Shamanism, Gaia & Animal Totems

Shamanism & Gaia
Image Name Model Price
Magical Folkhealing by DJ Conway BMAGFOL $19.95
Communing with the Ancestors by Raven Grimassi BCOMANC $19.95
Spirit Healing by Mary Dean Atwood BSPIHEA $14.95
Animal Healing by Niki J Senior BANIHEA $19.95
Earth Magic by Marion Weinstein BEARMAG $18.95
Mysterious Magickal Cat by D J Conway BMYSMAG $25.95
Backwoods Witchcraft by Jake Richards BBACWIT $20.95
Wild Witch, Earth Magic (hc) by Marian Green BWILWIT $18.95
Green Magic by Ann Moura BGREMAG $18.95
Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak BTEMSHA $30.95
Sea Magic,Connecting with the Oceans Energy by Sandra Kynes BSEAMAGC $18.95
cat magic,cat bonding,magic,cat,cats,spells, BLITBOOCM $17.95
Spirit & Dream Animals by Richard Webster BSPIDRE $17.95
Little Book of Spirit Animals (hc) by Melissa Alvarez BLITBOOSA $14.95
Totem Animals plain & simple by Celia Gunn BTOTANIP $16.95
Little Bit of Shamanism (hc) by Ana Campos BLITSHA $10.95
Spirit Clans by David Carson BSPICLA $18.95
Celtic Tree Rituals by Sharlyn Hidalgo BCELTRER $20.95
Baldrs Magic, Power of Norse Shamanism by Baldrs Magic BBALMAG $19.95
Neolithic Shamanism Norse Tradition by Raven & Galina Krasskova BNEOSHA $20.95
Norse Shaman by Evelyn Rysdyk BNORSHA $20.95
Shamanism for Beginners by James Endredy BSHABEG $17.95
Speaking with Nature by Ingerman & Roberts BSPENAT $17.95
Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham BEARAIR $16.95
Tree of Life by Israel Regardie BTRELIF $29.95
Book of Hooponopono by Bodin, Lamboy & Graciet BBOOHOO $16.95
Seven Elemental Forces of Huna by Susanne Weikl BSEVELE $17.95
Journeying Between the Worlds by Eagle Skyfire BJOUBET $19.95
Animal Messenger by Regula Meyer BANIMES $19.95
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews BANISPE $27.95
Animal Totems & the Gemstone Kingdom by Margaret Ann Lembo BANITOT $21.99

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