My Clients

* Araceli - Colorado (07/07/2012)

My Husband, kids and I lost everything. We had a thriving business, a home, several cars, we went from all of that to nothing. Our business, home and cars were vandalized, my kids terrorized, all because of the color of their skin and the thing is we are all American Citizens, born and raised in Colorado. I contacted Phelan and asked for protection help, in which he provided, he also did a ritual to return all of that negative energy unto the ones spewing it, I am sad to say that one of the guys was found dead, hung himself, the other two fled town, Phelan sent a cold dark message to them and it worked. I am glad that I found you. Bless you in love always!

* Phil - California (07/19/2012)

In 2011 I was searching for answers to my spiritual path, I got tangled up with a group of male witches out of San Diego, they pressured me into signing over all of my assets to them, which included two cars, a home that was paid for and emptying out my bank account. I contacted Phelan and told him my story, he became livid, irate and said there is no reason why anyone should sign there life over to a head of a group or coven. Phelan pointed out that he has members in his group, some who have no worldly goods, and some who have everything in life that they would ever need and that has a High Priest of the Old Ways, he'd never expect or ask for anyone to give all that they own in the w ... more...

* Mathew - Ohio (07/21/2012)

In 2009 my life was a mess. I lost my wife, my kids, my family turned away from me, all because I was unfaithful to my wife. Now, I totally understand why these things happened to me, at the time if felt extreme. I met Phelan through his website and a friend of mine spoke very highly of him. I opted to have the Kundalini Binding done, I really wanted to reunite with my wife, kids and family. In addition to the Kundalini Binding I hired Phelan to coach me over the phone, twice a week, 30 minutes each session. He charged me $2400.00 for the life coaching sessions, best money I have ever spent, between the sessions and the magic he cast for me, I have reunited with my wife, my kids are ... more...

* Lazaro - Texas (07/10/2012)

My wife's mother is a practicing voodoo priestess and she has used black magic to steal from me and my wife for years. My wife and her never got along, my wife rebelled against her at a young age and left home, and she always blamed me! The attacks got so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, my wife attempted suicide twice, my truck burned setting in the driveway, I was arrested and held as a suspect in a rape for 72 hours, I work in law enforcement and that tainted my career, I was not guilty of anything, other than having a vengeful mom-n-law! Phelan removed all of the harm and negativity from us, my mother in laws power seems to have been taken from her. P ... more...

* Moses - India (07/16/2012)

Due to my religious upbringing I never believed in magic, my wife left me for a man last year, I tried getting her back and she wouldn't talk to me, not as much as a call. I enlisted the aid of Phelan and now we are communicating and she is at home, we are in separate beds for now, but this is huge compared to where things were at last year! Thanks Phelan!

* Rosa - Augusta (07/19/2012)

I dabbled into things that I have no business messing with and as a result I became under severe spiritual and psychic attack. Demonic forces plagued my life, they took over my home and I totally lost controlled over my own house. I was afraid to sleep, the doctor prescribed sleeping medicine, but when I would awake from my deep sleep there would be bruises on my wrist and arms, and huge bruises on my inner thighs, my lady parts would be sore and uncomfortable. I would often find traces of blood coming from my vagina and anus. I had a session with Phelan and he determined that I was being sexually abused by an Incubus, that came through a portal in my home that was opened and never cl ... more...

* Steven - California (07/06/2012)

My boyfriend broke up with me because of his family and friends. We were very happy together, until his mother got sick and his sister refused to help, she lived in the same city and state.

* Richard - Rome (07/15/2012)

I am a psychic and for years I have worked at fairs, special events, private party's. I also give readings to clients over the phone and in person. I do not mess around with spells, I leave that type of thing to good folks like Phelan. Roughly 8 months ago a client of mine became obsessed with me, I am gay, but somehow she convinced my partner that I had an affair with her and he left me. I have an office in our home and she would sneak into our backyard and when my partner would leave for work she would get in the house with me, I had her arrested and during the process of her being arrested she became very angry and threatened me, but not physically, she threatened me with hatred an ... more...

