* Brandy - Florida (09/11/2011)

My girlfriend left me without any explanation. I went to work on a Friday morning and returned home early in the afternoon to prepare for our trip to Vegas that weekend, a trip that we had been planning for months. I discovered that all of her clothes, shoes and other personal items were missing, she owned two cars and both were gone. I knew that she had left me, I just didn't know why. I tried to call her and her cell had been disconnected. During the year that followed I couldn't eat, sleep or think about anything else but her! I went to several local psychics, one of them asked if we shared a joint bank account and instructed me to remove all of the money and bring it to her so that she could bless it, I took out the total sum of ten thousand dollars and took it to the psychic, she placed the money on her altar and told me to come back in three days, I returned in three days, she removed the money from her altar and opened the bag, a foul smell came from the bag and it looked as though the money had disintegrated, she told me the curse had been lifted and we would soon reunite, but she needed to bury the remains of the money. A long story short three years later and we had not reunited. I was referred to Phelan by a Witch in south Florida, she highly recommended him and after careful consideration I decided to ask him for his help. I am happy to be able to tell Phelan that my woman and I are back together and I appreciate his help so much.

* The results that you acquire may vary, as each individual case is different and just as in life, there are no guarantees. Practitioners who offer guarantees are misleading you, and are not being truthful.