* Brent - United Kingdom (04/10/2011)

I had been friends with this guy for three years, he and I did everything together, with the exception of having sex. I am a gay man, I have been out of the closet since my early teens, I am in my twenties now, and it seems like every guy that I would be attracted to would be in denial about his sexual orientation. For a while I had been wanting to take our relationship to the next level, but every time we would come close to having sex he would freak, don't get me wrong, he would sleep in the bed with, we would cuddle, he would hold me and I him, but the moment that we went beyond that I was the biggest male whore that he had ever met and I was violating his trust and disrespecting him. Phelan I know that you are gay and that you shared some of your experiences with me and I am gay and a pagan and I believe in karma and I believe in magic and I believe that we can be attacked metaphysically and it seems that with this boy I opened myself up to all kinds of attacks, he attacked me verbally and I have experienced psychic assault, you are helping me with that, anyway, I took your advice and I backed off, I have been dealing with this situation for almost two years, I just wanted to let you know that after all of the name calling and yelling, he came to me and professed his undying love, I am not sure exactly which ritual pushed things over the top, but I can tell you that I have never connected with anyone emotionally, mentally or sexually the way that I have with him. He told me that he had worked hard to overcome his fear of being gay and having his family turn him away and that he realized as long as I was there for him that didn't matter. Phelan thank you for your help, if you ever decide to travel abroad our door and hearts will always be open to you and your partner.

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