 2006 were hell. I was left a former shadow of myself from a disasterous relationship. Upon looking on the net for quick answers I found pheln's site, funnily enough I didn't proceed to get into the spell work but read the many newsletters. Through them I realised I needed to rebuild myself and self esteem. They were a never ending source of comfort and direction to me. I am a fabulous person now thanks largely in part to what Phelan has written. I am now engaging to work with him more closely and am excited and a wee bit nervous (in a postive manner). I am sure the results will be amazing. DB Australia

* Franklin R - Miami (06/12/2008)

I found Phelan in a local rag in 2003, my wife of seven years suddenly up and left me without any warning, we had not had as much as a disagreement between us and she packed her bags and left while I was at work. Before coming to Phelan I had tried several other spell weavers, and as you may have guessed I had been severely taken advantage of. Phelan has always been honest with me and the only complaint that I could possibly have is that I could only have his attention part-time because of his numerous clients, which is a testament to his ability and a credit to his sincerity, I am sure that there are others out there like Phelan, although it is hard for me to fathom, Phelan has a genuine co ... more...

* Bryce - Charlotte, NC (04/26/2008)

I had the rare pleasure of meeting Phelan in person while he was up here at his group. My life was so bad, the sadness that I felt overwhelmed to the point that I wasn't sure that I could go on. My wife left me, she turned to drugs and alcohol, my kids were put into foster homes, and our house and both our cars were lost to the repo man and to foreclosure. All of this happened in less than a year, as it turns out my mother-in-law practices santeria, and she was using black arts to mess my wife and I over and to make us separate, she succeeded, if it wasn't for Phelan I would not be writing this comment, Phelan worked hard for me, I had him do the Kundalini, blood moon and several protection ... more...

* Crandall - Canada (04/24/2008)

I started working with Phelan in 2003, my goal was to reunite with my wife. There was so much interference, chaos and confusion that was brought on and made worse by those people we had around us, her family, my family, co-workers and friends and not to forget about the fit pitching and hell raising that I was doing, in spite of everything Phelan chose to help me, and as a result Frances and I are back together, we reconnected in January of this year, I waited until now to post on the site just to make sure that I didn't jinx myself. Phelan you are wonderful and I so wish to say thank you for all of the support that you gave me, I wanted to give up on life so many times, and you just wouldn' ... more...

* Ryan V. - Florida (04/13/2008)

I was skeptical right from the very start and I now know that I wasted a lot of valuable time, I should have listen to you Phelan, after all I came to you seeking help, my wife left me seven years ago, there was so much interference from her family and friends and then her childhood sweetheart reentered the picture and stole her from me, I was devastated and out of my grief and torment I made many bad decisions, and I acted out in ways that damaged our already fragile relationship and sent it into a crisis mode that I thought we would never recover from. Prior to finding Phelan I used the services of many other websites, to say the very least I was unhappy with their services, and then in 20 ... more...

* Raye - Iowa (04/01/2008)

For more than four years I have used Phelan's services, I have purchased his products and some of his spells, the results that I have seen have been overwhelming, I am not sure what we would do if you ever retired, I personally feel that I would never be able to find a replacement for you, please keep doing what you do.

* Kye - Australia (03/30/2008)

Phelan you are one powerful witch, I am so happy I could scream! My boyfriend is back at home and the tramp he was messing with is in jail, she will be gone at least seven years, you were so right about her, your reading was dead on and the lust and love spell that you cast for me has manifested one hundred fold. Thank you Mr. Phelan, you are a sweet man for helping me!

* Yulia - New Mexico (03/28/2008)

Phelan I believe you when you say that magic comes from within, but, I must say that before I met you I tried other forms of magic with very few results. To date through my dealings with you I have been able to accomplish seventy percent of my goals, including reuniting with my husband and immensely improving my otherwise detrimental financial situation.

* Aidan - Texas (03/28/2008)

I came to know of Phelan in January 2007, my wife left me for a younger man December, before I found this site I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on spells and candles that just never worked. Phelan performed three significant spells for me, the blood moon, the kundalini package and then in May I had him do his beltane ceremony for me, I am so please to write to him today to say that my wife and I are together again, I know that this was only made possible through the help that Phelan gave me, I will forever be indebted to you and if ever I can do anything at all to help you I will. A friend for life.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.

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