Oils, Herbs, & Candle Burning

Oils, Herbs & Candle Burning
Image Name Model Price
Clearing your guide to Healthy Energy by Kerrie Erwin BCLEHEA $20.95
Healing Power of Plants (hc) by Fran Bailey BHEAPOWP $16.95
Miracle Candle Spells by DAndrea & Crockett BMIRCAN $18.95
Papa Jims Herbal Magic Workbook by Papa Jim BPAPJIM $10.95
Papa Jims Magical Oil Spellbook by Papa Jim BPAPJIMO $10.95
Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland BPRACAN $16.95
Using Candle Burning to Contact your Guardian Angel by William Oribello BUSICAN $20.95
Good Witchs Guide by Robbins & Bedell BGOOWIT $16.95
Green Witch (hc) by Arin Murphy-Hiscock BGREWIT $18.95
Old World Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi BOLDWOR $21.95
Magical Folkhealing by DJ Conway BMAGFOL $19.95
Culpepers Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper BCULCOMH $27.95
Herbs, Color Guide & Herbal Healing by Jennie Harding BHERCOL $16.95
Witching Herbs, 13 Essential Plants & Herbs by Harold Roth BWITHER $20.95
Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura BGREWIT1 $19.95
Complete Bk of Esssntial Oils by Sandra Kynest BCOMBOOEO $38.95
Sacred Hrebs of Samhain Plants to Contact Spuirits of the Dead by Ellen Evert Hopman BSACHERS $20.95
Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich BHERMAG $18.95
Spellbook for the Seasons by Sarah Coyne BSPESEA $27.95
Herbal Lexicon in 10 Languages by Kate Koutrouboussis BHERLEX $33.95
Advanced Candle Magick - by Raymond Buckland BADVCAN $18.95
Magic of Herbs by David Conway BMAGHER1 $27.95
Essential Oils Handbook by Amy Leigh Mercree BESSOILH $16.95
Healing Herbs Handbook by Barbara Brownell Grogan BHEAHERH $16.95
Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, your Personal Guide (hc) by Marlene Houghton BESSOILP $21.99
Herbal Remedies Made Simple (hc) by Dugliss-Wesselman & Gregg BHERREM $20.95
Essential Oils for Emotional Wellbeing by Vannoy Gentles Fite BESSOILEW $41.95
Essential Oils for Health by Kymberly Keniston-Pond BESSOILH2 $14.95
Complete guide to Adaptogens (hc) by Agatha Noveille BCOMADA $24.95
Essential Oils for Mindfulness & Meditation by Mindfulness & Meditation BESSOILM $18.95
Herbal Adventures by Rachel Jepson Wolf BHERADV $27.95
Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders by Abby Artemisia BHERHANH $27.95
Book of Practical Candle Magic by Leo Vinci BBOOPRAC $16.95
Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms by William Oribello BCANBURP $24.95
Candle and the Crossroads by Orion Foxwood BCANCRO $24.95
Candle Magic by Phillip Cooper BCANMAG $16.95
Candle Magic by Lady Passion BCANMAG1 $16.95
Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster BCANMAGB $17.95
Llewellyn Complete Formulary of Magical Oils by Celeste Rayne Helstab BLLECOMF $32.99
Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey BMAGCAN $9.95
Magical Herbal Baths of Santeria by Carlos Montenegro BMAGHERB $10.95
Master Book of Candle Burning by Henri Gamac BMASBOO $10.95
Healing Oils 500 Formulas for Aromatherapy by Schiller & Schiller BHEAOIL $16.95
Essential Guide to Aromatherapy by Margaret Ann Lembo BESSGUIA $21.99
Mixing Essential Oils for Magic by Sandra Kynes BMIXESS $24.95
Secret Medicines from your Garden Ellen Evert Hopman BSECMED $21.95
Herb Garden Essential Guide by Sandra Kynes BHERGAR $25.95
Complete Magickal, Spiritual & Occult Oils Workbook from A to Z BCOMMAGO $18.95
Green Wiccan Herbal by Silja BGREWIC $21.95
Healing Arts of Essential Oils by Kac Young BHEAARTE $24.95