* Vanessa - N. Carolina 09/24/2011)

In 2007 I came to you looking for help to reunite with my husband. I struggled and pushed and complained that nothing was working. I doubted you Phelan and I doubted my magic and now I realize that I did nothing at all to help myself and my behavior was only prolonging my agony! Once I started listening to you and putting the things that you would tell me to do into action things started changing for the better. My ex told me that I was so negative that he couldn't stand to be near me, that hurt! I am posting today to let you know Phelan that I am sorry for all of the whining and crying I did and to tell others who may be working with you to listen to what you tell them to do and read your articles. My man and I are back together, we renewed our wedding vows on his birthday in August. Thank you Phelan and I will be in touch with you for more work soon.

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