* Danny - Florida (07/17/12)

I had several prosperity rituals performed and a ritual to reunite with my ex wife, my prosperity has increased 110 fold and my wife is back at home. How I am I suppose to repay you, I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to others that did nothing and yet I have paid you very little and you got me everything I wanted. You are my angel! Thanks for the life coaching sessions!

* Sara Z - (Smyrna (06/29/2012)

Phelan did a fantastic job in helping me get my finances under control and enhancing my prosperity. You are a great teacher and life coach and I am so glad I found y

* Frank M - Arizona (06/28/2012)

My wife left me in 2010. I came across Phelan's website and decided to use his services. I had tried a number of other people before with no luck! My case was severe, my wife's family was involved and her brother's became violent against me and her mother is a practicing witch and was using black magic to control and manipulate her. Phelan did a couple of rituals and spells for me, I believe for my situation what did the trick is when he did a chakra binding and a ritual to make her family leave us alone. My wife and I are now back together and stronger than ever! From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you!

* Beatrice - Alabama (05/29/2012)

Phelan you are an amazing witch! I came to you after several other psychic's failed to reunite me with my man. Every conversation I had with them always resulted in me sending more money. I have had you do the Kundalini binding for me and I have selected a few of the rituals that you make available on your website and Phelan it took nothing short of a miracle to bring my man home, you are a miracle worker! I started working with you around this time last year, my situation was so negative my sister in law called the police to me several times. I busted my mans windshield when I caught this girl in the car with him and things got crazy more than once. I believe in magic and I believe that you ... more...

* Becky - Memphis (05/06/2012)

My husband left me in 2009. I found Phelan through my friend and started working with him in 2011. Things were so bad between us that my husband had me arrested twice for stalking. Phelan gave me a verbal tongue lashing and he told me straight out that if I didn't change my behavior he would be forced to drop me as a client. I am glad that I listened to your Mr. Phelan, my man took me back and we are in counseling and I am working on my insecurities. Thank you so much for all you did for me!

* Jon - Denver (05/07/2012)

My income tanked last year, lost my house and my car. My wife left me for someone she said could provide for her and the kids, she cut me off without any means of communicating with my kids. I went to many psychics, all of them took my money and promised help, Phelan is the only one who never promised me anything, but helped! Phelan I appreciate your honesty and integrity and you helped me more in a short period of time than anyone, and I mean anyone, not even my own family would give me the slightest support. Phelan with your help I now have my kids back in my life, I am working at a very good paying job and the woman that I asked your help to bring into my life stands by my side today. Tha ... more...

* Martha - Ohio (05/17/2012)

My man left me for this skank of a woman last year. I didn't know what to do, so I turned to the internet looking for answers, all I got was a lot of greedy people demanding more and more money. Phelan took my case and provided me with a few techniques that helped me to keep my focus. I have also hired Phelan as my life coach, the money that I have spent with Phelan has been my decision and not because he demanded it, this man has never asked me for any money, other than what he has charged me for services that I opted for through his site. I love you Phelan and words cannot express my gratitude enough!

* Miranda - Charlotte (04/30/2012)

I work at a metaphysical store in Charlotte, NC. I come in contact with all types of people, in 2010 I started taking classes for psychic development and the individual who was to teach me became infatuated with me and started making sexual advances. I know that I give off a strong sexual vibe and at times it may seem as though I am open to more experiences than I really am and that was the case in this situation, I was not at all open! Anyway, I politely turned down her advances and explained that I preferred men and was only interested in women for friendship, she became irate and started cursing at me, she eventually had me fired from the store that I worked at and it wasn't long b ... more...

* Eddie - California (03/11/2012)

Looking for help I came to you in January 2011. Prior to getting your help I used dozens of other psychics with no luck at all! Phelan you are the only one who provided me with help. I am happy to tell you that my wife and I are now back together. I will be having more work done soon to strengthen the bond between us. Thank you for your patience and help!

