* Steven D | Ohio (09/05/2013)

My wife and I separated five years ago. I tried to move on and just couldn't. I tried reaching out to her and she would block my calls, she moved and wouldn't tell me where she was living, she eventually changed her number, email and social media accounts, another words I was cutoff and felt hopeless. Phelan took me on as a client in 2011, I was a mental basket case, emotionally I was wrecked and I did everything I could to sabotage myself, my behavior was erratic and I was on a path to self destruction! Phelan was tough on me, I am a grown man and he made me cry several times, I remember thinking that he was an asshole, today I am glad he was tough on me, my wife is back at home and we are working out our differences, I know we have a long road ahead of us to get back to where we were, without Phelan this chance would never have been made possible. Phelan you are a real gem, thanks for not giving up on me!

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