* Trevor - Florida (08/09/2011)

My life was a huge mess. My boyfriend of 5 years left me and soon after an emotional train wreck destroyed the foundation that my life was built on. Had he left me for another man I would have been able to handle that, but he left me for this woman he met at one of the local botanicas here in Florida. As it turns out she had him under her control, being gay he was unable to physically please her, so she would rent him out to her male friends, she literally became his pimp. I knew that he was not right, the few times that I was able to make contact with him our conversations were less than coherent, he made no sense at all. I found Phelan through the recommendation of a friend and with his help my man and I are back together, he said that there are days that he still feels a bit foggy, but, with Phelan's help we have him well protected from her. Phelan you will never know how indebted I feel to you, if there is ever anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate letting me know.

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