* Toonie - S. Florida (05/27/2011)

In 2008 my husband left me. We live in south Florida and we were both part of a religious sect of voodoo, not long after we joined he started pulling away from me. There was a priest in the group who was bi-sexual and had a thing for younger men. Up until this point my man had no gay tendencies, that is as far as I know he had none. I came to know of Phelan from a coven of Witches in Florida, they spoke very highly of him and his capabilities. I contacted him and he agreed to work with me and I am so glad that he did. My man and I reunited two months ago, he told me that he had no idea as to why he became sexually involved with the voodoo priest, Phelan told me to ask him if the priest had given him anything prior to their involvement and if so get rid of it, I asked my man and as it turned out he had given him several objects, one object being a piece of jewelry that he used to bind them together sexually. I am so thankful for your help Phelan, I will be forever in your debt!

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