* Sheri - Ohio - (05/02/2012)

My journey to reunite with the love of my life started for me in 02 and I spent the next 6 years and life savings trying to bring my husband home. I went from psychic to psychic and nothing ever changed, they all promised immediate results or results in a minimum amount of time and nothing came from all of their promises! I found Phelan in 2009 and immediately he told me that he offered no guarantees of any kind, and at first I was put off and taken aback, for how could someone be in his line of work and offer no guarantees? During our conversation I realized that I was talking to a man that knows his magic and knows how to get results! I appreciate the dedication of your time and you ... more...

* Marie - Texas (02/20/2012)

My husband and I split up in 2007. I tried to get over him and had no luck letting go of the feelings that I have for him. In 2009 I went to a lady who is local to me and asked her for help, boy was that a mistake! I found Phelan through a friend of mine and after reviewing his website I decided to give him a try. Phelan has been very helpful in keeping me on the right track. He has done several rituals and spells for me, not only to reunite with my husband, but to increase my prosperity. My husband and I renewed our vows this past Valentine's day. I know in my heart that without Phelan's help this would never happened. Phelan I will always be in your debt! Thank you so much for all of your ... more...

* Brandon - Toronto (02/23/2012)

My lover of seven years left me in the middle of the night, he gave no warning or indication that he was leaving. I work at night and when I arrived home the morning after he left everything he owned was gone. I am month later I found out that he was seeing a younger guy that he worked with, the guy practices a form of Santeria. This individual destroyed my life without as much as a forethought! prior to coming to Phelan for help, I asked other spell casters for help and received none! Phelan is the only one who helped me! I am glad to report that my lover and I are now back together. Thank you Phelan for everything that you did for us.

* Judith - Arkansas - (01/23/2012)

I came to you for help in 2007. I did not listen to a word you said and in retrospect I have lived to regret that many times over. While my husband has come back to me, had I listened to your advice and read your website with an open mind and heart he would have been home two years ago. Phelan I am so glad that I found you and I apologize for not listening to your words of wisdom much sooner, I am just glad that I am finally able to post my happy ending on your site. You are an awesome man and will be forever in my heart and prayers.

* Andy - California (01/26/2012)

My entire life I suffered one setback after another, I could never get ahead and my relationships never lasted more than a few weeks. I was told by every psychic that I went to for answers that I was cursed and that it was generational and that until it was removed that I would never have any luck and would always been cursed! In all before finding Phelan I paid two psychics in my hometown around $30,000.00. This was pretty much my life savings and some that I borrowed, each psychic claimed to do the work, but nothing got better and when I would complain they would tell me I needed more work done. Last year in May (2011) I was on the internet and just by accident stumbled upon Phelan' ... more...

* Drake - UK (01/01/2012)

In 2009 my wife let me for another man. She gave no warning and at the time that she left I thought that everything was good between us, it wasn't until she packed up and left that I realized that there were issues between us that we needed dire help with. I went to one psychic after another and got no help. I started looking into different spell castors and my search eventually led me to Phelan and after some consideration he decided to take my case and I am so blessed that he did, for had it not been for him my wife and I would still be apart and those people who meant only to cause us harm would have gotten away with it. Thank you Phelan for helping me, I will be indebted to you fo ... more...

* Selma - New Mexico (01/03/2012)

My husband left me for a younger girl, he took everything that we had in the bank and left me broke. The girl that he left me for was a mutual friend of ours, I thought I could trust her, she kept my kids and we gave her a place to live when she was homeless. I found out that she put her menstrual blood in my man's food to drive him crazy, this was part of the way that she took him from me. Phelan stopped this girl and returned my man home to me and my kids! I know that life would have been unbearable without his hel

* Lola - Colorado (11/24/2011)

I came to you at the end of 09, you started work to reunite me with my husband in January 2010. I felt lost and at times I really wanted to give up. Phelan I am so glad that I didn't give up, or else my man and I would not be back together. I am amazed at the work that you do and I can honestly say that as negative as our situation was that it took nothing less than a miracle and you Phelan are my miracle!

* Ivan - R. VA. (11/30/2011)

My wife left me for a younger man, he and his family are deeply involved in voodoo and I was tortured beyond belief, I believe that I have experienced every type of magical or psychic attack there is. Phelan you helped me in so many ways, most importantly you brought my wife home to me. I will be needing some other work done soon and will be in touch. Thank you so very much Phelan.

