Cotton bags

Cotton Bags Intended to be useful in helping you hold your magical components, this purple bag is well known for aiding magic of intuition, psychic abilities, and other powers of the mind. Use it to create a spell satchet, mojo bag, or gris gris bag.
Image Name Model Price
Blue Cotton Bag RCBLU $2.95
Black Cotton Bag 3" x 4" RBLA $2.95
Green Cotton Bag 3" x 4" RGRE $2.95
Red Cotton bag 3" x 4" RRED $2.95
Pink Cotton Bag RCPIN $2.95
Orange Cotton Bag 3" x 4" RCORA $2.95
Purple Cotton Bag RCPUR $2.95
Yellow Cotton Bag RCYEL $2.95
Reversing Red & Black Cotton Bag RCREV $3.95
White Bag RBWHI $2.95