* Herschel - NY (09/27/2012)

Last year my wife met another man online, I work out of town for most of the summer, and upon my return I found the house empty, garage cleaned out, no note, not an email, text or any reason as to why she left!

The only way that I found her was by filing a police report for a missing person, and reported my car stolen. It turns out that the man that she left me for was the head of a group of devil worshipers, and they got my wife hooked on drugs, it was like she was brainwashed, I couldn't talk to her, they wouldn't see, and all of our possessions had been squandered by those evil people!

My car is the only thing that led to my wife, and that is because the guy she was with was driving it, and he got popped for a stolen vehicle. Phelan, thanks for helping me to bring home my wife, we have left the state, relocated to some place far away!

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