* Ellen - Florida (11/15/2011)

My life was a mess when I came to you in 2010, I lost my job, my lover left me for another. My car was repossessed, my house foreclosed. I thought all was hopeless and then I found you, you helped me with several different issues, I play black jack and you did a gamblers ritual for me and sent me a root bag, I have won a great deal of money and with my winnings I have secured a place to live and you did a Kundalini binding for me and me and while we have yet to get back together, we are talking and going out on dates. Thank you Phelan for all of your help!

* Jarred - Nebraska (11/11/2011)

I am a gay man, I was with my lover for 9 years. While I was at work one day he sent me a text telling me that he was leaving me, I immediately left work and went home, by the time I got there he was gone. He took only his clothes and his car, and I found out that he was messing with a crackhead twink and the little shit got him hooked! I gave a fortune teller $10,000, she told me that she could return him in just 3 days, 3 weeks went by and nothing, when I went back to her house she was gone, the place was totally empty. I tried countless other psychics with no luck, and I found Phelan through a Google search and he was brutally honest with me, he told me that my chances were not gre ... more...

* Alice - Washington (11/08/2011)

In 2008 my husband left me, he took the kids, the car and wiped out all of our bank accounts. I found out that there was a younger woman that he was involved with and she didn't want the kids so he sent them back to me. In desperation I turned to the internet and tried to get help through a massive amount of websites. In June of 09 I got a job working in a local office and a coworker who had used Phelan's services referred me to him. Phelan is the only one out of all of the people that I paid who helped me. The young woman that my husband was living with was a practicing witch and I know that she used black magic on him, he told me that he felt like he was in a fog the entire time that he li ... more...

* Sylvia - Colorado (11/06/2011)

My husband of seven years left me, my mother said he had the seven year itch and once he scratched it he would come back to me. Three years later I was still hopelessly in love with him, wishing that he would hurry up and scratch and then come home, but, there was no communication between us and he made it clear that was how it was going to be. I had been told by many psychics that someone had used black magic on us to pull us in separate ways and I spent thousands of dollars at their request to remove the black magic and bring my man home. I found Phelan in 09 and by this time I was so jaded that I wasn't sure if I wanted to risk the emotional or monetary investment, mind you the money wasn ... more...

* Isabel - San Jose (11/04/2011)

I am a young witch just starting my magical journey. Last year after visiting several covens, I found myself involved with an older-member of one of the groups, after five or six dates I decided that it wasn't the right thing for me and I tried to break things off, but, he wouldn't allow it, so I left the group. A few nights later I found myself being attacked by forces that I could not see and soon I realized that I was not ready to handle such an ordeal. The days that followed I would see my suitors image everywhere, it was as if he was in the mirrors watching me. The psychic attacks were extreme, but, soon friends and family started to turn on me, mostly verbal abuse with a few incidents ... more...

* Barry - N. Mexico (10/31/2011)

At the risk of sounding like a wuss, I came to Phelan for help because my wife left me and my two kids, sounds odd I know, but, as much as I hate to admit it she was the bread-winner in our home and if that wasn't bad enough she came from money and what makes matters worse is that her family hated me and never gave me a chance. I love my wife and wanted nothing more than for us to be a family and raise our two kids together, but, it appeared as though she had other plans for her life that didn't include me or taking care of her own children. She didn't want the kids to live with her, but, her mother did not want me to have them and soon I found myself embroiled in the fight of my life to kee ... more...

* Rich - Canada (10/19/2011)

In 2009 my wife left me and took the kids. She left without as much as leaving me a note. I decided to ask for help and I tried many spell casting websites with little or no results. A few months later I was introduced to Phelan's site by a friend and with his help I have been reunited with my wife and kids. Thank you Phelan for all of your help.

* Jeff - Atlanta (10/18/2011)

I have been a client of yours since 2007. With your help I have become debt free and reunited with my wife. I had several addictions when I sought your help and truthfully mine and my wife's separation was mostly my fault. Phelan I know without your help I would not be where I am today. Thank you for your intervention.

