Integrity is a concept that seems to be elusive in today's world and in the field of practitioners and psychics it seems to be absent more than it is present, I have always strived to maintain positive open lines of communication between myself and my clients and admittedly at times it is hard because I am most definitely outnumbered and truthfully looking back I never intended to allow my practice to grow into what it has become today, and although it has grown larger than I could have ever imagined the one area that I refuse to slack off on is INTEGRITY, integrity should be a vital part of any business or service oriented establishment and especially when it is a business that deals with people who often make decisions based on highly charged and battered emotions.

My clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life and I am the first to tell you that they are not all independently wealthy and it is for this reason that I always encourage everyone to stop and think about what they are doing to insure that they are not putting themselves in harms way financially by choosing to have spells cast or purchase products for their own use, my feeling on this subject has always been that you must be able to sustain yourself and to take care of your bills and other financial obligations and if you are not able to do that with relative ease, then instead of focusing on bringing your lover back, you need to be focusing on your own personal prosperity, growing up I always heard my parents, grand parents and other elders around me say that CHARITY begins at home and if you cannot take care of yourself you have no business trying to take care of someone else!

I get emails almost on a daily basis from people who complain that they shouldn't have to pay for someone to cast a spell for them, and I agree, you do not have to pay for me or anyone else to perform a spell on your behalf, that is unless you have exercised your right and option to do so, you see the decision is that of your own, when I am contacted by those seeking assistance I provide them with information and I give them the details in which they are asking for and one of the last things that I always say to someone who has contacted me for the first time is to take a few days to think things over, I encourage them to make sure that they are 100% comfortable with me and the methods of magic that I use and I tell them that if for any reason they find themselves uncomfortable that I am not the one for them to CHOOSE to work with, you have to be just as comfortable with a practitioner as you are with your family doctor, if you are not, then it is not a good match and will most certainly strain your magic!

Now, on the other hand, I offer specials from my website in which some of my current clientele opt to take advantage of, my business is just like any other, in order for me to make myself available to answer emails, coach and encourage my clients to focus on the positive aspects of their desires and life I have to be able to pay my bills, but I have never told anyone who has used my services or products that in order to manifest their desires that they have to constantly purchase from me and in fact I have several clients that order from me relatively often that I have questioned to make sure that they are not harming themselves financially, as I have said many times over that I do not want to prosper from the hardships of others andwhile there are without a doubt Psychics, Practitioners and other Magic Weavers who lack morals and integrity and who will certainly take advantage of a situation where someone is distraught and seeking help, I am not and I will never be one of them because I, for one, care far too much about myself and those I interact with and as a practitioner I have an obligation first and foremost to myself and then to those of you who come seeking my advice, guidance and help, why first to myself you may ask? Because if I am unable to take care of my spiritual self how could I even attempt to provide spiritual assistance or for that matter assistance of any kind to those of you who come to my website seeking help?

Keep in mind that HELP is the keyword, I have never claimed to be able to solve all of your problems and I will be the first to say to you that even if you decide to employ the working of magic do not look for instant results, positive magic takes much longer to manifest than its counterpart negative or black magic and while the effects of black magic can produce devastating results, white or positive magic will without a doubt produce solid and longer lasting results over a period of time.

I take great pride in the fact that I have received so much feedback and compliments in regards to the information that I make available through the articles that I have written such as this one and I for one know the difficulties in striving to maintain a solid reputation on the World Wide Web, there are a lot of people out there that I have angered over the years by writing articles like Choosing A Practitioner and Love Spell Guidelines , and Ethics, those that I have angered are the very ones who conduct their business by making outlandish promises such as results in forty-five minutes or three days or attempting to sway your decision to use their service or purchase their products by guaranteeing results, which by the way we all already know that in life there are no guarantees and anything that sounds too good to be true will most likely to be found as flawed upon closer inspection.

Magic is and should be a personal choice and even if you opt to use my services or the services of someone else you need to stay proactive and diligent in manifesting your goals, you can do this through the lighting of your own candles, burning of incense, meditation, prayer or simply making a decision that instead of overly focusing on the negative that you are going to put your best foot forward and focus on the positive, and as I have said in so many articles and newsletters before do not place all of your faith in me or anyone else for that matter, to do so is to misplace your faith and misplacing or losing your faith will ultimately do you more harm than good!

Now, if you have used a spell casting service such as mine and if the practitioner is genuine, not in the respect that he or she is all powerful, but if there is a code of ethics in place and a genuine concern and caring for the client base and results from your work doesn't manifest as desired by you, you have not been scammed unless the practitioner is constantly asking for more money using scare tactics, such as if you do not do this your first spell may be weakened or fail, this is a line that is used often by those who are after nothing more than your money!

I have outlined the following that can be used as a guide in your journey to find someone suitable to work with and to avoid the pitfalls and black holes in the world of spell casting!

