Love Spell Guidelines

This time of year is supposed to be filled with hope and good cheer, more so than not it is filled with emptiness and despair. It is entirely possible to be surrounded by a room full of laughing and joyous people and still feel as though you are alone.

I have felt the pain of the Season and I am here to tell you that I survived and so can you, one of the easiest ways to work through your issues and to heal yourself is to help someone else with theirs, provide a sincere ear so they may tell you their story or just visiting with someone who may not have anyone else in their life is always a good thing.

The true spirit of the Season is meant to be shared in an exchange of energy, and while giving and receiving gifts are indeed an exchange the true exchange happens when two or more hearts connect and come together, any act of kindness or an expression of love is indeed a celebration unto the Goddess, we are blessed everyday with her bounty, she provides us with land to build our businesses and homes on, we can never truly possess her, isn't that funny we work hard all of our lives to lay claim to something that we can never own, when you buy a house you own the physical attributes of that home, and yes some would be so callous to try and lay claim to her land, but make no mistakes about it she owns the land, it is her body that we build upon.

The holidays do not have to be spent in misery and for those of you out there who have little or no family you may want to try building an extended family for yourselves, I have a very large extended family who are far more loyal to me than my own blood, the strongest families are often not related to one another, hmm, now this goes along with the fact that souls tend to cluster together, and although we may seek one another out during our many incarnations it may not always be possible to share the same bloodline, so our true to life kin folk mix and mingle with others all the while working their way back to us!

Extended families are great because there are so many lost souls out there, so many people searching for what they seem to be able to remember on some level and just cannot recall into a full state of manifestation during their waking consciousness, so they feel more drawn to certain people than they do to others, kindred souls have a very powerful link to one another and often communicates in the form of a dream, and remember that when you think that you are dreaming that is not always the case, you may very well be having an out-of-body experience, and in fact that which you are experiencing is actually taking place on the astral plane.

I personally have met many of my lovers, loved ones, friends and old acquaintances on the astral, I have received information from them about where they presently reside and even clues such as addresses, phone numbers, once I was even given a pager number that turned out to be an old flame from a previous life, as absurd as it sounds, it is as true as the day is long! People from your past lives will try and communicate with you if you are open to it, sometimes they grow weary and give up, but often they are successful, in most cases the desire to communicate is normally buried deep within their subconscious and thus the wheels spin very slowly to reconnect them with their past.

You can almost always bet that when you meet that special someone and you feel a gravitational pull towards them that you were indeed connected in some way or another in a past life. We often choose mates and life partners that mirror lessons for us that we have to learn, sometimes it may seem that we are doomed to repeating and experiencing the same old lessons, if you find that you are constantly repeating the same thing over and over again you need to stop what you are doing and take a step back and closely examine your life and the choices that you have made, upon examination you will more than likely find the negative patterns that you have developed along the way, acknowledging them is the first step in correcting them and understanding them is the step necessary to heal them!

"Acknowledge to correct and understand to heal"

The healing process can be a long and drawn out event, but it doesn't have to be, one of the easiest ways to initiate and to jumpstart the process is to learn the art of self-forgiveness, which by the way if you have mastered is a true art! More often than not we are capable of overlooking and forgiving the pain that our loved ones and life mates have caused us, you may want to stop and ask yourself why is that so easy? Why can I forgive someone else when I cannot forgive myself? The answer is pretty simple, we for the most part are taught and trained from a very young age to sacrifice our happiness for the good of the family, for the good of mankind, and while I would agree that being able to be selfless and putting the happiness of someone else first is admirable it can also have a major impact (negative) on our own lives.

We are raised by our parents programmed to neglect our own happiness, so making sacrifices for those around us becomes a way of life and at some point we have to decide that enough is enough and we have to take control of our lives and our future, and we have to replace our old programming with a program that is more suitable to us and to our life goals, our parents didn't mean to pass this along to us, they were simply continuing the cycle, they too were programmed by their parents and so on and so forth in a never ending perpetual circle.

