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Amulets & Talismans Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magic within them. Find the one that's calling you
Image Name Model Price
Viking Protection talisman AVIK $5.95
Norse New Beginning amulet ANORNEW $9.95
Viking Ship amulet AVIKS $9.95
Viking Wolf Head amulet AVIKW $8.95
1 1/4" Raido diffuser amulet AORAI $7.95
1 1/4" Algiz diffuser amulet AOALG $7.95
Rune of Wealth amulet AAMRUNW $9.95
Saint Christopher amulet ASTCHR $9.95
Ariel angel charm AACARI $12.95
Chamuel angel charm AACCHA $12.95
Jophiel angel charm AACJOP $12.95
Michael angel charm AACMIC $9.95
Raphael angel charm AACRAP $9.95
Uriel angel charm AACURI $12.95
Zadikiel angel charm AACZAD $9.95
Archangel Uriel amulet AAURI $2.95
Guardian angel amulet AGUAA $2.95
St Francis Protect My Pet amulet ASTFR $9.95
Archangel set amulet AASET $12.95
Archangel Michael amulet AAMIC $2.95
Archangel Raphael amulet AARAP $2.95
Archangel Gabriel amulet AAGAB $2.95
All Saints talisman AALLS $10.95
Angel Wing AANGW $8.95
Guardian Angel amulet AGUA12 $3.95
Our Lady of Guadalupe amulet AOURL $3.95
Protection Cross amulet APROTC $8.95
Saint Christopher amulet ASTC $3.95
Saint Joseph amulet ASTJO $3.95
Saint Jude/ Pray for Us amulet ASTJP $3.95
Saint Michael amulet ASTM $3.95
Saint Peter amulet ASTP $3.95
Saint Peters Key ASTPK $6.95
Praying Angel amulet APRAA $8.95
Saint Anthony amulet ASTAN $3.95
Saint Lazarus amulet ASTLA $3.95
Saint Michael talisman silver color ACMIC $28.95
Raphael talisman silver color ACRAP $28.95
Metatron talisman silver color ACMET $28.95
Gabriel talisman silver color ACGAB $28.95
Raziel talisman silver color ACRAZ $28.95
Uriel talisman silver color ACURI $28.95
Saint Jude/ Pray for Us amulet ASTJUD $3.95
Archangel Michael 1 3/4" amulet ASTM2 $9.95