* Tonya | Lafayette (04/25/2013)

My boyfriend left me for another girl, I went to a root worker, and she only made things worse with her evil ways. I found Phelan's website, and started reading his articles, I quickly realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The root worker told me that the new girl was pregnant, and that she tricked my man by putting her monthly blood in his food. This woman charged me thousands of dollars, and provided me with no help, she just kept asking me for more, and more! Phelan has never been that way with me, he has always been truthful, he is honest, and real, he is a down to earth man to talk with. If I could I would refer my friends and family to him, but, the need for discretion prevents that. My man is back at home, he has been back for close to a year, that girl no longer bothers us, and it is all because of Phelan.

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