* Annie - Woodstock, GA (02/19/2010)

My husband and I live in Woodstock, Georgia. We bought our home in November 2009 which was an old farmhouse that had been renovated, it came with a lot of acreage, including several old barns, pastures with a stream running through them. We felt as though we were finally home, after having been displaced during hurricane Katrina. Life seemed good again as we settled into our new home and routine, we do not have children, I am not capable of conceiving so our dogs and cats became our kids, we both work, and keeping up with a place this big would in no doubt be a challenge. The real challenge started about a month after we moved in, strange events started to take place, a bedroom on the second floor would stay ice cold, even though the heat was running, while the other rooms on that floor would be nice and cozy, none of our animals would go near that room, the dogs would bark at the door, the cats would hiss and run away, the room was empty and would eventually become an office. We had the heat and air people out several times and they could not find anything wrong, and there was plenty of heat coming out of the vent. Out in the backyard we found the skeletal remains of dead animals, things progressively got worse from there, we felt as though we were living a horror story, dishes would fall to the floor with no one in the kitchen, at first we blamed it on the animals, but then we realized that every time that it happened the animals were with us or in a different part of the house. At night we would wake and feel something cold pressed against our bodies, as things became even more intense my husband and I started to lose hope, and tempers started to flare, and that is when I went to the internet looking for answers, looking for help. Phelan I know this is a long post, but I wanted everyone who read it to have an idea of what we were up against, I contacted you in December, and you came with several of your students and a couple of other high ranking witch's within your coven, you walked the property several times, and then you were guided to the stream which set just beyond the back of the house, once there you told us that you were ready to see the inside of the house, you quietly walked through each and every room of the house, and then headed to the basement, and there is where you said the trouble was brewing, and the energy that was manifesting within our home was coming from, there was an old well beneath the floor of the basement, and it was in that room where sacrifices were made, to be exact animal sacrifices, the bones and remains were then thrown into the well, the spirits of the animals were restless, and the original owner who had nothing at all to do with the sacrifices were also attached to the house, and property and his energy was present mostly in the upper bedroom where he died. To make a long story short you cleansed us, cleansed the house and released the spirits of the animals and of the previous owner, and I cannot tell you how grateful me and my husband are for everything that you did for us, and I am even more grateful that you listened when I contacted you and did not once ridicule or call me crazy, which is what a priest at the local catholic church called me when I contacted him. Thank you Phelan, I feel like you saved me from another hurricane.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.