* Briscoe | Washington State | (05/07/2015)

My husband and I have been married for a very short time. We are a same sex couple and there has been so much interference from our family an our friends. I love my husband with all my heart and the thought of living without him is very painful, but because all of the cruelty that we were bombarded with he left me. I found out that he was dating a girl that his parents set him up with and this almost destroyed me emotionally, he is not straight, he is gay and he is only trying to appease his mom and dad by doing what they want him to do. On top of everything else I found out that the girl is a practicing Wiccan an that she had used magic to control him and to cause discord in my life. I turned to Phelan through the advice of a friend, the girl's magic was no match for him and whatever he did caused his mom and dad to completely back off from the situation. I am proud to tell Phelan that we have reunited and the people who caused the turmoil in our lives are no longer present. Thank you Phelan.   

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