* Edgar | Orleans | (10/15/2016)

Phelan, it has been a very longtime since I have communicated with you. I originally contacted you in late 2011. At that time my wife, and I had broken apart.

Our relationship had been destroyed by black magic, her mother used her evil ways against us. Living in Orleans, well, you can say that I knew that magic existed, but I was still skeptical. I will admit that I did things that angered her mother, but the force in which she retaliated against me was unbearable! I was suicidal many times, I slit my wrist, I put a gun in my mouth pulled the trigger and it misfired, that is when I figured out that it was not my time to go. I contacted you, and in 2011 you told me that reuniting with my wife was a possibility that could turn into a reality. I had tried many before you, with little to no results! I read each and every email that you responded to, and that you sent me, I read your website religiously! No matter how hard you worked for me, I would sabotage everything.

I spent two years destroying my life, while you worked hard on my behalf.   No matter how many times I messed up you were there in my life as solid as a boulder. I finally got myself together in 2014, I told you I was ready, and I humbled myself, I asked you again to do another ritual to bring her back, and to stop her mother. You sternly told me that this was the last ritual you would do for me, that was at Hallowmas, 2014.

After the ritual you sent me an amulet that I carry even today as I type this letter of gratitude. You see my mother in law has gone back to Puerto Rico, my wife went for a while, but she called me one day out of the blue, just like you said she would, and she told me she wanted to give us, to give our family a second chance, and I cried, I said yes, please come home to me! My mother in law started her attacks again, and again my wife wavered, you told me not to worry, and you worked your magic, you protected me, my wife and family, you turned my mother in laws magic against her, and you told me to never speak her name within the walls of my home. You are a gifted man, and you have helped so many people. There is not enough gratitude in this world for anyone of us to say thank you. I just give thanks every day that you came into my life. You have been in my life for five years, the four I screwed up. Halloween will be two years that you cast the last spell for me, and it worked, it pushed through all of the blocks, and barriers, many caused by my own action, and it manifested beautifully! Thank you Mr. Phelan, and bless you and your family.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.