Possible Scams To Avoid!

1. People that use scare tactics in order to get your business should be avoided at all cost.

2. Someone has placed an evil curse on you, your lover or family; and I can remove it and it will only cost you several thousands of dollars.

3. Someone has used roots against you or crossed you up in a prior life.

4. Someone has burned black candles against you and you need my protection!

5. The curse is on your money, send me your money and I will cleanse it for you!

6. I am the only one who can help you with this situation, and if you do not accept my help your wish will not come true!

7. Steer clear of those folks in the tabloids, it is very costly to advertise in them and they are extremely competitive and crafty at getting your business.

8. Anyone who charges more than a nominal fee for their services are not trying to help you, they are only helping themselves to your hard earned money.

9. Avoid anyone that blatantly pursues you or courts you as their client, the decision to weave magic has to be that of your own, for one thing if it comes from within it will make your magic that much stronger!

You have not been scammed!

1. If you are using the services of a spell caster and it takes time for you to see results, positive magic is a process that requires time, you have to keep in mind that you didn't get into your negative situation overnight and chances are that you are not going to get out of it overnight and with that said it is far easier for someone to cast a black shadow over your head than that of white, negative magic manifests much faster than positive and will produce devastating results that can last for several lifetimes to come!

2. Even if a spell that was cast on your behalf doesn't bear fruit, in cases like this there may be a higher power at play, it may be that the particular karma that you incurred with someone else is either fulfilled or you may have a ways to go before the Gods of Karma will grant your request.

Life is hard enough and none of us should allow ourselves to be put into a situation where we are vulnerable and where the possibility of being taken advantage of exist, I cannot tell you how many times that I have been contacted by someone who starts off asking for my help by telling me that money is not an issue, the first thing that I say to that person is that you better be glad that you are talking to me because I am fixing to set you straight, no one and I mean no one should ever go about anything in that manner, because there are people out there who will take advantage of that statement and surely put you to the test and if you allow them to they will take from you all that they can and folks these people exist in all professions and walks of life, not just in mine, just take a look at how the used car dealers have been screwing people over for years, turn the television on one of the popular cable news networks and you'll bear witness to all of the lies that the politicians are hoping that we will buy into and reelect them again!

I want to revert back to the subject of a spell not bearing fruit, in all the years that I have been a practicing Witch I may have a handful of clients whose results were either minimal or simply didn't manifest at all, and in the latter it is normally because they simply didn't have the will to endure and to see things through, in some cases that may hinder a spell from manifesting is where one or more of the individuals that the spells are being weaved for are ingesting drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol and I have had cases where the potential for violence was so strong that the Gods simply would not grant the request to allow things to come together.

For the most part if you are having a spell cast or extensive work done and you are coming from a place of love and not a place of control or manipulation your desired results will manifest sooner or later and believe me I for one would like to see my clients granted instant results, there is nothing that would make me happier, but most of all I want my clients to see lasting results and not results that manifest too rapidly and collapse soon there after.

My clients know that I go to great lengths in providing support, that is one of the main purposes of my website, I try my best to answer emails in a timely manner and I also spend a lot of time lending an ear on the phone when my time will permit. I do not and I have never made any guarantees that my products or services will work for you and in fact the only promise that I have ever made is that I will treat you with the kindness and compassion that you deserve and that I will work with you on any level that I can to help you exact change within the boundaries of your own life and that is a promise that I strive to live up to every single day.

My clients also know that I do not try and monopolize their business, they are free to do business with any psychic, witch or practitioner that they choose, however, I take a firm stance on spell jumpers and folks who go out and purchase products and services from every site that they come across, in most cases when someone is doing this they are simply setting themselves up for heartache because they are not giving themselves or their magic a chance and not to mention that they are breaking their bank accounts!

Now, to those of you who order my services, specifically the specials that are listed on the site and in the newsletter please make certain that you are not being overly obsessive in doing so and that you are not putting yourself in harms way financially, there is nothing wrong with staying proactive as long as you are in control of your feelings, your thoughts and your actions, my clients over the years have become very much an extended part of my family and even though some of you are in other Countries very far away, you are still an important part of my day and to tell you the truth I like to be able to lay down and go to sleep at night knowing that I am in the business of helping and not hurting people.

Here at malewitch and we strive to offer the best customer service that we can and I invite past or present clients who feel that they may have a legitimate concern about the quality of our products or services to call me directly at 770-608-4834 this number has been the same for the past four years and in fact the only time that my number has ever changed was in 2002 when I switched providers and my carrier refused to allow me to port my number over, that is when the above number came into play and I lost a number that I had for a little more than eight years.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate your patronage and please if there is ever any way that I can help you do not hesitate to ask, if it is something that I can help you with I will, if not I will do my best to point you in the right direction

Blessed Be


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