Kids Books, Mythical Creatures & Dragons

Kids, Craftwork and Design Introducing children to legends, lore, and magical ideas for self discovery, the books and kits provided here offer a variety of activities for children (and parents!) to explore. The books offered lead them to discover of Celtic Arts and Design and the use of the Mandala for coloring, meditation, as well as Dragons, Unicorns and other creatures of lore.
Image Name Model Price
Book of Wizard Magic (hc) BBOOWIZM $21.95
Book of Wizard Parties (hc) BBOOWIZP $21.95
Book of Wizard Craft (hc) BBOOWIZC $21.95
Color a Magick Spell by Helga Hedgawalker BCOLMAG $16.95
Dragons Creativity Book BDRACREB $16.95
Dragons & Magical Beasts Extreme coloring book BDRAEXTC $10.95
Build It Dragon (hc) BBUIITDRA $19.95
Book of Beasts coloring book (hc) BBOOBEAC $21.95
Vikings Stickers (over 150) by William Potter BVIKSTI $8.95
Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags by Elhoim Leafar BMAGART $18.95
Edgar Allen Poe coloring book BEDGALL $16.95
Witchs coloring book by Llewellyn BWITCOL $14.95
Unicorn Creativity Book BUNICREB $16.95
Teach your Child Meditation by Lisa Roberts BTEACHI $17.95
Dragon Magick by D J Conway BDRAMAG $18.95
World of Vikings by Robert Macleod BWORVIK $16.95
English Fairy Tales (hc) Rosalind Kerven BENGFAI $14.95
Arthurian Legends (hc) Rosalind Kerven BARTLEG $14.95
Faeries, Elves & Goblins (hc) Rosalind Kerven BFAEELV $14.95
Ency. of Norse & Germanic Folklore, Mythology & Magic by Claude Lecouteux BENCNOR $32.95
Hidden History of Elves & Dwarfs (hc) by Claude Lecouteux BHIDHIS $26.95
Book of Ancient Egpptian Mummies by Channing & Bergin BBOOANCEM $7.95
Viking Myths vol 2 (hc) by Jacqueline Morley BVIKMYT2 $14.95
Lost Star (hc) by Wechterowitz & Minor BLOSSTA $18.95
Dinosaur sticker activity book by Adam Pryce BDINSTI $8.95
Creativity Dragons, on the go BCREDRA $14.95
End of Something Wonderful (hc) by Lucianovic & Ermos BENDSOM $18.95
Magickal Mystical Creatures by D J Conway BMAGMYS $19.95
Mythical Creature Bible by Brenda Rosen BMYTBIB $16.95
Magickal Unicorns (hc) by Flavia Kate Peters BMAGUNI $18.95
Magickal Mermaids (hc) by Flavia Kate Peters BMAGMER $18.95
luna,moon,rabbit books,moon books,folklore, BLUNMOO $18.95
Book of Dragons Secrets of the Dragon Domain by S A Caldwell BBOODRAS $14.95
Wheres the Unicorn Now BWHEUNIN $10.95
Wheres the Unicorn BWHEUNI $10.95
Wheres the Fairy BWHEFAI $16.95
Wheres the Dragon BWHEDRA $16.95
Magical Unicorn Society coloring book BMAGUNIC $10.95