* Smith - Mass (05/30/2011)

I am a gay man, in 2007 my boyfriend of seven years left me after we had a violent altercation. He had started behaving in ways that I couldn't deal with or accept, but no matter what he did I still loved and wanted to be with him. The people that he chose to let into his life seemed to have a very negative effect on him, which inadvertently impacted our relationship. During the year that followed our breakup I was attacked over and over again psychically, the attacks would take place when I was asleep or awake and it mattered not whether I was alone or in a crowd, the attacks progressively became more and more severe. I am catholic and I received no help at all from the church, in fact I was scoffed at and made fun. The last straw came when my house burned to the ground and my car burst into flames while sitting in the parking lot at the mall that I work in, the car was three months old and in excellent condition, surveillance tapes from the mall showed no activity around the car before it burnt up. This is the point where Phelan came into my life, and the help that he has given me not only stopped the attacks, but brought me and my boyfriend back together and we are planning on getting married in December of this year. Thank you Phelan for all of your help.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.

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