The best way to reprogram your life path is to decide what your goals are and define them, make a commitment to them and once you have a clear understanding how you want to proceed in life and what it is going to take to make you happy, focus on those goals, set reasonable deadlines for yourself and work hard to meet them, make your happiness a priority and learn to create a balance for yourself.

Learn to project that which you seek, we omit energy through our thought process, thoughts are living things and once unleashed upon the universe must return to the sender from which they came, this is one of the reasons why a serious practitioner thinks long and hard before participating in negative magic because we know that it will eventually return to us three fold.

Here are a few good examples of what I mean by defining and committing to your goals.

People who wish to reunite with someone or even connect with someone for the first time often contact me, I make certain that I answer as many of their questions as possible and that I explain the process and methods that I utilize to them. I also make certain that they understand that nothing will manifest or happen overnight, so if they are not in it for the long haul they can save themselves some aggravation.

I have clients whose results manifest in a very short time, while I have others who takes months on end to show promising signs that their results are even close to manifesting, when I work with someone who gets fast results it is normally because the energy is right and they are willing to allow things to flow freely, the ones whose results take longer are normally the ones who are hell-bent on working against the flow and reacting emotionally to every little event that takes place in their lives!

"Spell jumpers= looking for love the easy way and refuses to work for it!"

I have clients that I call spell jumpers, they come to me seeking help in returning a lost love, the moment things don't go fast enough or exactly as they desire they are off and on to someone new and almost always contact me in reference to performing a love spell for their new fling! My point here is that if you are considering having a spell cast or even working one yourself make certain that you are committed to following it through to completion, just because a spell is weaved doesn't mean that you will experience instant gratification, and keep in mind that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and sometimes a new love just might be the answer or it just may be a test by the Universe.

Look at it this way, if you are unwilling to wait for the one that you are pledging your undying love to and you are ready to move on to someone new at the drop of a hat the universe just might not deem you worthy to have and to hold that which you are requesting to begin with, and casting multiple love spells for different partners shows a lack of commitment and a need for spiritual growth and your request may not be taken seriously.

I have included a few guidelines to follow if you are considering having a love spell performed.

  1. If you do not have the time or patience to invest do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  2. If you are motivated by anything other than love do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  3. If you are not committed to following through to the end, do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  4. If you are an overly emotional individual who flakes off and freaks out over the little things do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  5. If you are unable to appreciate the small steps and little victories do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  6. If you are unable to show heart felt sincerity to the Gods and Universe do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  7. If your affections are easily swayed by anyone other than the one that you pledge your love to, do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  8. If you do not have a clear understanding as to who you are, do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  9. If you are dealing with a love triangle it usually takes longer for results to manifest which will require a great deal of patience and tolerance on your behalf, if you cannot cut the mustard do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

  10. If you are unable to safe-guard your magic by keeping it to yourself and not discussing it with those around you, do not perform or have a love spell performed for you.

Magic is as old as time, and the Universe will hear your call and will answer if your motives are pure, let the energy flow unrestricted free from doubt and a lack of disbelief, to question the wisdom of the Divine Life Force is to insult the Goddess and God, once your request has been made and scattered to the four winds relax and work on yourself, make you a priority in your own life there by allowing someone else to make you a priority in theirs, happiness is very much a state of mind, give yourself permission to be happy, give yourself permission to have what you want and need out of life, break free from the chains that bound you, break free from a troubled heart, try picturing the world as a big screen television, if you don't like what you are viewing change the channel!

From all of us here at we wish each and everyone of you a spectacular yuletide season, filled with love, happiness and a hope for a brighter tomorrow and a blissful 2005.

I took the liberty in looking up a national suicide hotline 1.800.SUICIDE (784-2433) Please remember and keep in mind that you are not alone and there are people out there that you can reach out to, if you are in trouble.

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!"