* Patrick and Marcy | Carolina | (05/02/2014)

The trouble started for our family in 2009, we bought a foreclosed home and moved into it, we felt lucky and blessed to have found such a big home at a price that we could afford. Little did we know that our dream home would soon turn to a nightmare, our home would soon become our living hell!

There is me, my wife and six kids, four of our own and two of my brothers that we took in when he and my sister in law were killed in an accident that also claimed the lives of two more of my siblings.

The home is an old three story house, it has seven bedrooms, five upstairs, two down stairs, with a living area, dining room, kitchen, family room, it has a basement that was turned into a playroom and a detached four car garage that sits just behind the house, the property is private and has a lake and an old barn and pasture. Three days after moving in our car caught fire and burned while sitting in the driveway, our insurance company took three months to investigate and cut us a check, we went a while with one car to transport eight people, should be easy, it is not, the cause of the fire was undetermined!

Two of our girls started suffering from a horrible skin rash, all the kids stayed sick with a cold and just unhealthy, they are all very hearty and tough kids so this was out of the normal for them. Three weeks into living in our new home we lost two of our beloved pets, our dog was found dead on the porch and the skin and fur from our cat was found inside the garage, none of this could be explained, we had our dog checked for poison and no traces were found, the body of our cat was never found.

My wife fell down the steps, although she said she was pushed by someone or something, at the time of the accident she was alone in the house, she dislocated her shoulder and collar bone, a week later broke three fingers on her right hand and chipped the bone in her elbow.

I started having weird dreams, night after night I would dream the same thing, the thing about the dreams is that while I knew they were bad I couldn't recall anything, I just felt intense emotional pain and would be physically ill to my stomach!

Soon after the dreams started, I began having severe nose bleeds, I went to the doctor and after many test they couldn't determine a cause, after stepping back and looking at all that happened to my family since moving in the house I decided to contact the Catholic Church, I am not religious, my wife is Catholic and therefore I agreed to talk to someone, we were told right away that there was nothing that they could or would do for us, so I turned to the internet in search of help and answers.

I contacted several local psychics, one lady came to our home and left in a hurry, another charged me a lot of money to do a reading and house blessing, she claimed to have communicated with several spirits and got them to agree to leave us alone, soon after she left the attacks became worse, my wife almost suffocated in her sleep that night and my nose started bleeding while I was asleep on my back and I almost drowned in my own blood.

Four month into living in our new home I lost my job, the only money we had was from our savings which wouldn't last long.

My wife was on the computer one day and she found Phelan through a web search, this man was able to help us without ever stepping foot into our home or on the property, he requested pictures of all the occupants who lived in the home, pictures of the house and property and he was able to identify the problem and provide a solution, at first I was so skeptical, but soon after we contacted him things started turning around for us, one of the things he instructed us to do was to have the garage destroyed and removed from the property, it was an old wood structure and an eyesore, when the garage was removed they uncovered a ghastly sight, apparently the property had been vacant for a longtime and the garage was used to sacrifice animals in it, the remains belonged to cats, dogs, there was a goat head, and a lot of other things I prefer not to post.

After the structure was removed Phelan decided to visit us at our home, he brought with him his partner Angel and several of his students, they performed a ritual blessing releasing the souls of the animals that died here, he blessed our home, blessed us and gave each of us an amulet for protection, he even brought a yule log from his coven that was placed in our fireplace, we don't use the fireplace, it is just a comfort knowing that we have someone like Phelan working on our behalf and looking out for us.

Thank you Phelan, Angel and coven members.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.