Choosing A Practitioner

I am contacted constantly by people who feel that they have been taken advantage of by a psychic, practitioner, wizard, witch, voodoo queen you name it! And while I would be the first to tell you that there are those uncaring, insensitive and even fraudulent beings in my line of work, I am certain that there are plenty of caring, spiritual individuals out there dedicated to their craft and to helping others!

There are many guidelines to go by when looking for someone to work with, and there is much to be considered because you will not only have a financial stake in the work but a spiritual one as well. The number one thing to lookout for is anyone who claims to be able to make everything in your life instantly better and guarantees that it will happen, if you have contacted me in reference to spell work and if you were paying close attention you have to realize that I do not make any guarantees whatsoever, I never have and I never will.

The bottom line is that I cannot even guarantee that a spell that I weave for myself will be successful, nor can anyone else, casting a spell is much like spinning the wheel at a gambling casino, however I would say that if your heart is in the right place and you have the ability to look beyond that which you can see with your physical sight your odds at winning is much higher with the casting of a spell.

Magic is not a great mystery when the principals are applied properly it can produce the desired results, when I am working with someone I constantly repeat myself over and over again by saying stay focused, stay positive, feel and know in your heart that which you seek is within your grasp, and have the patience and intestinal fortitude to go that extra mile, and when it seems as though you have no choice but to admit defeat, look that devil in his eyes and say "I defy you, I reject you oh grand master of defeat, for I will be happy in this life as well as the next life to come, I ask not for that which is unattainable, and I shall accept not less than my request."

Spells should be looked at as a request made unto the Goddess, God and The Universe, but beware there are those individuals who will not think twice about weaving a negative spell against you, cursing and binding you to prevent you from attaining happiness, I know that there are some conniving individuals out there who are as real in their craft as I am in mine, but they have crossed the line at times when tempted by greed, and one day they will pay the price and suffer the consequences of their actions, I have bumped heads with a few of these characters over the years a couple of times and I can say that my dealings with them were unpleasant and in most cases it was in defense of a client who had fallen victim to their madness, and yes that word about sums it up. My dealings with them were swift and brief and in most cases they backed down and I have to say that it makes me happy to know that love, especially love that flows from the mother still has the strength to overcome the harshness that we face in our lives today.

A practitioner who is true to himself will always put the well being of his clients first, this is not to say that when someone contacts me that I will jump at the chance to accept their case, recently I was contacted by a lady who wrote me a very disturbing letter as to how she had been taken advantage of by another website and how she was unable to trust that anyone would be able to help her and even went as far as to ask me to prove to her that magic was real and worked, for her it is not, why? because she has become so jaded that there is nothing at all that I could do that would convince her that magic is real, and therefore, it would be impossible for me to be effective in helping her, so I did the only thing that I felt I could do and I turned her down, I felt that it would be a waste of my time and her money, so I declined, I do not accept everyone as a client who happens to land on my site, I have guidelines that I go by and if I feel that I cannot help you in the manner in which you are requesting I will decline and wish you much success in obtaining that which you seek.

Well suffice it to say that she got upset and she lashed out in an email, I explained the reasons why and I also pointed out that she should be glad, because had I been anyone else I would just have accepted her money and life would go on, but I conduct myself and my business in a manner that is conducive to establishing working relationships with my clients, and the livelihood of my business depends greatly on the many referrals that I receive from them, which by the way has been one of the ways that I gauge my effectiveness, because if my clients were not manifesting the changes that they were seeking and getting results with what I am doing for them they would not be sending me their friends and family.

Now let us look at some of the danger signs that you must watch out for when choosing a practitioner of the magical arts.

  1. Someone has placed an evil curse on you, your lover or family; and I can remove it and it will only cost you several thousands of dollars.

  2. Someone has used roots against you or crossed you up in a prior life.

  3. Someone has burned black candles against you and you need my protection!

  4. The curse is on your money, send me your money and I will cleanse it for you!

  5. I am the only one who can help you with this situation, and if you do not accept my help your wish will not come true!

  6. Steer clear of those folks in the tabloids, it is very costly to advertise in them and they are extremely competitive and crafty at getting your business.

  7. Anyone who charges more than a nominal fee for their services are not trying to help you, they are only helping themselves to your hard earned money.

I have referenced some practices above that fall into the category of scare tactics, some people will prey on the fact that you are emotional, that you are vulnerable and that you are reaching out for help, when I am contacted by someone I take the time to explain everything to them and to answer their questions, one of the very last things that I always tell a prospective client is to make certain that they are comfortable with me, comfortable with the process of magic that I utilize and that this is the path that they truly want to take in an attempt to reconnect with the one that they love, I also tell them that if anything about our conversation makes them the least bit uncomfortable then I am not the one for them to choose to work with, if you are comfortable you will relax and the energy from your work will flow with less interference!

