* Bruce - Arizona (03/05/2010)

I had a problem with a coworker that started every aspect of my life to unravel, my wife and I separated, I lost my house, my car, all the while I retained my job, it was like every other aspect of my life was crumbling, but my employer refused to fire me, which as it turns out would have been the best thing that he could have done, I refused the advances of an older woman on my job, several days after that I found weird little clay dolls on the front seat of my car, the wedding picture of me and my wife that I kept on my desk went missing, and then suddenly reappeared, someone had blackened my wife's face out, as if trying to erase her, my wife left me, took ill and was placed in the hospital with symptoms that made no sense or that could be diagnosed. The older lady came to me and demanded sex, I again told her no, and she said to me when are you ever going to learn, and it was at that moment I knew that she was behind all of the nasty stuff that was taking place with me and my wife. I asked her straight out, and she again told me that she wanted me sexually, and that if she could have me that everything would calm and return to normal, I couldn't believe my ears. I contacted Phelan and he was able to help me, he shielded me and my wife, he did a binding on the cougar at my office, in fact she quit her job, good going Phelan. My wife returned home, I have managed to turn the financial difficulty around and reclaim my car, the house is simply gone, the scary thing is that I found out that the old cougar at my office nephew is the one who bought our home, not sure what role he has played in the black magic, but I am sure her entire family is part of her cult. Thank you Phelan, I now know where to go for help, hopefully I will not need that kind of help again anytime soon.

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