* Joey G | FLA | 05|12|2021

I was hopeless when I stumbled upon Phelan's website. I had been to every practitioner and Witch that I could find, and all they did was made promises and took my money. I was impressed with the presentation of Phelan's website, and when I spoke with him, I was astounded.

He was very straightforward and to the point; he made no promises, he made no guarantees. When I found him, my wife had a restraining order against me, and I could only see my kids supervised by a county caseworker.

I started working with him in February of 2019, and I reunited with my wife in December 2020. Without Phelan, my wife would have divorced me, and I would never have seen my kids again. Thank you kindly, Phelan. 

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.