* Sara - Virginia (10/18/2011)

My husband left me in 2007 for a younger woman, he emptied our bank accounts, took both cars and locked me out of the business that we started and built together. In a very short period of time I paid Psychic's who were suppose to be working for me more than twenty thousand dollars and when I had nothing more to give they turned against me and the bad dream that I had been living quickly turned into a nightmare! I was harassed and psychically attacked while asleep and awake by these people and they did nothing to help me. In 08 through a google search I found malewitch, he is the only one who has helped me, he stopped the attacks and through several rituals that I had him do my husband and I ... more...

* Lionel - Alabama (10/17/2011)

My finances and health took a bad turn last year. I decided to try and deal with my problems by getting magical help. After reviewing Phelan's website I decided that he was the one to assist me and I will be forever grateful for all of his help. I am back on track with my finances and my health has improved. I am staying very focused on all of my goals like never before. Thanks for all of your help!

* Connor - Ireland (10/16/2011)

My wife left me for another guy, I was stunned and didn't know where to turn. My grandmother and mother had both been practicing witches, but, I was the only child/grandchild and they refused to teach me, they both wanted a girl to hand their wisdom down to. I found Phelan after researching online for love spells, before I found him though I found two charlatans that were only interested in taking from me what they could. Phelan has always been true to his word and never told me or asked for additional money, although I have decided on my own to purchase other rituals and spells from him, he has never told me that I had to. I respect this man and everything he stands for and his rituals and ... more...

* Deidra - Florida (10/10/2011)

I have worked with Phelan on a numerous issues. He has helped me with my finances, reuniting with my man, we had been trying to get pregnant and Phelan also did me a fertility spell. I am very satisfied with working with Phelan, I am currently working with him on a different issue. What he says is true, the more focused you are on getting what you want the faster those things will come to you. Thank you Mr Phelan for helping me, I was a broken lady when I found you, with your help I am whole again. My man and I are together and our finances are coming together, the baby is due soon. You are a Godsend.

* Justin - Washington (10/05/2011)

I became a client of yours in October of last year and had you perform several spells and rituals for me. One of my goals was to reunite with my wife, the other three were to improve my finances by jump starting my business, improve my overall health and improve communication with my in-laws. I am writing to you today to say thank you, my business and finances are doing well, my health, particularly mental health has improved, I am now talking and visiting weekly with my mother and father in-law and my wife and I are back together. The main reason that I decided to write and tell you of my success Phelan is that hopefully I can help someone else out there make the right decision to work wit ... more...

* Leonard - Canada (09/26/2011)

I met the person that I love through my job. He was working as an intern and we clicked as friends from the start. I immediately told him that I was gay and he told me that he was not, but that he was open minded and drawn to me and hoped that we would be good friends. I accepted what he had to say, although I felt crushed inside, I was a few years older than him and decided to try and be the bigger and more mature person. A few months later we were hanging out, I am a very light social drinker and as it turns out he loves to drink. We were at a friends house and he followed me into the bathroom and planted a deep passionate kiss on me, later that evening we ended up at my apartment, he spen ... more...

* Vanessa - N. Carolina 09/24/2011)

In 2007 I came to you looking for help to reunite with my husband. I struggled and pushed and complained that nothing was working. I doubted you Phelan and I doubted my magic and now I realize that I did nothing at all to help myself and my behavior was only prolonging my agony! Once I started listening to you and putting the things that you would tell me to do into action things started changing for the better. My ex told me that I was so negative that he couldn't stand to be near me, that hurt! I am posting today to let you know Phelan that I am sorry for all of the whining and crying I did and to tell others who may be working with you to listen to what you tell them to do and read your a ... more...

* Emily - UK (09/20/2011)

Phelan you are a wonderful man and I appreciate all of the help that you have given to me and my family. My husband and I are back together, this is totally amazing as we went two years with absolutely no communication. I hear your voice Phelan every time I have a weak moment, stay focused and positive! Thank you!

