* Ben | Texas | (03/15/2014)

My wife's mother practices voodoo, she has all kind of strange things in her house. It is no secret that she never liked me and she was always trying to find ways to separate me and my wife.

For years I thought I was immune to her attacks and now I realize that was a false sense of security. The attacks she launched against me were brutal and terrifying to say the least, I was attacked while sleeping and now I suffer from night terror.

I went to the lake with friends and was pushed out of the boat by something or someone that I couldn't see and I cannot swim, the water was very deep, I nearly drowned.

The next day my car caught fire and burned while sitting in the driveway, the fire department was unable to determined the cause of fire, the car was paid for and I wasn't fully covered, when I looked into the possibility of our homeowners policy paying because the car was on our property, I was informed that our policy was cancelled the month before. luckily for me just as I was reaching my breaking point I was put in touch with Phelan, he knew what to do for me and I am happy to say that the attacks have stopped and my mother in law moved back to Puerto Rico. Thanks Phelan, I owe you my life.

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