Vikings, Gods & Goddesses

Mythology, Gods & Goddesses
Image Name Model Price
Book of Beasts coloring book (hc) BBOOBEAC $21.95
Vikings Stickers (over 150) by William Potter BVIKSTI $8.95
Druids Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman BDRUHER1 $16.95
Lost Teachings of the Runes by Ingrid Kincaid BLOSTEA $18.95
Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort BNORRUN $18.95
Little bit of Goddess (hc) by Amy Leigh Mercree BLITGOD $10.95
Dragon Magick by D J Conway BDRAMAG $18.95
Brigid, History, Mystery, & Magick by Courtney Weber BBRIHIS $20.95
Witches Goddess by Farrar & Farrar BWITGOD2WI $29.95
Witches God by Farrar & Farrar BWITGOD1WI $29.95
Norse Shaman by Evelyn Rysdyk BNORSHA $20.95
Viking Warrior (hc) by Ken Hubbard BVIKWAR $32.95
Morgan Celtic Goddess of Magick & Might by Courtney Weber BMORCEL $18.95
Goddess of the North by Lynda Welch BGODNOR $24.95
Return of Odin by Richard Rudgley BRETODI $21.99
Children of Odin, Nordic Gods & Heroes by Padraic Colum BCHIODI $10.95
Circle of Isis BCIRISI $20.95
Dark Goddess Craft by Herbalists Guide to Formulary BDARGOD $21.99
Bardic Book of Becoming by Ivan McBeth BBARBOO $27.95
World of Vikings by Robert Macleod BWORVIK $16.95
English Fairy Tales (hc) Rosalind Kerven BENGFAI $14.95
Arthurian Legends (hc) Rosalind Kerven BARTLEG $14.95
Faeries, Elves & Goblins (hc) Rosalind Kerven BFAEELV $14.95
Beyond the North Wind by Christopher McIntosh BBEYNOR $20.95
Mythic Moons of Avalon by Jhenah Telyndru BMYTMOO $25.95
Kua Yin Transmission (hc) by Alana Fairchild BKUAYINT $36.95
Invoking the Goddess by Kala Trobe BINVGOD $19.95
Northern Tradition for Solitary BNORTRA $17.95
Ency. of Norse & Germanic Folklore, Mythology & Magic by Claude Lecouteux BENCNOR $32.95
Hidden History of Elves & Dwarfs (hc) by Claude Lecouteux BHIDHIS $26.95
North Myths (hc) by Martin Dougherty BNORMYT $32.95
Odin, Ecstasy, Runes, & Norse Magic by Diana Paxson BODIECS $25.95
Fing your Goddess by Skye Alexander BFINGOD $19.95
Magic of the Celtic Gods & Goddesses by McColman & Hinds BMAGCEL $18.95
Twelve Faces of the Goddess by Danielle Blackwood BTWEFAC $21.99
Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon BEVOGOD $20.95
Viking Myths vol 1 (hc) by Jacqueline Morley BVIKMYT1 $14.95
Viking Codex, saga of leif eriksson by Fiona MacDonald BVIKCOD $8.95
Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield BCELLORD $24.95
Druidry Handbook by John Greer BDRUHAN $24.95
Druid Magic Handbook by John Greer BDRUMAGH $21.95
Norse Magic by D.J. Conway BNORMAG $10.99
Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch BRITODI $24.95
Druids Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants by Jon Hughes BDRUHANP $20.95
Norse Goddess Magic by Alice Karlsdottir BNORGOD $18.95
Way of Fire & Ice Living Tradition of Norse Paganism by Ryan Smith BWAYFIR $20.95

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