* Fran - Miss (09/18/2011)

I lost my job in 2009, I tried hard to find another one and could not. I was facing foreclosure, my car was taken by the bank and my lights, gas, water and everything necessary to live in a house turned off. I asked Phelan for help, he did several rituals for my prosperity, he also did a gamblers ritual, I was skeptical of the gamblers ritual cause I have never won anything in my life, well with his help that has changed. Within the first month I had won a total of seventeen thousand dollars, which was more than enough to restore my utilities, pay my mortgage up for a few months and give me some breathing room and buy a cheap car for transportation. During the months that followed I won much ... more...

* Carlos - Arizona (0915/2011)

My mother and aunt have practiced black magic all of their lives. They have used it to control me, my siblings and cousins. My sister is terrified of my mother, she has had so much negative stuff happen to her. My experiences had been limited as I left home at a young age. Three years ago I was married and I am not sure how they found out because I didn't send them an invitation, but my mom and aunt both showed up at my wedding and soon afterwards the trouble for me and my bride started. We both experienced vicious psychic attacks, whelps and bruises would simply appear on our bodies for no reason, my car was repossessed even though I was paid two payments ahead, my wife lost both of her par ... more...

* Brandy - Florida (09/11/2011)

My girlfriend left me without any explanation. I went to work on a Friday morning and returned home early in the afternoon to prepare for our trip to Vegas that weekend, a trip that we had been planning for months. I discovered that all of her clothes, shoes and other personal items were missing, she owned two cars and both were gone. I knew that she had left me, I just didn't know why. I tried to call her and her cell had been disconnected. During the year that followed I couldn't eat, sleep or think about anything else but her! I went to several local psychics, one of them asked if we shared a joint bank account and instructed me to remove all of the money and bring it to her so that she c ... more...

* Josh - Ohio (09/08/2011)

My wife and I have been married for five years. Our marriage was great, we worked hard to build a life together and then one day a friend of my wife's from school showed up at our door and from that point forward everything that we had tried to build together started to crumble and my wife left me and moved in with her friend. I tried so many spell casting websites to get help, all they did was took my money and ask for more and more, needless to say none of them helped me and I fell deeper into depression, until I finally lost my job. I was told about Phelan by an acquaintance who had used his services and all I can say today is what I said back then, I wish I had found Phelan sooner, for i ... more...

* Doug - California (09/07/2011)

My wife and I are very spiritual, we meditate and burn candles, collect crystals, my wife also gives tarot readings. Many times she told me that she knew that we were meant to be together and we were soul mates. You can imagine my shock when I returned home one day from work to find her and all of her things gone, no note, no goodbye, nothing! Three day later I received a text message from her and she told me that we were done, it was time for her life to go in a different direction. A few weeks later I found out that one of her clients that she reads cards for practices magic and he had put a spell on my wife and me to split us apart, he wanted her for himself. He was controlling her action ... more...

* Samara - UK (09/02/2011)

Last year I turned 52 and I had never had a child. My boyfriend and I had tried to conceive for the past 4 years with no luck. I contacted Phelan for help, he was clear and upfront with me on exactly what my odds were. I told him that I was uncertain if I had gone through the change of life, for I hadn't showed any signs other than my period slowing down. Phelan did a fertility ritual and a success ritual for me at Hallowmas last year and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past August. In celebration of the birth of our child my boyfriend and I married just three days ago. Phelan we could never fully express our gratitude, we will always be indebted to you and if there is ever a time t ... more...

* Angelica - Ohio (08/27/2011)

Phelan helped reunite me with my husband. I tried many psychics and spell castors before finding him and I really wish that I had found him sooner than I did. Phelan you are a master at what you do and I am forever grateful for all of your help.

* Stewart - Miami (08/24/2011)

I was under psychic attack from several coworkers, I was on the brink of losing my job and in a three week period I received news about the deaths of four different people that I was close to. It came to a point where I thought suicide was my only option. I was referred to Phelan by a family member who had used his services to reunite with her husband, she was extremely satisfied with Phelan's services and although I had very little experience with this sort of thing I knew that I had no choice but to try, so I approached Phelan and asked for his help and help was exactly what I received and I as so pleased to be a client of for life. Thank you Phelan for everything that you di ... more...

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.