Now a reputable practitioner is just like every other business man or woman in the universe, they too have bills that have to be covered and paid just like everyone else, and in my case there is almost always some type of an object that goes along with the work that I do and it has to be shipped to my client, so we incur shipping fees and the cost for the amulets, root bags, herbs and candles, just like any other business that cost is passed along to my clients.

Cost for my services depending on what is requested could be as low as $59.95 to several hundred dollars, but my fees will never be in the thousands at least not for a single working, it is possible that I have had clients who may have paid me a good bit for my services over the years, and one of the reasons for this is because once I have helped someone with one issue successfully they will almost always come back to me if they need help in another area of their life. Repeat clientele is good for any business, but unhappy clients will never return, to date I have about an 85% return rate on my clientele, so I guess that I must be doing something's right!

Love spells do not cost $5000.00, $10,000 or $20,000 and these numbers should always raise a red flag in your mind when shopping around for a practitioner to lend you help. I have been studying and practicing magic from age seven, and when I am contacted by a client that claims to have paid a huge sum of money to a psychic for magical services it sends cold chills down my spine, and I have to wonder what type of magic are they weaving to justify those types of fees.

Now anyone who simply labels themselves as a psychic has no business trying to cast a spell, I am a Witch, a Master of my Craft who happens to be a very good psychic, but being a psychic doesn't have anything at all to do with the casting of spells, psychics predict the future and they use many gifts to do so, but just because someone is psychic doesn't mean that they possess the ability to cast a spell successfully, unless they have studied and mastered some sort of magical process. There are many spell weavers out there who are wonderful psychics, but one can be a spell weaver without being a psychic! The difference between the two is that psychics predict and spell weavers get results! When choosing a practitioner you want and need a spell weaver!

Now I have always looked at things from a realistic view point and I know that not every client that I work with will see positive results, magic as I have stated numerous times is a personal thing and should always be weaved from the heart, the link is not between myself and the object of my clients desire, it is between the two of them, so it is very important for my client to understand the need to keep a positive outlook and focus on the bottom line, whatever that may be and do not undermine the process by emphasizing the negative aspects of the situation!

Recently a young woman wrote to me and she told me that she would get very irritated when I would tell her to stay focused, she said the reason that she would is because she wasn't certain what the focus should be on, well she went on to say that she discovered that the focus was about her on growth and the direction that her life was to take and that he would eventually find his way to her.

Now here is the deal, if you love someone enough to go to the extreme of having a love spells or other work done to re-attract him/her into your life your focus should be about that, the bottom line should be about the two of you coming back together, now please do not get me wrong, there is a difference between focusing and stalking, focusing will lend strength to your task, while stalking will get your behind thrown in jail, so please know or learn the difference between the two!

Love is always good and will heal many open wounds, but obsession will lead you down a very long and winding road filled with despair and disappointment, The Universe is a great teacher and will almost always stack the deck against you if your motives are not pure and if your actions come from any other place than love, so feel the passion, and share the warmth that is in your heart, make certain that the energy that you are giving off comes from your light within and not from some unpredictable dark-side of your nature that is motivated by misery, you know what they say "misery loves company!"

I just love these people who claim that they can get your man or woman back in just a few short hours, days or weeks, I scoff at these fools, and anyone who falls for that has a hard lesson to learn, magic is wonderful it can and will open many doors of opportunities, but adheres to no timeframe other than its on. All situations are individual and unique, there are those lucky souls that I weave love spells for whose request are granted in a short period of time, and then there are some that may take months even a year or two longer to manifest positive results, the difference is the energy of the situation and the timing of the spell, the timing of the spell can usually be equated with the growth patterns in the individuals' life that the working is being done for, another words you need to stop and take a look at your actions, and behavior that played a role in creating the situation that you are dealing with, and you need to take steps to change or to break free of the negative life patterns that you are currently stuck in, if not you will only be doomed to repeat that same old lesson again, if not with the one that you loved before, with the one that you come to love after words!

Choosing a practitioner is very much like choosing a healthcare provider, you always want to make certain that the one that you choose to assist you in your long journey back to the one that you love is a spiritual individual with a firm grasp on who he or she is and with an ironclad faith in his or her craft. You also want to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and what I mean by this is that spells that cost $19.95 are rarely going to work, it takes a lot of time and energy for someone to cast a spell, so you have to figure that into the scheme of things as well as the supplies that they need to perform your individual ritual, on the other hand as I have stated above there aren't any spells that should cost thousands and thousands of dollars, proprietors are free to charge whatever they feel is fair, but a true to life Witch Practitioner will never knowingly place someone in harms way by placing upon them a financial burden that may lead to hardship and ruin!

I would like to take this time to wish each and everyone of you a prosperous 2005 filled with money, love and happiness. May the coming year find you in the best of health and may the walls in your home ring with the sound of joyful laughter, and may your hearts swell with love, and may the budding of the New Year find you embraced in the arms of the one that you love! In the manic and panic of the holidays stay safe and take care of yourself, as nice as it is to give to others, remember to retain some of the love that you are determined to give to others for yourself as well. Be happy, love and be loved.

Phelan and Staff.