Velveteen Bags with designs

Velveteen Bags with Design These velveteen tarot bags have a drawstring close, in assorted designs and sizes. These bags are ideal for holding your tarot deck, jewelry, or other magical devices.
Image Name Model Price
Ankh Velveteen Bag RVBA $4.95
Eye of Horus Velveteen Bag RVBE $4.95
Goddess of Earth Velveteen Bag RVBGE $4.95
Triple Goddess Velveteen Bag RVBTG5 $4.95
Tree of Life Velveteen Bag RVBTOL $4.95
Pentagram Velveteen Black Bag 5" RVPBV4 $4.95
Hand of Compassion Velveteen Black Bag 5" RVBH $4.95
Moon Phases Velveteen Black Bag 5" RVBMP $4.95
Witch Velveteen Bag RVBW5 $4.95