* Barry - N. Mexico (10/31/2011)

At the risk of sounding like a wuss, I came to Phelan for help because my wife left me and my two kids, sounds odd I know, but, as much as I hate to admit it she was the bread-winner in our home and if that wasn't bad enough she came from money and what makes matters worse is that her family hated me and never gave me a chance. I love my wife and wanted nothing more than for us to be a family and raise our two kids together, but, it appeared as though she had other plans for her life that didn't include me or taking care of her own children. She didn't want the kids to live with her, but, her mother did not want me to have them and soon I found myself embroiled in the fight of my life to keep my kids and to get my wife back. Phelan helped me on both accounts, and as it turns out leaving us was not my wife's idea, it was the grim reaper of all, her mother and I am being nice! After several court battles, refusing to sign divorce papers and a seven-day stay courtesy of our boys in blue at the county jail I was just about ready to give up, but, Phelan scolded me and gave me a verbal tongue lashing that I will never forget and I am glad that he did, because had it not been for this man being on my side I would have lost everything, my kids, my wife, my home, all of this after losing a limb in a war that was senseless to begin with would have been more than I could stand. I am very happy to have found you Phelan, at first I wasn't sure that I believed in magic, but, now I do. My wife and I are together again, she has turned away from the wicked witch of the west, we have relocated to another state and started a family business. Phelan you are the man! Much love brother!!!

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